'PS Vita was a missed opportunity,' says British publisher, ‘it could have been amazing’

One of the UK's longest-running publishers talks about where Vita went wrong.

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Ced2141559d ago

Jesus Christ.

Is it dead? Damn. It didn't have the easiest start for vita, but it'll pick up after some time. People need to realize this. I don't care if it takes 5 years or what. It sure as hell is gonna last a long time because of its capabilities.

People losing hope for vita is just depressing. smh.

rambi801559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Nintendo, kings of handheld, had a horrid time with a 3ds launch at $250, so its no surprise that the vita is still struggling.

The difference between the 2 companies is the life span of their hardware. The PS2 was produced almost as long as the gamecube and wii combined. The psp is still going along as well.

Ced2141559d ago

This is what i've been telling people. The vita is such an innovation of a handheld that it can last a very very long time.

Sony says that the vita is the partner of the ps4. Meaning, the vita is expected to exist as long as the ps4.

Blacktric1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

And they got their s**t together in a year after release and it became one of the best selling handhelds of all time. It's been more than year since Vita released and it's barely seen actually good and original releases like Gravity Rush. It's all ports, ports and ports or generic action games that completely misses the point of a handheld device.

"The difference between the 2 companies is the life span of their hardware."

The difference was the diverse library of games back in 6th gen, and it's still the case now. You can conjure up all the excuses you want but unless Sony starts supporting Vita properly, it won't come close to being anything like the PSP or DS/3DS and will end up being remembered as a "companion device" for PS4.

jcnba281559d ago

"The difference between the 2 companies is the life span of their hardware."

You do realize the original Wii and DS are still selling quite well in 2013?

rambi801559d ago


Yes, and currently the psp outsells them both combined. You also still see psp games at the top of the japan charts.

I'm not making excuses for vita, it has been handled horribly. But there is a lot of time ahead, far beyond the normal nintendo life cycle

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PSjesus1559d ago

I love my Vita but i really hoped if Sony released it after PS4 release date

SilentNegotiator1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

The fact is, Sony didn't handle the Vita well and still isn't exactly doing an amazing job at it. It "was", "is" and likely "will be" a missed opportunity thanks to the poor (almost) two years that it has had.

Don't go straight to the "it isn't dead" hyperbole to justify a bad start. It's probably almost 1/3 of the way through its lifetime (not counting after 9th gen), anyway, so the "rocky start" is starting to become a "rocky midlife"

SilentNegotiator1559d ago

I guess I'm wrong. Vita must be selling gangbusters.

Such denial.

tubers1559d ago

It's not dead but it's doing bad outside Japan.

KZM only sold 41K NPD numbers (creamsugar neogaf leaker) US numbers.

It's pretty bad that the VITA doesn't have Skylanders as well (the article's iterviewee suggests the importance of younger audience).

The VITA's losing steam since launch.

CODBOD and AC3L sold past 100K and UCGA is still the highest selling game.

There will be a few sales spike here and there but nothing like the PSP getting FF:CC and GTA games.

It's unlikely to "pick up" anytime but don't expect any sudden discontinue of the platform.

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rambi801559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Its hard to support both a console and a handheld. The crappy COD and Resistance really hurt them.

The ps4 is more important to them financially because of the added revenue streams as compared to the handheld. It will be interesting to see what impact the vita TV ha.s

tubers1559d ago

There is NO ADDED revenue stream as the PS (1, 2, 3 and now 4) home console has been a revenue stream day one.

Console = a "revenue stream"
Mobile = a "revenue stream"

Dropping the VITA is a LOSS of "stream" (mobile).

Just say that the PS4 will have higher revenue.

Atomicjuicer1559d ago

Ipad and doubters damaged the vita which launched with awesome games that everybody just assumed didnt exist.

Consequently people like studio Liverpool went out of business waiting and my favourite Sony exclusive (wipEout) was cancelled for ps4.

In conclusion, you all suck. :)

memots1559d ago

I am very sad that no announcement have been made for a PS4 wipeout.
Btw Liverpool still lives on , they merge with evolution studio and are making DriveClub

SeraphimBlade1559d ago

What's all this "was" crap?

SeraphimBlade1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

I don't mean that it's CURRENTLY a disappointment, I mean this attitude of talking about it in the past tense like it's already dead...

Garrison1559d ago

The vita so far has been one of the worst mishandled systems I have ever seen.
It's the best portable system out there yet sony clearly refuse to market the thing no matter what. Most people out there still don't even know this thing exists.

Ced2141559d ago

I admit that there's credit in what you say. But let's try to be in Sony's shoes for a sec.

Knowing how things are, i'm sure the we'd have sent letters to a lot of companies (SE, Capcom, Namco Bandai etc.) making deals about bringing games on the system. Because since that's our product, we would want it so succeed. Sales = Money

But now we got to the game company's perspective. Is the company willing to RISK huge amounts of money on a handheld just picking up the pace? or a handheld that selling like hotcakes?

The point is, i don't think it's right to judge sony this early. They're not beginners at these things. I have faith in Sony, my ps vita and the future. PSP had a rough start, now everybody laughs at disbelief when they find out a person doesn't have one.

tiffac0081559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Well hopefully the new localization studio that Sony created would help bring over those most wanted games from Japan because as long as those games remains stuck in Japan then there would be no improvement.

Sony should have played through the strength that made the PSP a success sooner. The western centric strategy was a total disaster.

iceman061559d ago

Correct. In fact, PSP had a very similar start. It was accused of the same games, a port machine, etc. Then, they dropped the price, added a renewed ad campaign, made another model, and sales picked up. Sony is focusing on PS4 heavily. They are still supporting PS3 and they are trying to provide a boost for Vita. It will probably happen after the release of PS4 in Japan. (coincidentally that is also when I think that the Vita TV will get some attention in the West)

HighResHero1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Sony has missed some great marketing and other opportunities over the last few years that have left me scratching my head.
I've thought, "oh they must be waiting for such and such", then nope.
But the Vita system itself has barely begun to live since Sony had planned for it to accompany the PS4 for quite a while.
The future of the device is in Sony's hands and their decisions will determine how successful it is in the future for the most part.

Garrison1558d ago

"The future of the device is in Sony's hands and their decisions will determine how successful it is in the future for the most part."
Very well said, And I would say that this is the case more-so than some other systems which just "catch-on" quick because of a fad.
Sony banked hard on hardcore gamers getting this quick but as you can see that alone work well anymore.
The internet is full of people who post negative comments left and right about stuff they have no business talking about since they have no experience with it. That's why for every positive post about this thing from an owner about 10 others show up to reinforce their unwillingness to get the device as if doing that is crucial to their mental well-being.

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