How GTA Is Broken and How GTA IV Will Fix It

A brief meditation on the fundamental flaws that have plagued this franchise for too long, the sandbox genre, and how the latest sequel will right the wrongs.

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chaosatom3333887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

i don't think gta was ever broken WHEN it came out.

Now that we see the improvements they made, it does seem broken.

"And sure, you get a lot of stuff to do in GTA, but none of it is especially fun or well-implemented."

This article failed when i came to this part. It's the exact opposite with GTA: SA.

I loved every bit of GTA San Andreas, there is no denying it. No videogame was able to go the level that San Andreas was able to at that time.

Jim Crowslaw3887d ago

(applause)i neva agree so much wit a comment (wipesleft eye wit hankercheif) (sniffing) heres a bubble

PLiPhaze3887d ago

I hear too many people say GTA:IV is going to be better than Vice City & think "Hang On, what about San Andreas?"

Jinxstar3887d ago

While I agree I feel that running 100 fire truck missions for a flame thrower when there is one right around the corner = kinda lame... As well as some things in San Andreas where they did "Too much" like they said on game trailers... Area 51 and jet packs may be over doing it let alone a So Cal gangster flying a harrier... Still though I enjoyed the game immensly and loved it from start to fin.

Silellak3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Wow, a GTA4 article that's NOT about the PS3 version vs. the 360 version?

I wasn't even sure such a thing existed anymore.

I can't say I agree with him in regards to dislike the previous GTA's and liking Crackdown. Crackdown was a great half of a game. I'm sorry, but even in my sandbox games, I want some semblance of story. "You're a supercop, GO CRAZY!" just didn't cut it for me.

Yeah, it got a few things right - but only because it ONLY DID THOSE THINGS. But I'd rather have GTA, which gets a few things wrong but SO MUCH ELSE right, than Crackdown.

Montrealien3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

"GTA4 article that's NOT about the PS3 version vs. the 360 version? "

Put "GTA 4" in google news. And you will notice that there are many articles that don't flame bate. Only News 4 Fanboys puts an emphasis on the famous "PS3 vs 360" articles. The internet is a big and vast thing when it come to videogames, sadly the N4G community have been ignoring the articles that are not flame bate crap. This site is community driven, we are slowly starting to see the community it is forming up to be.

Coke-a-Cola3887d ago

Give Me GTA ..........NOW.

Mr PS33887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Hopefully its a Sh!tload

"But But we got DLC"

"Yeah you stupid bot but whats the use when your 360 RROD on you candy ass and you aint got no means to play it"

Fishy Fingers3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I like how you stick to the topic.

RAM MAGNUMS3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

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XBOT & Friend; Microsoft can kiss my A$$!!!

OpiZA3887d ago

Do you feel better now? Someone get this guy/girl some warm milk.

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