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Assassin’s Creed IV: Differences Between PS4/Xbox One/PC and Old Generation Further Detailed

During a conference held by Nvidia in Montreal further details surfaced on the differences in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag between the next generation versions (including PC) and the versions on previous generation consoles.

Apparently the differences are quite a lot better than initially believed, and PC will have exclusive features. (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Update Edit: Added never seen before comparison screenshots between old and next gen, and some of the PC Only features.

SniperControl  +   527d ago
Looking forward to this game, really looks as thou Ubi have picked up thier game from AC3, which i felt was lacking at times.

I am sure all 3 versions will be good in there own ways.
Cloudyday71  +   527d ago
AC IV is one of my most anticipated games for the Xbox One but it pisses me off that Ubisoft are prioritizing the PS4 version. I probably won't get one until holiday next year so will be getting it on the Xbone. I prefer the fact that it has a superior controller. But I want to see the best water effects and I feel that Xbone users are getting a sub-brilliant version. Why didn't Microsoft use GDDR5 RAM?
redey3  +   527d ago
As i read and seen on most sites, PS4 controller isn't 'sub-par' actually it is considered even better than the xbox one.
DeadManIV  +   527d ago
Just buy the ps4
Cloudyday71  +   527d ago
Hey, I should have expressed myself better. I'm not hatin on the Dualshock 4 it's just that I prefer the stick placement on the Xbox controllers.

I've read a lot of good things about the Dualshock 4 about how its much more comfortable than the DS3 but until I actually get to try it myself I can't actually comment.
SnotyTheRocket  +   527d ago
"I prefer the fact that it has a superior controller" Two things wrong with this statement. One, I bet you haven't even touched a PS4 controller. Two, It's your OPINION, not a fact.
DragonKnight  +   527d ago
"but it pisses me off that Ubisoft are prioritizing the PS4 version."

And if they were prioritizing the Xbox One version?
Bobby Kotex  +   527d ago
It's not Ubisoft's fault you're a xbox fanboy.
N311V  +   527d ago
I'll be surprised if both next-gen versions aren't very very similar. I stuck with Playstation this gen dispite the rough start and I wasn't disappointed in the end. Xbox might do the same for you next gen.
Magicite  +   527d ago
Too late to be sorry.
pete007  +   527d ago
overall performance will be the same. the games will show it. ubisoft uses advanced water effects on ps4, nice, they will use other things better on xbox as advanced audio, and other games will use special features only on xbox. you wont on any way see a big diffrence between both consoles. if power means a lot to you buy a pc!!
starchild  +   527d ago
Don't worry too much about it. If you have chosen the XB1 to get first then just get the game and enjoy it. I really don't think the differences between the PS4 and XB1 versions are going to be that great.

The PC version is going to be a good step ahead either of those versions. So even if you got the PS4 version you would still just be getting second best. I'm getting the PC version, but if XB1 is your platform of choice then just enjoy the game. I'm sure it will still be great.
mikeslemonade  +   527d ago
Don't buy this game because Activision is trying to steal your money by making a gimped up-res current generation game.
frostypants  +   527d ago

"Advanced audio"? Really? You actually buy that?

In any event, the gameplay I've seen of this game hasn't impressed me all that much, regardless of platform.
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kevnb  +   527d ago
It's not the ram, it's a better gpu.
Campy da Camper  +   527d ago
I've shared that anger many times with MS forcing "parity" on multiplats this gen. It sucks, no?
CommonSense  +   527d ago
don't you people get tired of endlessly going on about how great your console of choice is? every article's comment section is exactly the same on this site. it's pathetic.

if power was really a concern of yours, you'd buy/build a PC.
Amiroo  +   527d ago
"overall performance will be the same"
no, on pc it's 60fps on next-gen platforms it's 30fps.

