Eurogamer re-reviews Tabula Rasa

Eurogamer has re-reviewed Tabula Rasa and they can't honestly suggest you to play it:

"So there you have it; cooling on the slab, one of the most innovative games in the MMO space in years, and also one of the most mis-handled. Cause of death? We'd argue that it lay in the misplaced belief that TR could attract action, sci fi gamers, and that its failure to satisfy traditional MMO gamers wouldn't matter.

This being a re-review, we're called upon to provide a score - a tricky proposition, since we really like Tabula Rasa as a game, but now find it extremely hard to recommend that anyone actually pick it up and play it. The improvements since launch certainly bump up the game somewhat, but the drop in player population is a massive negative. In the end, we're scoring this as we now perceive its quality. But we can't honestly suggest that you play Tabula Rasa at this point, except as a curiosity."

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