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G4MERS: "Ahhhh ... women, with what would the world be without them. Without their enticing bodies, sensuous mouth, velvety skin, hair waving in the wind, smell wonderful, sulks, moods, idiotic pretense, imagination (which generally guys are always the bad guys) and the tendency to give a really large amount of money, especially not their own. Well what would be? The world certainly quieter, where the number of suicides males zmalałaby drastically, but also the world of dull, gray, colorless and boring indeed."

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_QQ_1650d ago

i'm going to buy this game because i think that picture is actually game play.

Grave1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Damn, I was gonna say. That's the best looking intro pic I think any article on this site has had yo! Props to CZUM!

duducus1650d ago

Aaaaaand they changed it... :P

CZUM1650d ago

Damnnn :/ It wasn't me mate...

Bhuahahaha1650d ago

my manly instinct say i should click click whenever i see those toottttttttttttttttttttttttttt tttttttttt

vork771650d ago

when i hear girl fight i think of slapping and the girls just yelling bitch and slut lol