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Infamous: Second Son Limited and Collector’s Editions Revealed

Behold, the Infamous: Second Son Limited Edition. Like the title says, it’s limited, so if you’re interested, don’t forget to pre-order. This item won’t be available after launch. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

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GalacticEmpire  +   333d ago
This game looks very next gen, it might be the 'Gears moment' for me, when games really start to show what the machines are capable of.
Abash  +   333d ago
I freaking need that CE, it's awesome

Btw, inFamous: Second Son's boxart is fantastic
xHeavYx  +   333d ago
I was hoping they would make a statue with the Space Needle or something. Looks cool though, the pins will go good with the one I got at PAX http://thumbs3.ebaystatic.c...

EDIT: Holy ...! I firt glanced at the Cole DLC and I thought it was only the jacket, but it's a set of missions to know what happened between InFamous 2 and Second Son!
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Enemy  +   333d ago
Siiiick boxart. I'm so rockin that Cole jacket.
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-Foxtrot  +   333d ago

Despite the fact they said his story was done...end of

Cole is still alive I think or they'll bring him back in the future, don't care what they said. inFAMOUS 3 will be the next game
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badz149  +   333d ago

no figurine like infamous 2! :(


would love to have one for Delsin! I don't mind paying a bit more! inFAMOUS 2 CE was AWESOME! I still wear Cole's backpack to this day! :D
shadow2797  +   333d ago
"Despite the fact they said his story was done...end of "

You play as Delsin in the DLC...
-Foxtrot  +   333d ago

Oh I know that I meant they said any trace of Cole wasnt going to exist becauee his story is done, end of. Nothing more was going to be added.

Now Delsin is learning about him.....seems strange
abzdine  +   333d ago
the boxart with Delsin is so badass.. i want this game so bad! inFAMOUS 2 was so amazing i want more of them please!
rainslacker  +   333d ago
I'm torn...I don't know if i want the limited foil cover(which is pretty cool), or the CE, which besides the cover doesn't have much that interests me, although the special cover is pretty cool as well. :(
-Foxtrot  +   333d ago
That hand artwork needs to be a Steelbook
xHeavYx  +   333d ago
It needs to be a freaking poster
dmitrijs88  +   333d ago
mkis007  +   333d ago
I couldn't agree more "Gears moment" took the words right out of my mouth. Gears freaked me out when I first saw it.
showtimefolks  +   333d ago
only $20 more done

this is where my next gen experience will start
Majin-vegeta  +   333d ago
Enemy  +   333d ago
WarThunder  +   333d ago
Hahah that gif!
Infamous298  +   333d ago
lmao that gif lol!!!
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DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   333d ago
Mans got some ninja skills
Convas  +   333d ago

Sucker Punch has a Knack (Knack's boxart is hawt too) for boxart, Infamous 2's was banging too.

That boxart alone is making me want to get the Limited edition. The blue complements the orange and yellow and HNNG.

The Colorphile and Collector in me says yes.
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Conzul  +   333d ago
Fox also say yes.
Convas  +   333d ago
Hehe, next-gen Sly Cooper is going to be the sex. Can't wait to see that finely detailed ringed tailed swaying in the breeze.
Conzul  +   333d ago
OT though inFamous is my favorite franchise of all time. Playing inFamous 1 made me wait in line day 1 for inFamous 2, something I'd never done before.

Everything about the affair is just so well done.
The webpage says Cole's DLC cannot be downloaded after release. Guess this is the only way to get it! [terrifiedface]
hazardman  +   333d ago
Yeah the Infamous 2 cover was the sheeit. The Dynamic theme was even better. Hopefully we can still have our own themes and wallpapers on PS4. Can't wait to play this game!
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CocoWolfie  +   333d ago
i want that collectors edition hat please thankyou <3
Xsilver  +   333d ago
i know which edition i'm getting :3
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Dark11  +   333d ago
Can't wait!.. i'm buying PS4 the day this game release.
Mohlest   333d ago | Spam
WeAreLegion  +   333d ago
Bumping up to Collector's Edition ASAP.
isa_scout  +   333d ago
Damn, that collectors edition looks amazing...Pre ordering now!!!
Baka-akaB  +   333d ago
Low blow with the dlc , but i was going to pre order anyway
HumanAfterAll  +   333d ago
Alright, Now I'm sold. Collector Edition FTW!
AceBlazer13  +   333d ago
just when i finally decided to go all digital.
ZodTheRipper  +   333d ago
LOL same here. This will be my first exception.
Hanso  +   333d ago
no soundtrack :(

LE for me.
CrustifiedDibbs  +   333d ago
i wish this game was coming at launch.
Haules  +   333d ago
Wow! Cover box art looks so cool
Majin-vegeta  +   333d ago
Looks like the Blue goes so well with all the games.


Haules  +   333d ago
True! every box looks good with that blue color.


DevilishSix  +   333d ago
So getting this. Platinumed both previous Infamous games, so I am big fan of series.
jocomat9  +   333d ago
Me too. I never really look into collectors editon for games.For Infamous ss. Im thinking the collectors ED for sure.
Hakoom  +   333d ago
the game is epic
cant wait to play it
GryestOfBluSkies  +   333d ago
limited edition for me. pre ordered as soon as i saw the dlc missions
PositiveEmotions  +   333d ago
Will i be ok if I pre order it on friday Nov 1st? The LE (Limited Edition) one?
Sizzon  +   333d ago
Looks really good, my most anticipated next gen game by far. So no real rush for me to get a PS4 this winter.
WarThunder  +   333d ago
Right now this and The order 1886 are on my list.
azshorty2003  +   333d ago
I like that they're bumping up each release day copy to the Limited Edition! But I think I may go for the Coll Ed.
sorceror171  +   333d ago
Okay, when they announced pre-order bonuses before, I was a little underwhelmed, but this is much better.
WarThunder  +   333d ago
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Sevir  +   333d ago
I'm not a collector's edition kind of guy, but since the Watch_Dogs is delayed and I paid it off a few days prior to the delay, I'll just switch this over to the collectors edition that nets me the whole package including the Cole's Legacy DLC :)

That Infamous:Second Son Box Art Though!!! Holy crap it looks amazing... Delsin FTW...

Oh and Cole fans give it a rest, let Cole rest in piece, he isn't coming back. I love him just as much as everyone else but he won't be coming back.
josephayal  +   333d ago
Second Son is personally my favorite PS4 Exclusive
zero_gamer  +   333d ago
I am a huge fan of collector's editions. They make buying games an event. Boxart for inFamous looks fantastic, so getting this.
kenshiro100  +   333d ago
That is sick. Saving for a PS4 NOW.
fhizikz  +   333d ago
One of the reasons I'm getting ps4 1st
310dodo  +   333d ago
damn I want this to be a launch title

cannot wait none the less...day 1
king_george  +   333d ago
Box art made my eyes bleed lol epic!
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