Nvidia Unveils Next-Generation Physics - FLEX Unified GPU PhysX Coming Next Year

DSOGaming writes: "Nvidia has unveiled a new technology for its PhysX SDK called FLEX: Unified GPU PhysX. According to the team, this is a unified solver that works wonderfully with multi-GPU systems."

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HelpfulGamer1645d ago

Make a demo about a girls taking a showers. That's more practical.

TurboGamer1645d ago

I would also like that... for research propose.

isarai1645d ago

Well in all honesty it would be a great opportunity for many things such a subsurface light scattering, real time hair/fur dynamics between dry and wet, varied fluid particle simulation from water to shower gel and soap lather, softbody physics and how they interact with the fluid particles, and maybe even different types of hair styles like afros or long curly hair

ShiftyLookingCow1645d ago

Nvidia is more than willing but they just don't want to get caught up in a stupid witch hunt.

Deividas1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Honestly dont know how many games are actually going to bother taking advantage of this with this next gen stuff coming up. AMD owns the gaming market right now and most games are going to be better on AMD due to next gen. And unless, like stated in the article, Nvidia gives AMD the ability to use this (Highly Unlikely), most developers will prob not take advantage of it. Neat though, like to see what it can do

SuperBlur1645d ago


by your logic , pc games will run poorly on Intel and Nvidia hardware .


Deividas1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

What are you taking about? You do realize that when games are optimized to run on AMD hardware, they run better on AMD than on Nvidia. Doesnt mean that it runs horribly on Nvidia..not by a long shot. And how many games take advantage of PhysX already? Besides the Arkham Series, Metro, Mafia II...there are not a lot of games that really take advantage of that tech. Running PhysX takes a huge bite out of your performance when running a game, therefore you need a high end card to use it and still maintain good FPS. And most games are developed to use mid-range cards, except for the obvious few.

famoussasjohn1645d ago

Deividas - stop it. These "optimizations" aren't going to be anything dramatic or major than what high end Nvidia cards are capable of doing.

AMD only owns the next gen experience. As to PC, Nvidia still runs that. While AMD is finally getting competitive with some vey nice products, Nvidia is still on top.

DeadManIV1645d ago

You are making sense but the PC elitists are disagreeing. I am a PC gamer and I agree.

Dante811645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

PC elitists are usually nvidia fanboys.

SlapHappyJesus1645d ago

Can people please stop thinking that developers, because they are developing for an AMD APU for this generation of consoles, will now put any less effort into developing for, or get any less performance from, Nvidia GPU and, in turn, Intel CPU's when developing on PC.

That is not how things work.

Nvidia was what was used last generation. Believe it or not... AMD GPU's still worked well last generation.


ProjectVulcan1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Its ridiculous.

I think its mainly console gamers who know nothing about the PC scene, which is still dominated in terms of market share by Nvidia and Intel.

Games developers working on PC usually default to Nvidia hardware if they aren't paid to associate by AMD with AMD hardware.

This is simply because Nvidia hardware is more widely used and often runs better without specific driver optimisations.

Case in point was early on in Project CARS without any special driver whatsoever, Nvidia cards ran it speedily while AMD cards were rubbish on it. Almost certainly because SMS defaulted to starting with Nvidia hardware like everybody does....

I mean look at the systems Microsoft were dishing out to get early Xbox one builds running on- Intel and Nvidia machines despite the fact Xbox one is basically entirely AMD APU!

AMD inside all the next gen consoles won't matter a jot to PC gaming, honestly. It never mattered any generation before what was inside the consoles, (PowerPC, CELL never changed a thing, Nvidia in PS3 being non unified design, Nvidia in Xbox 2001 and intel x86 never stopped everyone buying AMD64, eDRAM in 360) PC goes its own way and does its own thing.

It leads gaming technology, it doesn't follow the consoles, the consoles follow PC and whatever has been developed for PC prior.

Dante811645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

It's not just Physx. All Nvidia-exclusive features are performance hogs.

ProjectVulcan1645d ago

Tress FX is far more of a performance hog than Physx, and several games you can decide the setting for Physx anyway, medium or high on the Batman games for example.

Magicite1645d ago

I would say its a tie - Nvidia has better software(drivers), AMD has better hardware(GPU compute power). And since both matters, in the end games run great on both.

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SuperBlur1645d ago

Cant help but laughs at this comment on the main article

"Yea good luck with that nvidia. Sure i like physx but since all the new consoles are using amd. 85% of all the games on all platformes including pc. The games will be optimized to run on amd with no physx involved"

CGI-Quality1645d ago

Yep, the misinformed grow by the days. Always fun to sit back and watch those without a clue spout nonsense.

That said, this tech looks excellent! Multi-GPU owners are in for a treat next year!

solar1645d ago

Cool I'm excited to see what Nvidia has to show. Any new tech is interesting

cunnilumpkin1645d ago

why are we even mentioning consoles?

they are not even up to spec with a mid range 3 year old desktop

this is tech that is coming out next year

it is GENERATIONS beyond anything ps4/xbox1 will ever dream of

heck a 3 year old gtx 580 utterly decimates the xbox1/ps4