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Submitted by Lalanana 845d ago | news

New Playstation 4 Freezing Video Surfaces. Does The System Have Overheating Problems?

This video and other similar incidents imply system has stability issues, and this is a situation Sony needs to address soon. (PS4, Sony)

Update Per GameKyo TwitterFeed:

The console was placed in closed box and seemed to work fine afterwards.

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Neonridr  +   845d ago | Funny
Every PS4 comes with a coupon for a free bag of ice from your local grocery store. ;)

Could just be an isolated incident, but with less than a month to launch, hopefully Sony is looking into this. If the system launches and there is widespread reports of overheated consoles and systems failing, it could be Sony's version of the RROD scandal. Would not be a good start.
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black0o  +   845d ago | Well said
'' They try to go home, and then enter back in, but this does not fix the problem. Finally, they leave the game completely and reenter''

the system didn't freeze the demo had bugs .. man the BF4 beta had much more bugs then any next gen demo and it's running on 7 years old systems

''freezing, over heating ..etc'' man u gotta luv those websites and their ways of begging for hits
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nukeitall  +   845d ago | Well said
It wouldn't surprise me if PS4 was overheating.

Sony are great hardware makers, but historically both the Xbox 360 and PS3 was huge, and had huge fans and such.

Fast forward, Xbox One is huge with a huge fan, whereas PS4 is tiny. Sony is great, but small tightly squeezed packages retain way more heat and dispel far less heat.

It can't be tiny and make no noise. That doesn't add up!

Something has to give, otherwise we would have silent laptops decades ago.
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4Sh0w  +   845d ago
hmmmm not a good sign, they had problems at TGS too but I'll give sony the benefit of the doubt and go with the idea that this is a bug and not overheating issue. So hopefully everything will get ironed out before launch or I'm sure they might have a patch in the works to fix minor bugs on launch day. Really this is just par for the course in this digital day and age everything has bugs n glitches early after release, things are much more complicated than when we all brought our NES.
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nypifisel  +   845d ago
Well nukeitall you don't understand how hardware progression works. Manufacturing process of the silicon in both consoles are down to 28nm which mean greater performance at lower TDP. Neither console will have overheating problems, both will have hardware regulated heating protections as well.

These stupid articles speculating about things they know nothing of, and if anything it's MS hardware which got a terrible track record. Not to even mention your lies about the PS4 cooling system seeing how NONE OF US HAVE SEEN THE INSIDE! And we do have silent laptops..
FamilyGuy  +   845d ago | Well said
Yeah the wording is off, obviously the game itself was the issue as the system was running and went to the home screen as well as fully re-loaded the game just fine.
The fact that he was still able to navigate the system itself without a issue is a pretty big sign that the problem was with the game itself.

Worth noting is that Knack, the game seen freezing here, is on display at Sony stores right now in their kiosk setups. It's apparently running the old E3 build demo of the game so if there are problems people will be talking and taking pics and videos of anything that happens.

Some Neogaf members checked out the new kiosks today already and left impressions.

On the topic of PS4s small size: isn't it running a processor that's designed for laptops/tablets? It shouldn't have a problem being small considering that Jaguar processors size, low heat and the low heat of the RAM. Not to mention the PS4 has vents all around its base.
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black0o  +   845d ago | Well said
@nuketall welcome to 2013 were tech has improve and CPU/GPu heat has been reduced very much -look at tablets- and

and please don't put sony and ms on the same boat MS is still in 2000 they are still using AA batteries for GOD sake
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sonarus  +   845d ago
I wish i could say i was worried about this but then i'm not. It freezes big whoop. Not like ps3 games don't freeze it sucks when it happens but i usually just turn off the system as long as it restarts i aint mad
Septic  +   845d ago
If PS4 has overheating problems it would actually make sense. Why? Because I still don't get how the PS4 is so small and slim! I just close my eyes and pretend its magic.

