Flower, flOw, Sound Shapes and Escape Plan PS4/PS Vita Developers Revealed

It was revealed yesterday that Flower, flOw, Sound Shapes, and Escape Plan would be coming to the PS4/PS Vita in November from Sony Santa Monica. - PSLS

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Xsilver1374d ago

i'm getting all hoping for Fat Princess for PS4 too.

TrendyGamers1374d ago

A new Fat Princess for PS4/Vita would be great.

guitarded771374d ago

Yeah, I'm down for some Fat Princess. One of the most fun multiplayer games ever.

vividi1374d ago

I never played Fat Princess, but always kept my atencion, if they make a port or a new one I get on board, the concept always looked interesting

tarbis1373d ago

A PS3, PS4 and PS Vita Fat Princess crossplay would blow that fat Princess into kingdom come.

SonyStyled1374d ago

flower was one of the best experiences ive had this gen

guitarded771374d ago

Yeah, Flower was my escape from FPS PTSD. I'd play online MP and get all tense, then I'd play some Flower to relax.

sprinterboy1374d ago

Off topic, just played tlou MP dlc and on the New hometown map there is a cinema with s4murai 12/21/13 rated R. On showings billboard. Is this a Easter egg for New naughty dog reveal for ps4 game

guitarded771374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Nice. I wonder if that's when the VGA's are. They're usually held on the 2nd weekend in December, so it may not be a VGA announcement.

sprinterboy1374d ago

Was curious why they spelt samurai with a 4 and not A. Could be uncharted 4 set in Japan? Hopefully someone takes a screen grab soon or it could be a new ip with ninjas and samurai stuff

360ICE1374d ago

Will buy flower again for PS4. That game is so soothing, it's weird it hasn't been banned.

ginsunuva1374d ago

I believe there's cross-buy so if you already own it on Ps3, you get Ps4 for free

r211374d ago

Also on vita for free.

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