it's ubisoft not activision. god
Sideras  +   527d ago
I don't think stick placement per say has any relevance only that they were too close together on the dual shock 3 and had less "resistance". Meaning I just think you and alot of other people have talked yourselves into that 'fact', but we'll see.
BRAD-RIDGE  +   526d ago
I don't question your chose of console, to each his own and i wont try to sway you to get a ps4(my preference) games are what matters at the end of the day. look it's just marketing, same thing happens for xbox with call of duty. is the game any worst on playstion3 compare to xbox360 its debatable but still sells millions on both. so their will be enough there to warrant a purchase. the worlds' not going to end because xbone doesn't have a track pad nor a second screen.minor changes here and there.the main stuff will be the same on all platforms. pc games have the best versions but console versions sell much more here have a look http://www.vgchartz.com/gam...
SonyKong64  +   526d ago
what year were you hired by Microsoft?

I'm just curious =/
Brix90  +   526d ago

Sony paid for exclusive content would make sense that there prioritizing PS4 over the X1. I mean COD has been doing this for years with Xbox.
ThanatosDMC  +   526d ago
PS4 > Xbone

Just a fact.

Too bad we wont see it in this game since MS parity law.
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Godlovesgamers   527d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
Gamer1982  +   526d ago
More proof I made the right choice choosing PC over PS4/Xbone :).
BRAD-RIDGE  +   526d ago
I have a feeling you'll be getting one eventually.
TAURUS-555  +   526d ago
the ps4 version looks better
Neonridr  +   527d ago
I love how the Wii U is suddenly lumped in with the "Old Generation", lol
MasterCornholio  +   527d ago
That's due to the strength of its hardware.

Nexus 7 2013
Neonridr  +   527d ago
yes but it should have at least some of the features that the XB1 and PS4 versions will have. It will be better than the 360 and PS3 versions.
MasterCornholio  +   527d ago

Maybe that's all the Wii U is capable of is playing this game at higher resolution.

Anyways they did say that it would be in between gens so it won't be as bad as you think. But it will be worse than the next gen versions (according to the article) and those versions will be behind the PC version which is fine with me.

Nexus 7 2013
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SnotyTheRocket  +   527d ago
Technically, it is next gen. Gens aren't defined by their power. It's when they are released.
lilbroRx  +   527d ago
I bet you would love it. Though its already been stated that its in between.
triforce79  +   527d ago
Microsoft and Sony must pay 3rd partys to make wiiu look inferior if you ask me because wiiu is just as capable and has more full HD games at 60fps end of noticed how shadow of eternals wiiu version if released will be equal to the ultra pc version the devs said as much yet ubi,EA,ect ect are just thinking by making Sony's and Microsoft's games look better will hopefully repeat last gen with the HD twins making them most the money but it will just end half the big publishers if you ask me because if they fail then so will these big guns like square enix,EA,Ubi,ect....wiiu exclusives like Bayonetta2 and X look incredible and much better then any multiplat game ive seen....
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badz149  +   527d ago
............................. .........__.................... ............................
............................. ,-~*`¯lllllll`*~,......... ............................... ..
.......................,-~*`l llllllllllllllllllllllllll¯ ;`*-,.......................... ..........
..................,-~*lllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllll*-,...................... ............
...............,-*lllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllll.\................. ......... .......
.............;*`lllllllllllll llllllllllllll,-~*~-,llllllllll llllllllll\.................... ............
..............\llllllllllllll lllllllllllll/.........\;;;;lll lllllllll,-`~-,................ ......... ..
...............\lllllllllllll llllllll,-*...........`~-~-,... (.(¯`*,`,................. .........
................\llllllllllll ,-~*.....................)_-\.. *`*;..)........................ ..
.................\,-*`¯, *`)............,-~*`~.......... ....../.....................
..................|/.../.../~ ,......-~*,-~*`;............... ./.\..................
................./.../.../... /..,-,..*~,.`*~*............... .*...\.................
................|.../.../.../ .*`...\........................ ...)....)¯`~,............. .....
................|./.../..../. ......)......,.)`*~-,.......... ../....|..)...`~-,.............
..............././.../...,*`- ,.....`-,...*`....,---......\.. ../...../..|.........¯```* ~-,,,,
...............(..........)`* ~-,....`*`.,-~*.,-*......|.../. .../.../............\........
................*-,.......`*- ,...`~,..``.,,,-*..........|.,* ...,*...|..............\....... .
...................*,........ .`-,...)-,..............,-*`... ,-*....(`-,............\.......
......................f`-,... ......`-,/...*-,___,,-~*....,-* ......|...`-,..........\....... .

