Gears 2: "Bigger, Better, More Badass"

The Epic crew were tight-lipped about specific details on the upcoming title, but we did glean plenty of interesting info from Capps and Ortega about what to expect. More chainsaws? More drama? More Locust explosions? Hit the jump for much more on Gears 2 from Comic Con, including an in-depth interview with Ortega.

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chaosatom3333837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

"Gears figure series will play a role in helping fans feel more connected to the story and characters of the upcoming game"

see any halo-hype coming?

edit: i didn't mean hype is a bad thing but going through the repeat-rinse routine gets boring espeically from Microsoft.

SPARTAAN3837d ago

the producer(not sure) has said in an interview with ign that they expect gears to exceed halo in terms of hype

chaosatom3333837d ago

of course, because gears is a better game and hopefully it will see more than halo.

pharmd3837d ago

its gonna have to be bigger and more badass.... it raised the bar itself so long ago, and im sure with newer technology it will deliver.... plus it has stiffer competition now so the pressure is on!

should be a win/win for gamers!

ericnellie3837d ago

Love the guys at Epic! They've been putting out quality stuff for a long time! They raised the bar with Gears of War and there is no doubt that they will do the same with number 2! <fingers crossed>

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Sayai jin3837d ago

Devs being excited about their game. This game does not need the hype, but there is nothing wrong with hype. Hell, I hope they hype the hell out of Resistance 2, MGS4, etc, it deserves it. Hype for a game that follows an all star previous relese is a good thing, plain and simple.

Lord Vader3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

They dont need to hype it for me to buy it. 2006's Gears still sets a benchmark for Graphics, Gameplay, & MP (IMHO). Just please give me 4+ player co-op for my xbl friends...

Can't wait for Gears 2 baby !

Lord Vader3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Lol, why the disagrees for my humble opinion ? Lol, back to the good old days when you cant say anything positive about Xbox360 even on a 360 thread, eh ???

Question: If you don't like Gears & 360, then WHY are you here ???

pharmd3837d ago

in my opinion ur disagrees arent comin from fanboyism they are probly just disagreein with you saying it STILL sets the benchmark for graphics etc. thats all i can think of, unless its the disagreeing ghost that always goes through and disagrees with everyone on every post in every article

hamburgerhill3837d ago

I'm sure the disagree's had to do with Uncharted and the fanboys continous religous speach of it's the best thing ever regardless of others opinions and reviews! Still 4 player co-op, bigger levels, and more enemies is a plus so I agree with you! Hype is also a good thing and makes people aware of it's existence!

kewlkat0073837d ago

Hahah... That made me laugh

This guy must not know what site he is on.

On the topic of Gears 2, Hype, does not start when there is just 3 months before a game comes out. Some games do not need hype...ala MGS, it' s along running franchise with Fans that will automatically buy. Now putting it on a "DEW" can can really sell it to a new generation of gamers.

Gears 2, in a way does not need hype but knowing MS and seeing what happened with Halo 3. Gears did a lot for the Xbox 360 and we know MS is great at Advertising, maybe it's the money or just they know how to hit all channels.

I know some will say, everyone that will buy Gears 2, already has an Xbox 360, but from the time Gears came out and a year after the User-base has grown. I heard the same with Halo 3 and that "logic" it Fails hard.

There are always gamers looking to play the newest and hottest games, sometimes not knowing there was a 1st installment. Sometimes they go out and buy a console with the first just to get a taste, then buy part 2. Same might happen for KZ2, knowing many never even played part 1. some probably think it's just a new game. I think the devs should treat it as such, since the first KZ wasn't all that.

I'm hoping EPIC delivers and with the little gripes I heard about Gears 1, I'm sure they are listening. Keeping 5X5 is perfect. 32 Man fragfest won't get you GOTY.

To have 32 player matches that in gears of War would destroy Idea of Intense, Close Combat, Working Togetherness of Groups style of a game. FRAGfest have been on PC long before Consoles were able to implement that amount of players, so that's nothing new. Bunch of un-skilled gamers, shooting with their eyes closed and getting Frags is boring. Too Easy.

Whatever made Gears of War what it is, is why it was great. It wasn't just numbers. Just tweak the formula please and work on the Story. Improve the graphics a little. Don't care that much for the graphics that much. Ok Epic you got mad work to do, stop playing around with UT3 on 360.

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RealTimeWeaponChange3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Gears will destroy every last one of you pathetic, scum-sucking, worthless, sony, gutter trash fanboys.

TheEndzor3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Its an article praising GeoW2

logic would say that a sony fanboy would come in and bash GeoW2 first...

However logic is not the case

We have realtimeweaponchange who instead of Talking about the article he/she takes a cheap shot at Sony/Ps3

Good job

LightningPS33837d ago

but change your stupid ass avatar. Looks like some annoying ass b*tches.

Ali_The_Brit3837d ago

btw iv always wondered, are they your sisters in your avatar? do you make sexy time with them? u sicko

brothersimon3837d ago

I agree. Gear 2 is going to f***ing kick ass.

So many great exclusives on 360 :-)

Phil Harrison Mklll3837d ago

Gears 2: "Bigger, Better, More Boring"

Pain3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Cant see how G 2 will be any beter then G 1 , when 1 was Maxing XBOX 2 hardware..

Has XBOX 2 seen any other games close to gears 1 on that old machine??....No? so how will G2 be bigger?

oh i see this is Just a Get Lil Kids err xbox fans wet thing?... ahh poor kids..

lol @ the Bot Fans OMG this Game will kill = MAJOR wishful thinking.. kinda like a Reliable XBOX

Shaka2K63837d ago

From 4 hours long to 4 and 1/2 hours long.

RealTimeWeaponChange3837d ago

still longer than all three god of wars combined. ouch.

zethos563837d ago

You must be a god at gears if you can beat it in 4 hours.

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TheEndzor3837d ago

i do apologize for the behavior of some fanboys

such as Poster #1...

RealTimeWeaponChange3837d ago

He doesn't hate it because of me, u dumbass; he hates it because he got banned again from the gamer zone.


ChrisGTR13837d ago

hey hey hey wtf!!!!!

<<<<<<<- ---------------------- GAMER ZONE that way! gtf outa here!

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