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Velocity Ultra Downloaded Well Over 100,000 Times on PS Plus, FuturLab “Tried” to Offer it on US PS+

When the PS3 port of Velocity Ultra was announced yesterday, we let you know that Cross Buy and Cross Saves wouldn’t be offered. - PSLS (PS Vita, Velocity Ultra)

TrendyGamers  +   435d ago
Nice. Hopefully this means good sales for 2X.
TheLastGuardian  +   435d ago
Damn, I was waiting for this to come to PS+ in the US. Guess I'll have to pony up the dough now.
knifefight  +   435d ago
Heheh, the post is kind of funny with your username ^^;;

(Still hoping for Last Guardian.)
beakeroo1  +   435d ago
I didn't like it at all. I know it was free on Plus but even that felt like too much.
grassyknoll  +   434d ago
I can't believe that people don't automatically add / download every game on PS Plus! Madness.
dragonyght  +   434d ago
this game is addictive

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