how to break this up to you in an uninsulting way? the Wii U is inferior hardware-wise. you're now basically saying that if a game cannot look as good on your inferior hardware like it does on a more superior hardware, it's the dev's fault! seriously dude, lay off the shrooms! it messes up your LOGIC!
SanMarco  +   527d ago
Graphics look great. But the animations look the same from ac2.
I'd wait a few years, since they're annualizing ac. To finally improve gameplay. Not worth the $60 for a graphics>gameplay game.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   527d ago
Whoever disagreed with you needs their eyes checked because the animations are exactly the same.

I'm still looking forward to this game, have it reserved on ps4 but I'm not blind either.
ziggurcat  +   527d ago
'I love how the Wii U is suddenly lumped in with the "Old Generation"'

because it kind of is...
Deadpoolio  +   527d ago
I mean yeah it is Nintendo's next gen by all means, but technology wise it is last gen. It's really what Nintendo should have released in 2006. I had a Wii U but when I only played Mario U and ZombiU and realized that I was going to be waiting and waiting It paid off my PS4....

It always bugged me for some reason that the Wii U cannot do full color only limited and I own a newer Tv that is capable of Full so it looked hella washed out
NightStalker33  +   527d ago
It's more powerful than last gen consoles. It's a relatively new console with custom hardware, and is already running games that maxed out the last gen.
ziggurcat  +   527d ago
@ nightstalker:

it's barely better than X360/PS3, don't kid yourself.

and it being barely better than current gen tech is why it's being lumped into "last gen".
clouds5  +   527d ago
Simply not true. The Wii U is way ahead of the 360 and ps3 in power.

Let's take AC4 Black Flag. Why does this particular game show that xb1/ps4 have more power than 360/ps3? Additional effects.

Now let's take NFS Most Wanted, or the upcoming Watch Dogs. Why do they show that Wii U has more power than 360/ps3? Additional effects.

-->Is the xb1/ps4 called "next gen" because it has some more effects in a cross gen game? No. It's just the successor of the previous generation.
-->Is the WiiU called last "last gen" because it only has some more effects in cross gen games? No. It's the successor to the previous generation, so it's _the next generation console from nintendo_. End of story.

Now if you would take the power of gaming systems as indicator for which generation they are. The PS4 and XB1 would instantly be last gen when they released. Because modern PCs are WAY faster than they are.

Calling Wii U last gen and not stronger than 360/ps3 is just denial. Devs already released PORTS with improved graphics over 360/ps3 versions.

And to make it even more clear: NFS Most Wanted had not only improved Visuals over ps3 and xbox 360, it ran smoother on wii u in spite of those additional effects. And on top of that it renders a 480p stream that is outputted to the Gamepad display.
And that is exactly what the ps4/xb1 do with cross gen multiplats do. They add effects and run smoother. Same thing as the Wii U does.
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MarkusMcNugen  +   527d ago
There is much more to video games than "effects." Its next gen in terms of Nintendos next console but hardware wise its not much better than last gen from Microsoft or Sony. More powerful than last gen, yes. Equally or more powerful than Microsoft or Sonys next gen? Not even close.
Nerdmaster  +   526d ago
If generations considered only power, PC would always be "next-next generation". Of course, PCs don't have generations because it's always evolving, but you get my point.
Kleptic  +   526d ago
The original Wii was a sort of pumped up original Xbox...the PS3 and 360 completely trashed it on every single technical level as far as rendering...

