The Top 5: PlayStation 3 Games

This week the Gamer Horizon crew threw their collective hat in the ring and decided to tackle the Top 5: PlayStation 3 games.

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Goro1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

What i think most people will agree with:

1: Red Dead Redemption
2: The Last of Us
3: Grand Theft Auto 5
4: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
5: Metal Gear Solid 4

My opinion:

1: Red Dead Redemption
2: Yakuza 4
3: Yakuza 3
4: The Last Of Us
5: Grand Theft Auto 5

N2NOther1645d ago

I really need to play the Yakuza games!

Ezz20131644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

both of those lists are geat but you left out Batman games and Demon/dark souls, infamous 2, God of war 3

Blastoise1645d ago

Needs more Demon's souls

WarThunder1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

My opinion:

1. GT5
2. Folklore
3. Metal Gear Solid 4
4. Yakuza 4
5. Valkyria chronicles
6. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
7. The Last Of Us
8. Demons Souls
9. God of War III

PS: Plz make Folklore 2 and Valkyria chronicles 3 for the PS4 and Yakuza Ishin with English subs!

level 3601645d ago

a) Uncharted 2 - because it was the first game to perfectly blend gaming with cinema in a big way. You really feel for the characters, they have wit, humour and charisma. Great gameplay and re-playability, intuitive control pad set-up.

b) The Last of Us - carrying over from Uncharted series but with heavy drama, effective characterization. stunning graphics.

c) GranTurismo 5 - you can say if this was a car it would be a Porsche 911. Check how the 911 evolved from it's humble beginnings and now see how GranTurismo did from PS1 days to present.

stonecold31645d ago

mine would be ni no kuni beyond 2 souls lbp gt5 all uncharted games mortal kombat gta v la noir mgs4 and mgs hd collection ratchet and clank rfom 1,2,3 killzone 2 killzone 3 god of war 3 and god of war ascension last of us kh hd remix I know they were on ps2 but I loved the hd port that my list so far.

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