Is it time to put Mario on the back burner?

Is it time for Mario to take a break, or will his continuous sales keep the snowball rolling of Mario titles being released?

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NYC_Gamer1650d ago

Nintendo won't put a franchise that moves huge numbers on ice

raWfodog1650d ago

Yeah, why would you do that with one of the most prolific, well-known, game-moving characters in video game history? Unless you don't like money...

lilbroRx1650d ago

Because Nintendo haters don't understand logic.

No matter what the circumstance or problem arises, they will always bash what "they" like the least about Nintendo, and that is over 90% of the time, Nintendo's success.

Every problem that arises with Nintendo, they will attack either
A. Their old(successful) franchises
B. Their preference for more affordable hardware than higher spec hardware.

GuyThatPlaysGames1650d ago

Kill him with fire. That is all.

MysticStrummer1650d ago

Right, and with one of the WiiU criticisms being that there aren't enough exclusives, why would they take one away?

Neonridr1650d ago

As it is with any of the big three's flagship franchises, they will never put them on the back burner because they generate too much money for them to do so.

XisThatKid1650d ago

Never liked the guy but doubt it.

gedden71650d ago

Another uneducated article.. Do you know how much Mario sells Nintendo products???


CaptainN1648d ago

Not uneducated at all... It was an opinion piece asking us what we think should be done. In no part of the article did the author give his opinion on if Mario should be put on ice...he was simply writing about what others complain about.

It is you that is obviously uneducated since you properly could not understand what was being portrayed in the article.

MNGamer-N1650d ago

Mario is Nintendo. They should come out with mario games first for each new generation. Then move systematically through each and every one of their franchises and provide a new game, as well as throwing in a new IP's every once in a while. If they do this each generation I will remain a happy Nintendo gamer until I die.

lilbroRx1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

To be precise, he's Nitnendo's mascot.

It would be like asking Disney to stop using Mickey Mouse(which Mario is more popular than).

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The story is too old to be commented.