'It's make or break' for Xbox One and PS4, says System 3

System 3 CEO talks about this console launch as being the most significant in the history of videogames but heeds a word of warning for Sony and Microsoft.

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Garuda1677d ago

“The delay was making the PS3 feel very old and it was restricting the market size to the point where a lot of people were walking away from console gaming, or even just go to play on a smart-phone,” he told PSU in an exclusive telephone interview.

stopped reading there.

raWfodog1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Does anyone here know of any gamer who has given up on consoles and strictly plays on mobile devices? I'm asking cause that seems to be a constant argument against the continued viability of consoles. I have played (still play) Angry Birds, Bejeweled Blitz, and many other smartphone games but they never, ever left me wanting to give up my consoles.

Edit: I'm actually surprised that you got some disagrees already. I wonder exactly what they're disagreeing on though?

nukeitall1677d ago

I think it is more that more gamers now game on smart phones and tablets, eating into console market.

The shift has already happened, because of the long delay. Some of my friends has gone back to PC, and I'm somewhere in between. Love the ease of use of consoles, but PC is where leap in graphics are at. I'm talking major leap to the point of 2k or 4k with everything on.

The price of PC games are also unbeatable, but man I love me that convenience.

stavrami1677d ago

totally agree smartphones are not a substitute for consoles. i have been gaming 30 years and have never considered not owning a console/computer . only thing that i feel could do that is if the future of gaming goes in the direction of f2p like it seems to be doing

boeso1677d ago

They leave me feeling empty.

mhunterjr1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I know plenty, I've graduated from college 4 years ago. We used to have GOW/halo lan parties. I also had plenty of xbox live friends when I was in high school. I'd say There were about 20 people over that time frame that i knew personally and played online with. Only 3 of them still play.

I don't think they left because of mobile games, but I'm sure the occasional mobile game is all they play at this point...

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Volkama1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Why? I know personally I moved onto PC gaming for a few years. I'm playing through some of the highlights I missed on both consoles, but I would agree they feel old...

Edit: Oh smart phone, my bad! Those are no substitute.

GarrusVakarian1677d ago

In what possible universe could that scenario actually happen?

Have you not been paying attention to the gaming industry for most of this year?

B1663r1677d ago

I am living in the universe where the PS4 is having some sort of technical problem that will not go away, and is causing games to be delayed.

Not little games either. Big signature launch games.

The disagrees can pretend that there is not some serious problem with the PS4 at this point, but there quite clearly is to those of us without fanboy blinders on.

raWfodog1677d ago

@ B1663r

Serious question, what 'serious' problem is PS4 having right now? If you are talking about the overheating reports that are circulating, you know that will happen with any electronic device operating within an enclosed case, right?

B1663r1677d ago


That begs the question... So why do they put them in those enclosed cases then? Microsoft is not demoing the X1 in enclosed cases. Sony clearly thinks that they can.

But the overheating issue that the PS4 ~is~ having is only part of the problem. Two major launch games have been canceled as well.

The PS4 has major problems, they are not going to magically go away in the next month...

GarrusVakarian1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )


The PS4 does not have "serious problems".

Jesus Christ, talk about overreacting.

I'd say DRM, 180's, constant bad press, bad PR, degrading games and $100 extra is much more "serious" this.

You're grasping at straws here, grasping at straws.

Thehyph1677d ago

I think some people have either lost it, or never had it to begin with.

Sony, BLATANTLY, has more riding on this launch than Microsoft does. There's practically zero risk of something like RRoD. RRoD happened before, and now all steps will be taken to ensure it doesn't happen again, XBox One or PS4. There's less chance of something like RRoD happening a second time than there was the first time. Some people cannot seem to understand that principle. I can't think of any other reasoning than paranoia or pessimism.

Apparently, industrial design of a mass produced device cannot contain logic or QA.

Why in the hell would a PS4 look like it does if there was ANY chance of it overheating?

I may not be as in the loop as many on here, but I've seen two reports of the PS4 "overheating," and both of them are jokes:
A "red line of death" that was fixed in seconds with a restart, and...
A PS4 "freezing," which is really a misnomer as it was the unfinished software on the system that halted and not the system itself.

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ThatEnglishDude1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

System 3?! Wow, there's a name from the past. I have fond memories of playing The Last Ninja series on Commodore 64. Didn't know they were still in business.

stavrami1677d ago

last ninja was awesome . i was looking up retro games the other day had a good feeling of nostalgia when seeing the box art. then when i looked at the graphics on the back i remembered how frustrating the fighting system was one pixel out of line u would be kicking/punching the air . 80'S gaming was tough as nails

jonnyvito1677d ago

@THatEnglishDude -- yeah, there's an interview with them which tells you what they've been up to.

stavrami1677d ago

i'm not going to take notice of someone who can't navigate through the ps store .

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