DICE on Battlefield 4: “Pushing the PS4, Xbox One”, PS3/360 Versions to Look “Way Better” Than BF3

Just by looking at some of the videos for Battlefield 4, you can tell that this is going to be a very good looking game when it releases on the PlayStation 3 this October 29th and PlayStation 4 this November 15th/29th. - PSLS

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majiebeast1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

All the impressions say it looks bad on Xbone and we still dont have any footage of the PS4 version, i dont like it.

black0o1616d ago

from the bf4 beta on pc/ps3 i can say for sure it should been called BF3.5

CryofSilence1616d ago

That was kind of my impression as well; however, we are assured that it is an early build with many features missing or stripped. We will see.

dcj05241616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Feels more like BF3.9999999999987523871 too me.

AliTheSnake11616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

I played the BETA on PS3, Loved it. And then I went back to BF3.
I can definitely say BF4 Beta on ps3 looked much better than BF3. Frostbite engine 3, basically added better optimization and fixed the Blue filter tint.

I can't wait to play BF4 on my PS4

mikeslemonade1616d ago

This is classic PR, what else are they gonna say?

Y'all know i've been against AC4, BF4, and COD.. However I'm gonna get BF4 for PS4 because there's nothing else I'm willing to pay $60 for. It actually looks like BF 3.3. I'm not even gonna give it a 3.5.

So in other words I'm gonna unhappily buy BF4 for $60. I gonna play something right with my launch PS4, right!?

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thekhurg1616d ago

Wasn't there a handheld video of the PS4 version from like a month ago or something, or was that another PC w/ PS4 controller setup?

WarThunder1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Well to tell you the truth. Even on PC its not that great looking as they promote it. I mean it looks good but nothing special...

KiLLeRCLaM1616d ago

if you put resolution to 200% it is the most beautiful game out there.. the problem is you get like less then 20fps if you dont have a sli setup :/ I have 1 770 4gb and it was struggling..

limewax1616d ago


The only thing I took from that comment is that you must not play on PC, since you obviously don't get how resolution settings work. Also, BF4 doesn't look that great. Managed to max it out on a GTX 580 and it looks pretty much identical to BF3

Soc51616d ago

If you're used to console graphics it will look good to you if you're used to pc graphics it will probably look sub par and you're probably going to want to stick with pc

kparks1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Am i the only one that played the beta and is regretting getting the bundle,, damn i should of went KZ im not impressed with the graphics at all yeah its a beta hope retail is better

NeutralWaters1616d ago

If you've played #3... you've played #4

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seanpitt231616d ago

Pushing next gen consoles and cannot hit 1080p that's depressing.

Regis1616d ago

Hey hey Shut up

-Peter Griffen

Destrania1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Considering all other games for PS4 are confirmed native 1080p except BF4, I think the final resolution will be 1080p as well.

WarThunder1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Yea! If Killzone SF can get 60fps, why can not BF4... Its fast paced fps it needs to be over 30fps.

MidnytRain1616d ago


Next gen BF4 IS 60fps. Though you have to remember that optimizing for one platform and optimizing for 5 isn't the same.

Pandamobile1616d ago

WarThunder should also realize that BF4 is a much more complex game than Killzone: Shadow Fall. BF4's maps span for kilometers and house 64 people fighting on the ground, air and sea.

Yeah, having 1080p60 on consoles would be nice, but DICE can't magically give next-gen consoles an extra GPU to cope with all the action that takes place in an average game of Battlefield.

ssj271616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Bf4 is just bf3.5 milking it with cod style and overpriced $50dlc lol.

We don't know if bf4 is 1080p on the ps4 but if is not then it's a shame because is a current gen game.. eveb the xbone should be able to run that game at 1080p60fps

Look at Killzone it looks like from a different more advanced gen and it can do 1080p60fps
No excuse bf4 is not doing noting technically impressive or next gen, that is why the game is been sold on current gen consoled.. wrll that and to milk it.

MidnytRain1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )


What is it that Shadow Fall is doing that is technically impressive and next gen? Also, if you haven't kept up, the current console versions have pretty much everything scaled back just to be playable...

EastBayPunk1616d ago

Killzone has much smaller maps and less players.. BF4 is 64 players with vehicles and tons of destruction.. it'd be a minor miracle to get that to run native 1080p with 60 fps

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ninjagoat1616d ago

Tbh comparing the Ps3 version off BF3 to BF4 i feel they held back stuff this time for the sake off it. Its been a cope out from Dice on the current gen systems to make sure the next gen consoles take the lead game. They got far closer to the PC experience with the BF3 i know it will never match with resolutions etc etc. But it was still there for items in the world etc.

Go to C build in BF4 and just have a look at the difference between the PC and current gen. I don't like laziness in games esp when they come out and say they where being bold not making all version the same :).

There's a difference when your blatantly cutting to save time. yes i get these games are next gen yada yada but that doesn't mean are current gen consoles are obsolete.

I feel they could have done more it would not have been nearly as tasty but it would have been a closer experience for all.

GarrusVakarian1616d ago

There is no way they are "pushing" the next gen systems at launch. This is a rushed launch cross gen game.

annus1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Yeah, let me guess, they are using 50% of 'teh powerz' and are just purposely doing bad framerate and resolution right? IF they could do it, they would.

Let me guess, you say this because KZ is 1080p and 60fps? The game that has no destruction, nearly 1/3rd of the players, and smaller maps? Well guess what, I just answered why it runs better.

GarrusVakarian1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

So you think they have pushed the PS4? With little dev time and having to get it out for launch? Oh please.

GarrusVakarian1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Double post.

annus1616d ago

Yes, I do believe they have pushed the limits. Sure there may be some minor optimisations, but not enough to get double the framerate and increase the resolution.

And by 'little' dev time you mean what exactly? You seem to forget that devs knew about the PS4 LONG before you knew about it, and you also forget that a massive amount of game creation (ie story, asset creation, general programming, ideas) can all be done without knowing the technical specifications, that's where optimisation comes in to change it (which doesn't take years). And that's all disregarding the fact that the entire engine was built with next-gen specs in mind.

AceBlazer131616d ago

you seriously believe that they maxed out on their first game for the next gen consoles?

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vandal GAB1616d ago

Buying this on my PC & tempted to buy it for the PS4 I have on order.

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