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Submitted by cleft5 772d ago | opinion piece

How Japanese Gamers Felt After Touching the PS4 and Xbox One

The PS4 and Xbox One won't be out in Japan until next year, but many attendees to last month's Tokyo Game Show got to try out the upcoming consoles and voice their opinions. Here's what they thought.

This week, Weekly Famitsu published the results from its TGS 2013 poll. One of the questions were on gamers' impressions of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Note: Unlike the apparent uninterested population at large, the people who answered were people who would likely be buying the new consoles when they are released next year. (PS4, Xbox One)

Lalanana  +   772d ago
"The new vibration function to the triggers help to add to the immersive atmosphere." This xbox one controller is way awesome already. Can't wait to get my x-one
SuperBlur  +   772d ago
woooow , it's just a vibration function , what is there to get excited about ?
IcicleTrepan  +   772d ago | Well said
Remember when PS3 came out and it didn't have any at all? yeah.
xHeavYx  +   772d ago
Coming from Kotaku, I would have expected the title to be "How Japanese gamers felt after being touched by the PS4 and Xbox One"
GrizzliS1987  +   772d ago
kids talking next gen controllers as their in line for buying batteries. gtfo
sobotz  +   772d ago
And touchpad is so innovative, looking forward to playing gimmick mini-games just like in Vita's games.
ziggurcat  +   772d ago
@ xHeavYx:

coming from kraptaku, i'm surprised it's not racism this, misogyny that...
MaximusPrime_  +   772d ago
@IcicleTrepan - there was a dispute between Sony and vibration industry (can't remember it name) that's why there were no vibration in sixaxis controllers.

Now that dispute was settled Dual shock 3 was released.

IMO, while we wait for vibration function, we enjoyed the used of SIXAXIS control. Nothing bad about that..
Fireseed  +   772d ago
Thought that myself... then I played it. Trust me when I say you HAVE to feel it to know.
JamieL  +   772d ago
Ask your mom.
SuperBlur  +   772d ago
oh hoo here come the mum joke , the things people have to guts to say behind a keyboard
feraldrgn  +   772d ago
Because when you fire a gun, it actually 'feels' like you're firing a gun!
So thrilling! /s

On a less joking note, my guess would be that it gives the player a similar sense of empowerment a human would get from shooting a real gun.
Not my cup of tea, but it'll appeal to the gun crowd probably, it's a smart move to sell it to the US.
johndoe11211  +   772d ago
"The design is compact, so it fits in naturally in the living room."

At this point I stopped reading.
Izzy408  +   772d ago
If the ps4 had this technology in their controller ps fanboys wouldn't be able to shut up about it.
MarkusMcNugen  +   772d ago
Bias much? From everything I have read and seen a lot of people think its smaller than they thought when held to scale or seen in real life. Its not much wider than a Xbox 360, and a smidge shorter in height when compared laying flat on its side...

Its great controller technology for any device. PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, or PC. Dont stoop to fanboy levels by making assumptions or accusations in reference to another console. Its something that stands out in comparison to a different product, but its not the end all be all to console controller R&D.
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kickerz  +   772d ago
I would take rumble triggers over touch pad any day. Just my opinion guys don't hate me.
GrizzliS1987  +   772d ago
im not even a developer, but the second i saw the touchpad i thought hmmm, imagine playing a game and to open a door in metal gear solid, you need a finger print from an enemy, where you go and kill the guard and cut off his thumb, go up to the door, and it asks you to put your fingerprint on the touchpad, in which you do on the controller. It helps with the immersion of the game.

Not to mention stealing cars in GTA VI and turning them on by push to start, touching your controller...same in Gran Turismo or any other racing game.

imagine being james bond and doing all sorts of touch features like setting off a booster seat or bag of nails behind the car, or detonating a bomb...

i can think of milion things, and these are just on top of my head...

Imma get the xbone for KI, but first thing il do is disable the rumble feature, as i do with all other games...its freaking annoying
GrizzliS1987  +   772d ago
did i mention playing an FPS, and being asked to sketch out a route for your team mates to take on the touchpad? dragging your finger in the direction you want them to go as the main character is drawing it on screen...shoooooo
johndoe11211  +   772d ago

Bias? are you freaking kidding me?
UnholyLight  +   771d ago

This is only for Forza 5, imagine what else can be done with them (Not to mention we get to spend an entire gen finding out just how far they can take this new dimension on the controller). And You were saying??

"The cool thing about the Xbox One controller is we not only have rumble to give you feedback, but we also have Impulse Triggers.

"The rumble itself, we call that chassis rumble. It rumbles the controller, and we’ve got a small motor, and a big motor, and we can buzz, we can warble and we can create a lot of different sensations and those are called haptics," Greenawalt explained.

