10 current-gen innovations that changed the way we play games

GamesBeat: As we wave goodbye to this console generation, it’s worth taking a look at some of the coolest things the game industry brought us over these past eight years. We definitely saw a lot of changes, and this was possibly one of the most eventful round of consoles in a long time. We saw motion control. Digital distribution became mainstream over the past few years. Mobile gaming gave handhelds some serious competition. Whether or not you were a fan of some of these, it’s likely that they’ll have a significant impact on how we buy and play games for the foreseeable future.

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josephayal1499d ago

The innovative technology behind Kinect is Beyond Boundaries

MestreRothN4G1499d ago

Great article from an USUALLY great site.

s45gr321499d ago

Excellent well written article even though I disagree with the idea of patching a game due to developers being lazy or rushed by the publisher. Meaning less videogame testing is done uggghhhh!!!!!! Second is pretty rare to see DLC enhancing a game by moving the game forward. Well Bethesda is good at this and so is rockstar or Valve but apart from them is just free unlockables charge at a price no longer free horse armor, $5.00 for a fighter in a fighting game really ummm no just no......

TechMech21499d ago

I think cloud power will be innovative, but not reach its full potential until the end of the Xbox ones life, where Xbox one graphics could potentially be better than ps4 graphics by moving the ai and other features to the cloud.

Spore_7771499d ago

This is one of the few articles I actually enjoyed reading. Vaild points too!

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