10 Highly Anticipated Video Games You'll Never Get To Play

Via "Making video games is a perilous process that has claimed many a promising title. While countless games get quietly axed when development hits a snag, some games live on in vaporware purgatory, with loyal fans longing for their release.

Why do we care? Because if these games were ever allowed to see the light of day, they would almost certainly kick ass. "

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HelloBabe693862d ago

actually... clint eastwood isn't 136. He's in his 70s, might be in his 80s now. Man that would have been a kick ass game.

lsujester3862d ago

Uh, yeah... that was a joke.

And for the record, he will be 78 next month.

Bonsai12143862d ago

i remember going to gamestop with my cousin way back when and he almost preordered SC:Ghost. that game looked so kickass. why'd they have to "indefinitely hold " it

lsujester3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Speculation: I imagine Blizzard wanted it to be a AAA title because it had the Starcraft title, and neither company (Nihilistic and Swingin Ape) could deliver for them.

Fact: Because it went through two different developers, and neither could get it to a worthwhile state, it cost Blizzard a lot of time and resources. It was constantly delayed for years and Blizzard wasted millions on it, so I'm sure that waste of money caused them to shelve it.

IF it ever becomes a real project again, I'm willing to bet that Blizzard will make sure they hand it off to a more experienced developer, not relatively new like the two that handled it the first time. Plus remember the fact that Vivendi (who owns Blizzard) is now merged with Activision. And Activision runs their company at least as cutthroat as EA does.

shadowxcore3862d ago

this is one of the funniest articles ive read ever. haha.

"Ironically Darkfall was announced a month before current MMORPG king World of Warcraft, but while WoW has been consuming people's souls and preserving nerd's virginity since 2004, gamers remain in the dark when it comes to Darkfall."

not to mention, ive been worshiping Diablo 3 ever since i was like 10 years old... im 19 now.

NIN643862d ago

I still dream of Starcraft: Ghost. . . . .

Sieg3862d ago

is still in the making u just don't know anything about it...yet...

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The story is too old to be commented.