Analysts: Wii To Sell 26 Million Before End of Fiscal Year

Analysts now predict that the Nintendo Wii will have moved over 26 million units before the financial year ends.

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chaosatom3333890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

By time, when most people have hdtv, Wii will not survive but have to give kudos to nintendo for going this strong all the time.

ChickeyCantor3890d ago

missed the article about people Enjoying Wii-games more on a BIGGER screen?

Apparently these people couldn't give a crap wether its HD or not

whoelse3890d ago

So that's a slowdown in sales if you go by 20 million sold already.

whoelse3890d ago

Oops not total sales since launch but sales for that year.

mikeslemonade3890d ago

No the article is saying 26 million Wii systems will be sold this year alone which i can agree with. The Wii sold almost that many with supply constraints in one year. 23 million in one year is possible.

Danja3890d ago

well at the rate it's seems it will be higher unless the hype machine suddenly breaks down..

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The story is too old to be commented.