Kingdom Hearts III May Not Be What We've Been Waiting For

The recently released Kingdom Hearts III trailer brings to light some glaring problems with the franchise.

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ritsuka6661644d ago

This franchise has never really appealed to me, to be honest since PS2 era.

clide881643d ago

I thought Birth by Sleep was pretty cool, though it could have easily been better. 358/2 Days and Coded were both completely unnecessary, and the latter wasn't even worth making, in my opinion. I also question the need to remake the original in HD.

PirateKing1643d ago

The franchise is fine and the game will be awesome, this writer is just looking for attention.

xhi41643d ago

I'll save you the read - the writer is looking for attention and the article is basically them saying that they don't think (even though they haven't played it yet or seen more than 60 seconds of gameplay) that the game will be very good.

Quote - "I’m willing to bet the final product doesn’t offer much that hasn’t already been seen"

Who approves this sh1t?

arbitor3651643d ago

KH3 is one of my most hyped games but that trailer sucked. it didnt show anything new or innovative and the ride summoning thing was just dumb

PirateKing1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

People don't play KH for innovation. Its a game based on cartoons and manga and is marketed to a younger audience. They play it to have fun with what they know the game is offering.

arbitor3651643d ago

kingdom hearts 2 was incredibly innovative for the franchise and for gaming as a whole. dont set your standards too low for such a legendary franchise