the Wii U is a sort of pumped up Xbox 360...the PS4 and Xbox One will completely trash it on every single technical level as far as rendering...

why debate that? The Wii U in no way is targeted at potential Ps4 or Xbox One buyers...

the Wii U is yet another console for those that simply refuse to grow up, and cling to Mario and Zelda for the rest of their lives...that is not a criticism (i don't want to grow up, either haha)...and most of the titles in those franchises are fantastic...but the hardware was never designed to be in any sort of 'envelope pushing' area...and its marketed accordingly...

its more similar to current gen performance than it is to the ps4 or xbox one...I'm not flinging shat at wii u fans, thats just how it is unfortunately...
Abriael  +   527d ago
Actually, and interestingly, the Wii U was not mentioned even once through the presentation. The only versions mentioned were PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3
okayfrog  +   527d ago
Created on PC first, but released on PC second-to-last. k
Legion21  +   527d ago
To finish all the extra features maybe?
WarThunder  +   527d ago
Assassin’s Creed IV will be the first AC game i would buy.
SnotyTheRocket  +   527d ago
Wouldn't recommend doing that. One, you'd miss out on some truly great games, and you really wouldn't get the story.
Magicite  +   527d ago
I havent bought any, but Ive completed every. AC4 wont be an exception.
No I dont pirate.
Hdz54  +   527d ago
cool story bro
Beastforlifenoob  +   527d ago
Ac 2 was the best but i think aciv will be soon.

AC isnt about" assassins" anymore really, i think their just using the AC name but actually aciv really intriuges me
MarkusMcNugen  +   527d ago
The main character is an assassin...
alphaomega88  +   527d ago
Well, finally! Thank heavens for dem fog fx and those extra dandelions in my woods...now I can sell my old console(and my Wii U, bc in comparison itz gona look crap yo), and finally graduate to next gen! /s

But seriously, if this is what haters are going on about with PS4 being so much more powerful than Wii U(and even the Xone), you are seriously disillusioned...

And before 'its 3rd party, 1st looks way better', didn't I just read an article comparing KZ3 the other day to KZ4? Barely a noticeable difference, at least not enough for people to be rampantly running around claiming Wii U is last gen while the 'next gen' is really not doing that much better...just saying. Stop bashing.
MidnytRain  +   527d ago
It's just progress, bro. You can stay behind if you want to...
wtopez  +   527d ago
You should see the games in motion and then try that comment again.
Beastforlifenoob  +   527d ago
exactly offscreen footage looks way worse than what it will actually look like on ps4/pc
alphaomega88  +   527d ago
I understand what progress is, and my expectations are equal to what we are getting. I have also seen it in motion, and I am buying it when it releases(on my Wii U)...I just do not understand what everyone is looking at...there is nothing so stunning separating current gen from next gen, and surely nothing leaving the Wii U in the dust, so all the hate at N4G, as far as I am concerned, is unfounded.

@the disagrees: Like I am the only one who feels that way? Tzunoy right below clearly feels the same...I mean whats new? Fuller bushes? More textured walls? I mean really? Im not complaining, just wondering why everyone disregards and downplays the Wii U, and makes like there is some earth shattering difference...
KUV1977  +   527d ago
If you played any Assassin's Creed before on PS360 you will have noticed the horrible pixelated messes that flickered over faces and were meant to be shadows. For this alone it is worth the upgrade. Not to mention volumetric fog and better environment physics. All those things dramatically improve the atmosphere for me. I think the new AC looks absolutely great for a cross-generation title.
andibandit  +   527d ago
You think having better shadows on the faces is worth 400 $???????
KUV1977  +   527d ago
My PS3-Collection spans around 80 games. Assuming that I will have just as many on PS4, the 400 bucks would make a premium of 5$ per game. I would pay that for better shadows, because often the pixel-mess is extremely distracting (often I would actually prefer no shadows over the flickering mess). It is like watching a special effects movie or tv-show with broken effects (wires showing, bad color grading etc.). It's not ruining the story but it's killing the immersion and thus having a negative impact on the overall experience. However, with PS4 you are not only getting better shadows but all the other things I mentioned and more. If you really open your eyes and compare next gen footage with current gen footage it is just not feasible to claim that there is only minor improvements. The upcoming games already look a lot better than anything we had on PS360 and WiiU.
clouds5  +   527d ago
I absolutely agree with you. Just wanted to let you know ;) You are definately not alone. But the amount of people here on n4g that blindly click "disagree" on everything with wiiU/xb1 in it and "agree" with ps4 in it, is astounding.

