This Is What A Challenge Notification Looks Like On Xbox One

"With the launch of Microsoft's next generation console, Xbox One, developers have changed the way achievements are going to be notified during gameplay. If you look at the Xbox 360's achievement notification, some players may term that as pretty intrusive but Microsoft have made sure it is different this time around."

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s8anicslayer1679d ago

Saw the X1 today at a Microsoft kiosk at the mall, it was a dummy system with kinect and controller and I have to say it's not as big as the media pins it out to be, and the controller feels pretty good.

GarrusVakarian1679d ago

After seeing a couple of "first look" video's online i agree that it doesn't look as big as i thought it would. I think the fact its so rectangular makes it look bulky and huge.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1678d ago

And this is what a real "achievement unlocked" looks like on the X1.

Mystogan1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

For the record. This is not an achievement. Its a challenge. Challenges have different sounds than achievements. And do not count towards gamerscore.

They already said that Achievements will have the same sound as on 360.

1679d ago
boing11679d ago

I concur. We finally did get dev kit (which looks like retail version btw) and it's smaller than I thought it is. And pad feels great too.

hduce1679d ago

I bet you got a lot of disagrees from people who have never seen the Xbox One in person and never held the controller.

Irishguy951679d ago

It's the same size as a Ps3 Phat/ Personally I thin teh Ps3 phat was the sexiest console until the 360 slim came out.

hellvaguy1679d ago

Last gen consoles look better imo. These next gen ones are fugly, but at the end of day no big deal to me better they are there to play games on.

The Great Melon1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I prefer the PS2 and PS4 over the PS3. I have never particularly liked the convex design of the PS3. I prefer my electronics in general to be very angular, so that they draw your attention. Hence, I was very pleased with the PS4 back when they revealed it in February.

UnholyLight1679d ago

I thoroughly enjoy how 14 people disagree with your observations haha.

HugoDrax1679d ago

"I have to say it's not as big as the media pins it out to be, and the controller feels pretty good."

Exactly! I saw it at the Microsoft store in Century City, CA a month ago. That was my first thought, and my profession requires me to notice details. The marketing images of the console makes the XB1 seem larger than it is. In person I was amazed because the first thing I noticed was the scale being off in every Xbox One marketing image. The images don't represent the console very well, except for the posters add a gloss effect that gives the console a nice finish.

tubers1679d ago

Because it wasn't sitting beside a PS4.

It's relative.

Hayabusa 1171678d ago

I've never had an issue with the size, if it's hideous shape that's the problem.

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guitarded771679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

It looks like a PS3 trophy notification... I'm guessing the sound is the same as the 360.

CRAIG6671679d ago

No, different sound. But it indeed looks like the PS3, don't like it tbh, I was kinda hoping they would remain vaguely the same as the 360, after-all plenty of people have learned to love that sound/pop-up whn they finally get that last cheevo in whatever game...

Mystogan1679d ago

This is not an achievement its a challenge. I'm guessing challenges have a different sound than achievements since they already said that the achievement sound will remain the same.

Hayabusa 1171678d ago


I hope so. it'll be a shame to loose the iconic achievement unlock.

Why do we now have challenges seperate from achievements now? Seems a bit confusing having two system hide reward systems.

sobotz1679d ago

It's not Xbox One's achievement, Major Nelson already confirmed that Xbox One's achievement sound is gonna be the same as the 360 had.

I think it's a Project Spark's in-game rewards, or maybe a daily challenges that they've been talking about.

HugoDrax1679d ago

This is an Xbox One achievement a user named (KillerByteGA2) over at IGN posted.

JD_Shadow1679d ago

It might be an in-game achievement because it does say "20 creation points" (it mentions something about that in the video they posted in the article).

That being said, the sound is one I'm familiar with since I have Windows 8 (which makes me believe that there might be some things that devs can do with these achievement notifications, hence the 20 creation points note). It's the same sound that Windows 8 makes when a notice comes up on screen about an app being installed, and it comes up in the same place and manner (and it looks somewhat the same, too).

guitarded771679d ago

Yeah, I just got a Windows Phone this week, and some of the games on it have achievements, and have the same sound as the 360.

creeping judas1679d ago

@guitarded, if you link your xbox live account to the phone, the achievements from your phone account towards your overall gamerscore. Not sure if you knew this?

guitarded771679d ago

@ creeping judas

Yeah, as a gamer, that was the first thing I looked at when I got the phone :D I originally wanted a Samsung Galaxy or a Sony Experia, but the Nokia Windows phone was 1/4 the price through T-Mobile, so I got me and the wife each one.

I am really happy with the Windows OS, and the ability to network and share info with the PC and XBOX. It's very fast too. It's been a pleasant surprise. Only issue I have so far, is that the PlayStation App isn't available for Windows phone... at least I haven't found it yet. If I could get that, a Miiverse App (supposed to be coming) and a Steam App, it would be perfect.

creeping judas1679d ago

@ guitarded, I so wanted a Lumia 920, the only problem was that my carrier didn't carry it so I went with the Samsung Ativ S. The only upside there was that I was able to expand the storage by 16gb, and have all of my Xbox Music stored on the external SD storage unit. I also love the W8 operating system, I have had an Android phone and a Black Berry. Definitely the W8 operating system is my favorite so far.

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boneso821679d ago

That's exactly what I thought when I saw the pic, trophy notification!

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colonel1791679d ago

So pretty much the same as trophies now. Although in PS4 they are now on the left.

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corvusmd1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

That was actually a challenge, not an achievement...those aren't quite the same thing. It's the exact same as a notification on Windows 8....even the same sound

PR0X11679d ago

Yeah MS totally stole the trophies idea from Sony... oh wait.

1OddWorld1679d ago

Achievements came from game developers not Microsoft or Sony. They can be traced back to Medal of Honor, Gran Turismo and many many others. I bet you could trace it back to pc games if you really wanted to dig to figure it out. Don't start throwing around the who stole what from whom. Achievements = penis size comparisons. You can have all the points but it wont get you any closer to the female anatomy.

1OddWorld1679d ago


The game E-Motion on the Amiga from 1990 was one of the earliest games that had some form of achievements, which the game called "secret bonuses". The game had five such bonuses, for achievements such as completing a level without rotating to the right, or completely failing certain levels.

ALLWRONG1679d ago

Achievements were invented by MS for the 360. Later to be copied by Sony, Nintendo and Valve. Single game rewards are not the same thing.

hankmoody1679d ago

I like this, mainly because the current achievement notifications had a tendency to get in the way sometimes. Playing Pinball FX2, sometimes the achievements would pop up right over the flippers, causing me to lose a ball. Stuff like that is infuriating. This is much better.

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