Seriously. What's the slim line version of the PS4 going to be like? An SD card?!
aCasualGamer  +   845d ago

I agree with you here, people need to watch the footage for themselves. The video clearly shows the system still in function and they use the menu to quit the game. Probably a bug in the demo version of Knack, not the system itself.
cleft5  +   845d ago
The BF3 beta froze my ps3 all the time. Also, the Metal of Honor Beta would freeze up your system if you got like 4 kills in a row. The AC4 demo had issues too. You can't really blame the console for a game demo freezing up the system. I am impressed by the fact that the console didn't completely lock up.
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black0o  +   845d ago
@cleft5 and this one of the new improvement that sony did with the ps4 .. i remember reading somewhere that when the software crushes the ps4 gpu keeps on working unlike the ps3 where gpu kinda freeze and u'll need to restart the whole system

@sitdown what kinda of batteries are u using in ur iPod? or r u still using walkmans?
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Sitdown  +   845d ago
What kind of batteries are in most TV, bluray, dvd, audio equipment remotes? Seems like 2000 is still relevant. What happens if you got a bad battery in your ps4 what about with the Xbox one? Now why can't Sony and MS be placed on the same level?
insomnium2  +   845d ago


To the article I say: Anything to try and slow down the momentum. I recon we'll have plenty of these kinds of articles before launch.
harrisk954  +   845d ago

I completely agree... if the system froze, they would not have been able to "go home and enter back in", they would have had to reset (turn off and on) the PS4. It sound more likely that the demo had issues.

Not to mention, I love how an article is written implying some widespread overheating issues, when out of all the articles that have been written about the PS4, there have been no such complaints. Another website fishing for hits. smh
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GiggMan  +   845d ago
I agree about the battlefield 4 beta. It froze on me every other time I played it. I had to cut the system off and turn it back on to fix it.
PoSTedUP  +   845d ago
My ps3 use to freeze back in '09. you had to flip the switch and reset it. this isnt freezing, this is being pulled out of someones ass.
Sono421  +   845d ago
ummm.... I didn't see a PS4 freeze? last I checked he pressed the PS button multiple times and then left the game and went back to the home screen all while the PS4 was supposedly "frozen".

Any person with even half a brain cell would realize it's the game.. seriously... *facepalm*

The ignorance is heavy with this one ;)
keabrown79  +   845d ago
@black0o Some of us prefer to use rechargeable AA ya know, so when the batteries die we don't have to throw the controller away and spend another $60. Just sayin.
Amsterdamsters  +   845d ago
Yet, if this was on the Xbox One or Wii U, all the PoS4 fans that are defending this would be all over it, wouldn't they?
J-R  +   845d ago
This looks like a bug to me, definitely not overheating. If it was an overheating issue I would expect the system to completely lock up or shutdown.

I'm not to worried about bugs. They should get fixed in time. (Looking at you GTA Online :P)

29 more days!
johndoe11211  +   845d ago
Could someone, anyone, from the microsoft funbag please explain to me how could this be a heating issue if the system continued working perfectly and it was just the game that froze?

Which one of the previous gen systems overheated and it just affected the game that was playing and not the entire system?

There comes a point where logic and sensibility needs to take over and the idiotic fanboyism should take a back seat. Calling this a heating issue and bashing the system will negate any sensible arguments you may be trying to push in the future because you will be looked upon as nothing but a butt hurt fanboy.

Concerning the ps4 cooling system, has anyone seen the inside of the ps4 yet? If you have please link the picture because I certainly haven't. For all we know the entire board could be covered with 10 small cooling fans so unless we have more information why the heck is anyone speculating that the cooling system is inadequate?

I've had a sony vaio and a dell inspiron for the past couple of years that's smaller than the ps4 and I don't hear the fan and I've never had heating issues. This article is flame bait for the morons that need something to feel good about their xbox one purchase.

If you bought an xbox one then you don't have to justify your purchase to anyone, just enjoy your damn system because that's what appeals to you. I know i'll be enjoying my ps4 regardless of flame bait articles like these.
johndoe11211  +   845d ago

You're right about that and that is exactly how I used to think....until I bought a turtle beach px5.

Changeable batteries do have their advantages but for me it's just not suited in the gaming environment. There is nothing worse than being in the heat of battle and having your accessory going dead and then having to swap batteries. That could cost you a game.