I'm gonna buy the game for WiiU. I have a gaming PC too btw. But I'm still going with WiiU. For me WiiU has the edge in EVERY open world game, because of the map/inventory on the 2nd screen.

Now think about it like this for a second: What do you want from a gaming system? What are the things you expect? WHY are you buying a particular system?

-You want the best graphics, you want power?
-->Why do you even have a console? PC>all.

-You want "ease of use", just plug in and play? -->Sorry you can't have that anymore. All the systems will need you to invest some time into installing the game/downloading patches and setting up stuff before you can start playing. Once you've done that, there is no system that has the edge. On consoles you have to do system updates, on PC you do graphics driver updates. Its really all the same.

-You want innovation, new experiences? Gameplay ideas?
-->Go for WiiU. Just look at the Controllers. PS4/XB1 are pretty much the same thing as their predecessors. You will play pretty much the same things as before, there are simply no options to make gameplay any different because of the controllers, even if they wanted to (i hope you like 3rd person cover shooters)... WiiU has all the options. IR pointer, motion controls, touchscreen, dual analog. And it is already showing some great use of it in its first year of release (eg. wonderful 101).

-You just like the Playstation brand, and had always alot of fun with those systems and games?
-->Thats great! Get a PS4. But don't do it because of "rendering power" or anything like that. Its pure marketing talk. Do it because you believe in the brand, thats a good reason - I bought stuff because I believed in a brand! But plz admit that all that you're doing, is believing.
alphaomega88  +   526d ago

Thank you...its nice to see someone who games because they enjoy it, and doesn't feel the need to bash another system based on pointless and relatively indifferent specs. I have seen these new games, and nothing has really blown anything from last gen out of the water. Some more effects? Yea. Smoother framerates? Of course. But really, once you make things look like their real counterparts, where else is there to go?

And frankly, I am cool with whomever gaming on whatever. If you have fun with system A, who am I with system B to tell you that you just cant have as much fun or enjoyment with your system as mine? For me, Nintendo consistently offers competitive price points(which for me as a single income working father of 2 is a big selling point), they consistently offer new ways to play, and many times new mechanics in their games, their ethics are all but above reproach, and you can actually rely on them to make quality products every generation, not to mention they dont rip me off by charging me for their system then charging me for online, and they dont lock content on discs and make pointless dlc.

If people want the others cool. There are lots of good quality games to be had on all systems, much like this one appears to be. But these snarky haters and their snarky remarks infuriate me, because gaming is not a hobby of escape, it is a competitive sport for who has the biggest gonads, which as you clearly stated, if thats what you wanted, you would go for a PC, where you also have free online(mostly) and by far the best graphics, not to mention the best sales on games in short time frames.
Abriael  +   527d ago
You sound a little hurt. Just sayin.
alphaomega88  +   527d ago
I am a little hurt, so what? You got fanboys coming out of the woodwork to bash the Wii U and for no reason. The people who have their hands on dev kits say its very powerful, they have a built in compression system in havok(10x I believe), which gives it more power and greater real performance than specs on paper would lead you to believe, whereas the opposite is true for the pc architecture of the other two systems, which is why all these games keep getting downgraded methinks, yet there is always the snarky comment in every article 'wii u is last gen', as if the types of games Nintendo typically puts out really pushes their kit...Project Cars and Nano Assault using one core of three? I mean have people not seen Bayo 2 and X? And the fact that Crysis 3 was running fantastically and BF4 was in development until EA went bottoms up on the Wii U...