"With the chassis we simulate the rumble over the rumble strips, the suspension, bumps when you hit things and what have you, but that’s not giving you the dynamics of the car.

"When you’re over accelerating and spinning the rear tyres, we can tell you you’re over accelerating with the acceleration impulse trigger.

"It’s the same thing with the breaks; if they apply the brakes they can feel the threshold if you don’t have ABS on and if you do have ABS on you can feel it pulsing," Greeawalt continued.

"Now it’s very subtle, but what we’ve already found, and this is what’s so cool, is that formally digital players are becoming analogue. They didn’t know why, but it’s because of the impulse trigger.

"Instead of going all acceleration, they are going in a little bit," Greenawalt said. "It doesn’t happen straight away, it takes a couple of laps, but it happens subtly – we don’t have to tell them."
MarkusMcNugen  +   771d ago
Yep. Like I said, slightly larger than a Xbox 360. Not very big.
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Gekko36  +   771d ago
@All I love that Sony nicked the idea of the pad from ninty.

Don't see the point in it to be honest, less innovation and more faffing
awesomeisjayell  +   771d ago
yea for some reason your mom understands the vibration function i wonder why ? mmm beats me lol
UnHoly_One  +   771d ago
No offense, GrizzliS1987, but...

Every one of those ideas you listed as uses for the touchpad sound absolutely freaking horrible to me. lol

Not a slight against you by any means, don't take offense. I just haven't seen, heard, or thought of one single thing yet that would make that touchpad fun.

Sixaxis was the same way, it ruined everything it touched, unfortunately. I cringe every time I think about using it to aim grenades in UC1. What a terrible idea that was. ugh.

On the flip side, I'm not sold on rumble triggers either, but at least I know that it won't screw anything up.
ShinMaster  +   772d ago
I'm exited to try the DS4. The new and improved sticks, triggers and overall feel of the controller along with the Enhanced force feedback will be pretty interesting.
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ZHZ90  +   772d ago
EDIT: Anyways removed everything that had to do with X1.

As for PS4's touchpad
"I felt a lot of potential in the touch pad."

Sounds great. :)

"I want to play a game that utilizes the touch pad."

Hope so. :)

Can't November come soon.

Your comment does sound too much fanboyism to me, and DS4 is great controller so as well will be Xbox One controller btw I am gonna turn vibration off because it gives me less enjoyment. And fo your note I didn't bash Xbox One so you can be all like "DS4 isn't powerful".
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IHassounah  +   772d ago
Actually the DS4's vibration isn't that powerful so it doesn't let you feel as your controlling something , the Xbox One's controller does let you feel as your controlling something when driving or shooting, I'm actually happy that both have some unique features
king_george  +   772d ago

I dont want to be "that guy" but it just sounds like anything ms does is stupid to you and anything sony does is awesome... im a HUGE playstation fan (check my avatar and comment history) but i gotta say, ms is doing a pretty good job at turning things around and adding neat features. Of course, in my opinion sony is still mopping the floor with microsofts face in terms of games and focus but ms is doing a good job too. Kinect is looking pretty cool (although i hate that its forced uggghhh) and the rumble triggers sound super immersive. Im getting ps4 first but if ms keeps turning things around i might pick up a One eventually.

Now hopefully i dont lose all my bubbles because of this post :(
WeAreLegion  +   772d ago
I completely agree, king_george.

I'll try to back you up on the bubble front, but I can only do so much. :/
king_george  +   772d ago
Sorry if you got the impression i was bashing you or anything. I wasnt. No worries buddy :)


Haha thanks man much appreciated. Not to worried about it
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xActionBasturdx  +   772d ago
This has fanboy written all over it...
pwnsause_returns  +   772d ago
to be fair, there is some innovation on adding vibration to the triggers, im sure it will display best on Race and Flight sims. it gives a nice touch to an already great controller.
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DrJones  +   772d ago
( "I hope they release a lot of games that utilize the Kinect."

I think people will be like no to this.

"I want to play a game that utilizes the touch pad."

Hope so. :)

"Your comment does sound too much fanboyism to me" )

That is what you wrote. Think about that for a second. You call people fanboys? Oh the irony.
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tigertom53  +   772d ago
it just not vibration it is feedback which it really adds a lot it's something you have to try to understand...
TAURUS-555  +   771d ago
RIP xbox1
TechMech2  +   772d ago
A majority of Japanese gamers aren't going to enjoy Xbox one, but I sure will!
claudionmc  +   772d ago
"Only 2.5 percent of those who replied said they wanted to buy the Xbox One in the console's launch window."