I bought my px5's because of the fact that it used AA batteries and I've regretted that decision ever since. Make no mistake the headphones themselves are amazing, sound quality is excellent but having your headphones go dead when you're on a kill streak...not so good. I figure the same will apply with a controller.

Funny though, I've had both my ps3 controllers for over three years and I have no issues with the batteries needing to be replaced. Everyone's experience is different I guess.
iiwii  +   845d ago

I never had to replace the battery in my DS3, but if I needed to I can grab one @ newegg for $5. They are not hard to change and certainly don't require anyone to throw their controller away if the battery goes bad. One would probably spend $5 every time you have to "recharge" your controller with AA's, unless you are buying the rechargable one's.
Brix90  +   845d ago
@Sceptic & Nuketail

So what your saying is Ps4 will have heating issues because it's small and you dont have the understanding how Sony can make a small and powerful console. I mean even the ps3 super slim is small but I guess it has heating issue too lol...Sorry guys but in consoles bigger isn't always better because the size of the 360 or fat ps3 didn't help it from getting the RROD or YLOD.
andibandit  +   845d ago

How does a custom shaped battery solve your problem?
ChrisW  +   845d ago
But even wrapped in a blanket and put into an oven, the PS4 is a supercharged, overpowered beast and should NEVER falter.
Autodidactdystopia  +   845d ago
Just an fyi, my rig when it used to overheat with my old 6970 would still function and the graphics driver would crash, however I was still able to use ""the menu" windows to end the game and play again."

Just depends on the overheating and how well the drivers do at detecting it before a total system freeze or reboot.
cleft5  +   845d ago
Thats pretty funny. Hopefully this isn't the case but you never can be to sure about these things. Still, I feel like Sony will replace consoles if they do fail, so I am not too concern about it personally. This is part of the risk you take with being an early adopter.
MyFeetHurt  +   845d ago
its not a risk for xbox adopters
Armyless  +   845d ago
It's a gurantee?
Peppino7  +   845d ago
I'm sure it'll be less than 3%. No need to panic. Sony's hardware is robust.
Sayai jin  +   845d ago
@Peppino7 - True, Sony builds great hardware. Sony has had hardware issue before. The PS2 had a high number of the disk scratch issues and it plagued the console for a bit.
Sony is terrible at hardware aside from the PS3 and even some of those had problems. PS1 & PS2 had numerous problems and I wouldn't be surprised if PS4 has problems too. Microsoft had problems with the 360 but the Xbox was fine. I'm sure there won't be any problems with Xbox One compared to PS4.
savaroth  +   845d ago
"PS1 & PS2 had numerous problems and I wouldn't be surprised if PS4 has problems too."

There were a hell of a lot of ps2's, so sure there were problems. However, I never had any problems with my ps2 and it still functions properly to this date. It was and is a great piece of hardware.
TheDivine  +   844d ago
Yea Sony is bad at hardware. The psx had issues, every ps2 I've seen stops reading blue disks, ps3 ylod and my slim freezes constantly. Good news outside of my slims freezing and hdmi issues (the tv display jumps around until I unplug and replay the hdmi) is I left it on all day for the past two and half years and its still going strong. Sony has had pretty consistent issues from their systems to their tvs which used to have a 100% failure rate. It was a huge issue and lawsuit over their tvs.

I still ordered a ps4 already though. I trust the system enough to work outside of freezing which I anticipate based on my ps3 use. The only consoles which are virtually problem free are Nintendo's. every handheld and console still work a decade later and I've never had one freeze ever. Nin may not make a powerful system anymore but they make a solid system.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   845d ago
That's why it's never good to buy the first model of anything when it comes out. Give it a few months and I bet they will release another model that runs cooler, uses less power, and is more efficient. It happens everytime. Have we not learned by now?
sprinterboy  +   845d ago
Yes I have learnt, still getting one launch day because if anything happens to the ps4 in the first 2 yrs uk manufacturing warranty they replace it with the newer model code ps4 so I can sleep at night troll
Sono421  +   845d ago
Give it a few months... I bet you'll realize your wrong ;)
warczar  +   845d ago
actually the original 80gig ps3's were by far the best version of the hardware. the first slimline version that they made had the most problems. It's just too damn bad micro was the market leader for most of this gen otherwise we would still have a ps3 with multiple card readers and the ability to play everything from ps1 to ps3.
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Dee_Cazo  +   845d ago
Sony having an overheat problem without a head start on the market like the 360 did, will really hurt them if they plan on making up ground in North America.

