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Killzone: Mercenary Updated Today

By Matt Porter: "Hi, everyone. We’re very pleased to announce the launch of the second update for Killzone: Mercenary.
Firstly, we need to start off with the bad news. You’ll see that the patch size is similar to that of the previous patch, and you’ll need a spare 1190MB in order to download it. When this new patch installs, the first patch will essentially be deleted, but you will need the extra space initially. This download is necessary in order to pave the way for future planned revisions to the game" (Killzone Mercenary, PS Vita)

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H4all  +   267d ago
Size : 1190MB
Connectivity Improvements
Network Traffic Improvements
Revision to Multiplayer Spawn System
Fix for Failed loadout unlock..
Fix for melee medal rank up
Stability Fixes..
Goro  +   267d ago
You've got to be kidding me? Over 2GB of my 8GB card taken just on Killzone Mercenary patches...FFS
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evilbart  +   267d ago
Try reading the small paragraph above before going mental here it is again.

"When this new patch installs, the first patch will essentially be deleted, but you will need the extra space initially."
Goro  +   267d ago
Ahhhhh...Right, now i feel like an idiot.
BTBuck1  +   267d ago
Pretty sure it says 1190mb which is 1gb + 166mb (not 2gb that would be 2048mb) . I don't own the game so i don't know what else is involved but reading this it stated it overrides the original patch.
Section8  +   267d ago
Actually it says you need 1190x2 at first. That's 2380MB right off the bat and THEN it will delete the old patch. This actually means I'm screwed since I still only have the 4 GB.
gaffyh  +   267d ago
They need to remember your stats after a game crashes or disconnects due to WiFi issues. Can't say how many times I have been killing in a Warzone match and lose all the XP / Valour Points because of the crappy nature of WiFi.
cell989  +   267d ago
I love this game!! Im glad its receiving support after its release, Thank you GC for delivering such a superb product its what the VITA needed

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