Xbox One’s cloud will benefit a certain class of developer more than others

Speaking with someone who's working on Microsoft's new Xbox Live Compute is a rare occasion. So while we were sitting down with Xbox Live Program Manager, John Bruno, we grilled him with all sorts of questions.

No doubt, you're aware of Sony's focus on independent developers, and Microsoft has responded in part, but with this new cloud initiative, we wanted to see if the company would continue to try and regain some ground. Bruno was honest in his opinion that AAA developers would likely see more gains from the feature.

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1613d ago

I love how everyone thinks these cheesy iphone/android games for next gen consoles is what everyone wants to play.

I'm spending 399 and 499 for big games. I'll leave the iOS games to my ipad.

Give me BF/COD/NBA 2K and all the rest that are big games have easy access to those dedicated servers. Indie devs can follow suit.

Lalanana1613d ago

Believe it or not, some people may enjoy playing those IOS games on consoles..personally i do not mind the indies..

P0werVR1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Oh darn it all! To Xbox One future owners It's official, we're not getting Transistor! Yes I know such a bummer right???

Anyways, Azure will benefit hugely to rising games similar to Destiny or The Division and boy are the gameplay features looking real good.

I guess will see a lot more of cloud with Sunset Overdrive or Fable Legends.

nukeitall1613d ago

You don't need a fancy next generation technology to play an IOS game. It can jsut as easily been played on the numerous Android consoles costing less than $99.

I'm sure these indie games to an extent sell on consoles, but I think they are better relegated to Steam, Ouya and similar devices, tablets and smart phones.

I think that will reflect in the sales.

Fireseed1613d ago

No I think he has a point. I mean the indies on PS4 are looking MUCH better than the indies on X1 as of now... but I'm not buying a console for indies nor do I think anyone else is.

MysticStrummer1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Dead Nation, Flower, Journey, The Walking Dead, From Dust, Everyday Shooter. Super Stardust...

All games I would list highly this generation.

Other games like Braid and Limbo were critically acclaimed but I haven't gotten around to playing them yet.

Two indie games were legit GotY candidates last year and sold very well, so get used to indie games because they are here to stay.

No one says these games are what "everyone wants to play", but they are undeniably a force in the industry.

CRAIG6671613d ago

I am not that into indie games, Journey was cool though. If you aint played Braid though I highly recommend it.

malokevi1613d ago

Agreed. I always get my value out of AAA games. Can't think of an indie game in recent memory that was as fulfilling as any AAA game.

Indies are fine... but not what I'm buying next-gen hardware for.

The Great Melon1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

It's the other way around for me. I always get my value out of indie games (they are just so cheap). There have been plenty of AAA games that I don't think were worth 60 dollars. As a result, I buy most large games anymore when they get at least below 30 dollars.

Regardless, I agree that I wouldn't get a PS4 or Xbox One specifically for indies simply because the PC reigns king in that category (I love you Steam). However for those that don't use their PC as a primary gaming platform, these indie initiatives open up a wealth of games that are fantastic and cheap.

1613d ago
3-4-51612d ago

It's not what everyone wants to's what all the people in charge of the gaming companies want to make because of profit margin.

Cheap to make, cheap to purchase, cheap quality

Hicken1612d ago

See, there's this mistaken mentality among the Xbox fanboys that people will ONLY be getting a PS4 for the indies. As if all the AAA games suddenly vanished.

As if Sony's highly awarded and acclaimed stable of first party developers no longer exist.

As if the ONLY thing the PS4 has going for it is heavy indie support.

It's like those commercials with the silly "Or" propositions: playing hide and seek is better than playing hide OR seek.

maniacmayhem1612d ago

I don't think any Xbox Fanboy is mistaken about PS4 fans getting their system only for indies.

It's just that you sony fanboys appear to only be hyping up your indie games for your system. Even you constantly boast that the PS4 will have more indie games than X1.

In due time yes those highly acclaimed studios will put something out, but right now it looks pretty bear for the ps4.

Again, it is strange that most of those indie titles are PC ports, something you and your sony fans reamed MS for doing the same for the 360.

Hicken1612d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Yeah, cuz we never say anything about Killzone, or The Order, or inFamous or Drive Club.

Hello, smart guy: we're still talking about all the non-indie games coming to PS4, all the features, all the developers with projects unannounced.

And MS was reamed for having indies and no first party exclusives. Or the same handful. Essentially, the same reason we complained about them relying on third party multiplats to keep people satisfied.

See, you and others like to conveniently forget that it was never just one thing to criticize them for. It was a package deal. The paying to play online AND lack of investment in exclusives AND ads on the dashboard of a paid service AND lying about the RROD AND spending money on timed DLC.

And remember: it was 360 fans that came up with the whole "console exclusive" thing in the first place. Funny how now, like many other things, that's no longer acceptable.

Goalposts just keep moving...

Edit: I never said it was only here, but it IS happening. It's ignorant of you to act like it's not

And you even posted in those articles. How did you forget? Again, trying to treat it like it's just one facet to the argument, rather than multiple.

Dude, just stop.

maniacmayhem1612d ago

Well then where are the fanboys who say people are "ONLY" getting the PS4 for indies? Because looking at the comments above you no one said they were getting the PS4 to ONLY play indies.

Stop lying, you know as well as I do that what you just said was a flat out lie. Sony fanboys never even mentioned 360's indies or anything on the indie channel. They didn't count 360's indies as true exclusives, nor did they count them if they appeared on PC too.

Now, indies are a god send and should be counted among the launch line up for Sony's PS4. Now it's okay to pay for online because it's such a great deal (your words by the way), now it's okay that Sony is investing in 3rd party exclusive added content. Now it's okay that the cell has been dropped even though it was "power of the cell" and "lazy devs" if they didn't take full advantage of it. And for the last time you troll the ads on the dash are content found on live.

You have moved the goalposts so far down that it is now impossible to score any sort of points for your own home team.

Keep pretending Hicken. It makes it even funnier.

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MightyNoX1613d ago

Just what we need. Class-ism...

ebreda1613d ago

Just like tons of CUs benefit one type of developer and not the other, or like having 8gb of ram benefit bigger games and not necessarily small indie games.

Not everyone uses all of the assets available to them.

mark134uk1613d ago

it will benefit devs with a good internet connection :)

BobBelcher1613d ago

Usually when someone posts a comment that says,
"Says it all..." and has a link- It usually doesn't "say it all."

GentlemenRUs1613d ago

So what you mean is, I'm the first to post a link which explains it all?

Because quite frankly... I'm confused at the moment :S

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