PC Zone: The Sims 3 Preview

The Sims 3 development team are apparently taking tips from the forthcoming opus Spore, and are promising more features to appeal to so-called hardcore gamers. The first of these new additions will be a more open, seamless world for your Sims to inhabit. Rather than being trapped in a pit of your own virtual filth, with only a few token public areas (shops, parks and the like), you'll now be able to wander across the lawn and have a peep through your next-door neighbour's window.

You'll be able to freely wander through the Sims' town, see other Sims walking around greeting each other in Simlish (the game's gibberish language), driving cars, shopping, hanging round on street corners scaring old Sims - a real-time virtual settlement directly around your Sims' homes.

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