Well, that's pretty bad
CGI-Quality  +   772d ago
It's pretty bad, but also expected. They'd never be able to make the head way Nintendo and Sony have made there, so ANY interest is really all they can ask for at this point!
pyramidshead  +   772d ago
To be fair, it's Xbox and Japan lol.
NA is the hit of the whole fruit for MS, and the way Sony is creeping in there, they'll do well to focus a lot more on their home turf!
Hicken  +   771d ago
Why do people keep forgetting that NA was Sony territory for two straight generations before now?
Jazz4108  +   772d ago
It does not really matter. I feel they will be biased towards the ps4 like most of the people on this site. Just my opinion as maybe Japan like the xboxone but I doubt it as they tend to buy from there home corporations unless there is no decent japanese competition like in Apple.
Thegamer41  +   772d ago
No decent competition for Apple? You do know Sony make phones as well, so if you want to follow your Japanese loyalty logic, tell me why Apple do so well compared to sony phones.
At least know what you are talking about and before you say Sony don't make good phones, just remember, that is your opinion not a fact.
#4.1 (Edited 772d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
andibandit  +   772d ago
Sorry but up until recently Sony phones have just sucked, that why
WeAreLegion  +   772d ago
Sony is currently 3rd in Japan's mobile phone market. For at least the past year, Sony's phone lineup has been incredible...surpassing even the Galaxy line. The Xperia Z1 is, in my opinion, the best phone on the market. And you'd be surprised how handy that waterproof feature is. ;)

Sony is the 4th largest in the worldwide phone market now...which is saying something. They've got a ways to go to grab public appeal like Apple and Samsung have got, but they are doing everything right in the phone and tablet departments.

I have an Xperia TL. Phenomenal phone. It's free now, btw. I recommend it. ;)
ShinMaster  +   772d ago
It's not bias. It's just unappealing to them.
Also, PS gets more games in Japan that are more appealing to their demographic.
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AWBrawler  +   772d ago
lol idk. xboxone might do better than 360 in Japan. having kinect day one might help, but realistically, japan will be a ps4 vs wiiu battle
Blastoise  +   772d ago
"There needs to be one in every household. It's packed with dreams."

Sony should put that on the PS4 box
GentlemenRUs  +   772d ago
The PS4 is like the Imagisphere, Where dreams are made!

God I am dying to hold that DS4 Controller! The only controller for me since the PS1!
IHassounah  +   772d ago
I did use it at Gamers' Day , here in Saudi Arabia , it's very good but somethings should be there , it doesn't have a lot of weight so you don't actually feel anything in your hand , there isn't that powerful of vibration
WeAreLegion  +   772d ago
The DualShock 4 is the most comfortable controller I've ever held. I can't wait to own one. For those wondering, the Xbox One controller is pretty amazing, as well. That's why I'm so tired of controller comparisons. For once, I don't have any complaints about either controller.
Xsilver  +   772d ago
this quote
"The design is compact, so it fits in naturally in the living room." read comment 23 that shit made me LMAO oh god legs are weak.
#8 (Edited 772d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TristanPR77  +   772d ago
X1 doesn't stand a chance on Japan. Microsoft shouldn't e en bother releasing there.
KillrateOmega  +   772d ago
What's so innovative about vibration?

I mean, I can understand the touchpad, but vibration functionality? Really?
dillhole  +   772d ago
Did anyone else read all the quotes in an over the top cartoon Japanese accent? No? Just me then. Bit racist.
KingKevo  +   772d ago
I was laughing my ass of when I read the comments that some users made. It's hilarious. The thing with the PS4 being 'packed with dreams' or someone requesting more Kinect games or calling the Xbox 'compact'. That was awesome, the user comments are way better than the actual article.
Rodent85  +   772d ago

60% nintendo fanboy
39& sony fanboy
1% xbox fanboy
0% PC fanboy, except those who's play eroge or visual novel

so i think they'll go for PS4
fsfsxii  +   771d ago
Just switch the numbers between xbox and PC and you're all good
christocolus  +   772d ago
good to see their impressions of the xbx one isnt so bad infact its surprising to see that they actually want more kinect take note.
Lykon  +   771d ago
I laughed at the responses to that quote though
mrpsychoticstalker  +   772d ago
The xb1 feels much better than ps4. Wait and feel it. You will agree with me
_FantasmA_  +   772d ago
Vibration is cool for those that actually use it. I don't use it and I don't know anyone who does. Its not realistc at all doesn't immerse me more into a game. I especially hated it in shooters because I like my controller to feel light. Adding vibration to the triggers is even worse. I never knew a gun trigger vibrated in real life.

I think an eraser is nicer to touch than a big VCR.
PFFT  +   771d ago
Dude, go eat a snickers!
Cause you sounds like a diva.
_FantasmA_  +   771d ago
Go eat some soap cause you need some bubbles.
carlocgc  +   771d ago
Rumble feature is old news and unnoticed in the heat of battle, it is for me at least. force feedback was a back of the box feature in the PSone days.

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