Yes, I am a little hurt that a company with the least shady of practices, with honorable business ethics, and with a general drive to do new and innovative things is constantly badmouthed by spec whores, who, ironically, when people from PC say that they have been doing the types of things that the big two are now doing for years, the gameplay>graphics, and its all about the exclusives arguments come out. It irritates me with a passion.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   527d ago
Cool story bro.
Tzuno  +   527d ago
Do you saw the graphical differences between current gen and next gen? Because if you do you need a doctor. Where the hell is next gen? Ahahahaahhhhhh lol. Pc on the other hand...
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Eldyraen  +   527d ago
Still had a noticeable difference but more subtle than PC.

I'll probably pass on next gen version but only because my PC is more powerful. Even then not a priority really as I can pick up console exclusives first and probably pick up AC4 33-50% off when I'm finally done with them. I love PC but exclusives of any sort (PC included) usually trumps multiplatform for me given same release window.

I'm just glad AC4 is shaping up nicely and hopefully when I do buy it I have fun. I'll likely play like FC3 though and have to go hunt and craft stuff first chance I get. Exploration is what is setting AC4 apart for me ATM.
boneso82  +   527d ago
If you didn't see graphical differences then you need to see an optician! Especially if you can see the differences in the PC version but not the next gen version, seriously... Stop with the PC elitist crap, sneaking it into a comment as if nobody would notice...

Ps: "do you saw" is not a great way to start a sentence.
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   527d ago
I'll buy it next year on PS4 when they have a GOTY edition. I hope its not as bad as AC3 and Revelations.
Deadpoolio  +   527d ago
Well your going to be waiting forever then with the 0 GOTY editions that have been released for AC.....Not every company does them ya know
Simon_Brezhnev  +   527d ago
I guess you didnt do your research. AC2 had a GOTY edition. AC3 got a Washington Edition. Thats why i said i might wait until next year to get it on PS4.
yewles1  +   527d ago
Next-gen can't do Improved Soft Shadows? Wut?
Abriael  +   527d ago
May want to consider that "don't do in a game" and "can't do" are two entirely different things.
yewles1  +   527d ago
Heed that statement with caution, as the subject of "don't do" leads to "why?", thus opening a whole new can of worms.
Abriael  +   527d ago
the answer is "because the developers preferred to put in other features instead".

Resources are finite. Always. So the "why" question is simply silly.
Kazuhira241   527d ago | Spam
tracyllrkn  +   527d ago
Will current gen have that seamlessness from land to sea like on next gen?
Abriael  +   527d ago
Yes. Only place where you load is Havana, but that's for all versions, because the city is enormous.
TechMech2  +   527d ago
Xbox one and ps4 looks the same. All third party games for both systems will look the same. Deal with it fanboys!!!!!
MasterCornholio  +   527d ago
You don't know that until you see the comparisons between the two from Eurogamer and LOT.

Nexus 7 2013
KUV1977  +   527d ago
"All third party games for both systems will look the same."

Highly unlikely and wishful thinking, but whatever floats your boat, I guess.
TechMech2  +   527d ago
Third party games aren't going to look any different on either system. First party games will. And buoyancy floats my boat.
KUV1977  +   527d ago
Because all Third Party Games looked the same on PS360?
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cyclindk  +   527d ago
The 4K option really would be catering to the very cream of the crop for PC users, but good that it is there.
FlyingFoxy  +   527d ago
Well 4k brings 30fps, thats about it.

Personally i'd take 1080p or 1440p and 60+fps over 4k, 4k is only double 1080p anyway.. i guess some people still think 4k is actually 4x better just because of the 4.

