Video: hear Jeremy in Forza 5

Top Gear presenters rather like talking about hypercars.
Well, it turns out this is also true in the digital world. The clip above featuring Jeremy waxing lyrical about said Huayra, plus the epic new McLaren P1, is the first to emerge from the imminent Forza Motorsport 5 game on the new Xbox One.
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GarrusVakarian1618d ago

Good to hear they kept Jeremy in. I loved his voiceovers for the cars in autovista mode on Forza 4.

Naga1616d ago

Well, fret no more. Not only is Jeremy Clarkson returning, but Richard Hammond and James May will also be gracing us with their angelic voices this time around.

JokesOnYou1616d ago

Whoa....those cars just look so ****ing sexy. I watch the vid twice. I don't know this Jeremy guy but I think he really adds flavor to the presentation.

Mystogan1616d ago

Definitely one of the best features in Forza. I'm not even a racing fan but Forza 4 got me into it. Forza 5 is definitely on my list.

Pascalini1616d ago

Driveclub delayed

Ps4 owners are not going to like this one

Naga1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Seriously? Quit fanboying about and grow up. This is an article about Forza 5.

KwietStorm1616d ago

It's like some of you literally can't help yourself. The gaming community can be really depressing.