Guitar Hero IV Branching Out - Maybe call it Rock Band Hero

IGN writes: "Speaking in the May issue of Conde Nast Portfolio magazine, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick revealed some of Guitar Hero's future plans. Other instruments are apparently getting the Hero treatment, including vocals. The fourth installment of the franchise will also let players jam along with local bands from their area.

"It's not just about guitars," Kotick says. "We'll include a lot of other instruments, vocals. It will help us expand internationally. It's the first game we've had in which we can use local content and local bands."

IGN is awaiting clarification from Activision."

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Silellak3888d ago

Wow, nice innovation there, team.

If they really want to innovate, how about they create an alogirthm that can take any sound file and create guitar notes for it, so we can import our own MP3s into the game?

Polluted3886d ago

Granted it's not the most original idea, but then again the core concept of Rock Band is just a rip off of what Guitar Hero did in the first place. Then again, The company that created Guitar Hero made Rock Band. Then again, Activision has been publishing it all along...and Red Octane must have had something to do with it...then there's Singstar to consider.

Okay, I'm confused now. Who's ripping who off?