Besides if you were stuck with a 4k display, you'd need to lower the resolution down from native to get more speed, and lowering from native will make it look pixellated..
#12.1 (Edited 527d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MasterCornholio  +   527d ago
In my case since I only have a 1080P monitor (which I do my gaming on) and 3 1080i TVs rendering a game in 4K is a waste of resources.

However those with 4k sets will benefit from this.

Nexus 7 2013
Robbert_jansen  +   526d ago
1440p is about double 1080 p
4k is 4 times 1080 p

1920x1080(1080p)= 2073600 pixels
2560x1440(2.5k)= 3686400 pixels
3840x2160(4k)= 8294400 pixels
koolaid251  +   527d ago
The Pc is gonna have the best version graphically.
Beastforlifenoob  +   527d ago
it always will, but it is easier for the average someone to buy a console and game then on PC and game (costs, building etc etc)
kingduqc  +   527d ago
Love how people still bring up cost.

You will pay like 10$ on every new game and 25-30$ for older games for the next 8 years over pc sales, 400$ to access to online and considering a a 800 pc will outdo a ps4 now and later well I think it's completely BS.
boneso82  +   527d ago
Obvious statement, can't see the point of saying it to be honest, it's the same for every multiplat game, PC will always have the better version graphically, provided your hardware can run it. Pointless comment well made dude.
cell989  +   527d ago
based on the pics I can only see difference between old gen and new gen/ PC but not much difference between new gen and pc
DrJones  +   527d ago
Me neither.
toddybad  +   527d ago
The next gen graphics are obviously better but the difference is extremely minor compared to previous gen jumps. I get the feeling that the overall sense of reality will improve a decent amount despite this as, together, all the minor differences will add up to make something just that bit more 'real' but some of the changes - especially those relating to shadows on the ground - really are unlikely to make too much difference.

I must say that, despite me currently having an XB1 on pre-order (something I'm constantly reviewing), I do believe that the PS4 has more power graphically but that the difference it makes in reality will not be huge in real visual terms - if XB1 is 10x more powerful than Xbox360 and the differences are this minor then an added x% really is going to be small fry. I'm sure this bit of my comment will lead to some negatives from the trolls out there.
I want to see the differences between next gen and old gen, but I honestly can't... Whether it be because I do but don't consider next gen quite as appealing, or whether I just may be losing my eye sight..

Or, because it's off screen and you can't notice differences just as good. I like this game too though. I just don't notice the differences as much. :/
jessupj  +   527d ago
What I'm a lot more interested in is the differences between the PS4 and xbone versions.

If I'm choosing the significantly more next gen console I expect better performing multiplats or it's a no buy. It's that simple and I have no idea why some people get so offended and insecure at that logical and rational expectation.
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blakstarz  +   527d ago
I don't see where there is a dramatic difference, looks almost identical, pronounced things like rain fall effects show more interaction when hitting the ground and more flowers in the grass.....not too impressed.
bacrec1  +   527d ago
I hate that the differences are so minor. I'll wait till Assassin's Creed 2K14.
rammstein91  +   527d ago
like in pc,differences between max and min settings,nothing next gen.u can notice shadow res,ambient occlusion effecyts,etc in older ac games when you adjust graphics in pc.
lesrima88  +   527d ago
4K Resolution on pc!
DevilishSix  +   526d ago
I am seeing arguements over special effects and such, but its more than volumetric fog and what not. Gamers seem to not focus on the elimination of loading areas due to the RAM is a giant plus for all games. This will be represented well in large games like AC4 and Witcher 3. Also, shadows and objects like fences, etc won't be pixeled looking like an Atari 2600.

For now I think its more about the finer details that create a more immersive experience and believable worlds, which will look pleasing to the eyes. Not sure why everyone is bickering.
Phish  +   526d ago
I think the graphics on the next gen systems and PC will so similiar that it won't matter much. What may sway me into buying the PS4 version over PC is that it is supposed to include an hour of exclusive gameplay.
yay111  +   526d ago
Just gonna be honest, PC has got the best experience...
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