A Collection Of Pokémon-Free Monster Catching Games

GI - "The Pokémon series has tasked us with catching them all since its inception in the ‘90s, a tradition that continues with the solid Pokémon X and Y entries. Hunting down critters that also fight for you can be an enthralling prospect, so much so that some diehard fans of the mechanic may need to look to other series for satisfaction."

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king_george1645d ago

I always thought digimon couldve been sony's or sega's answer to nintendos pokemon series :/ i remember back in the day i really liked it more than the pokemon series. Too bad it wasnt executed to well in games :( although rumble arena for ps1 was awesome haha

teflontactics1645d ago

Persona 4: The Golden on PlayStation Vita is the best example of a "Pokemon on a PlayStation" type of experience I can think of - and frankly, the story is much better.

thehobbyist1645d ago

Persona is more of an adult-audience Pokemon game. As it's collecting mythological creatures and gods.

dcj05241645d ago

Digimon would've been boss on the VITA. Lost opportunities.