Microsoft will pounce on this and make sure it gets widespread as their voice is louder in NA.
mxrider2199  +   845d ago
its not an overheating problem the console itself did not freeze its a bug of an e3 build of a demo of knack lol
rainslacker  +   845d ago
I don't think MS would be wise to make a big deal about this even if it were true, their fans would do enough of that, and quite frankly, MS doesn't really have a strong reputation in that department.

I never saw Sony "pounce" all over MS for the RROD. Also the RROD didn't really seem to hurt MS this gen, so why would it hurt Sony if they had a similar issue.
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monkeyfox  +   845d ago
Sensationalist bullshit. Article is scaremongering at worst and irresponsible journalism at best.

I bet Microsoft are quietly happy about this though..:)
123pol  +   845d ago
this is a debug unit .. and the OS is debug OS OFC it freezes and have a few bugs.. Sony already adresed this video READ !!!

this video is spreading false information ...
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StoutBEER  +   845d ago
Well as an Xbox One adopter first and Playstation 4 later on, this is scary. But more than likely if there are overheating issues, they will probably get it fixed before i buy one
JsonHenry  +   845d ago
Probably a software problem. Not system.
Magicite  +   845d ago
Another PS4 flamebait article surfaces. Do the xbots have jealousness problems?
GigaHard   845d ago | Spam
iiwii  +   845d ago
Microsoft are worried, bro. They are pulling out all stops to spread lies and misinformation ahead of the PS4 launch.

And those XBox fans who are worried that their friend list will get smaller are out in full force trying to help stop the landslide.
donman1  +   845d ago
This has already been proven to be false.
N4G_IS_SONYS_WHORE   845d ago | Spam
TAURUS-555  +   845d ago
that video is a fake

theres no way the PS4 can freeze
Spenok  +   845d ago
This article is just begging or hits.

If you notice the system doesn't freeze at all. It's the game. If the system was freezing they wouldn't be able to back out of the game and try to restart the demo. They would have to turn off the system first.

Someone clearly just wants to soil the PS4's name. It's sad that articles like this not only get written, but approved :/
Neonridr  +   845d ago
to be fair, if this was an Xbox One, the same things would be written and the same jokes would be made, if not worse.

Yes, the video looks like it's clearly the game's fault not the system. The extra heat could be due to the PS4 not having adequate ventilation, although could be something more. Time will tell on that one.
Kaze88  +   845d ago
Its no overheat because they can access the ps4 mainscreen ingame and reboot the game. The game was just buggy.

If the hole console would freeze you couldnt do shit and most likely the console would shutdown. Also if a game froze on ps3 you had to reboot the hole console, but on ps4 it seems that the hole game cant freeze the system. I remember AC which froze my old ps3 after an hour, after patches no was the games fault. Not overheating.
Elzer  +   845d ago
Search " Playing xbox 360 with RROD" you'll find a few videos that show the dashboard fully functionally but when launching the game it freezes and crashes. "Fact"

Except that there is a possibility that it is the cause of the ps4 and not the demo knack.

The guy is aware the ps4 is overheating first. How? Must have heard the noise from the system.....then the game coincidentally started freezing??!
#1.16 (Edited 845d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
black0o  +   845d ago
whatever helps get throw the night
BG11579  +   845d ago
They continue to play with the console during one hour after the incident. People were asking questions about the console during that time.
It was a live feed at the time done from PS4 appartement in Paris...
I saw it live.
Deadpoolio  +   845d ago
It's not even a freezing or over heating issue period...If it were in the same respect as M$ and their RROD it wouldn't still continue to function overall. Clearly in the video he still navigates and closes the game...It would be an over heating issue IF the system actually ceased working, this is obviously a site looking for hits and an Xbot trying to make something out of nothing
Ps4Console  +   845d ago
What ever it is it's a problem that needs to be addressed though I'am quite worried because the game in question is Knack a Ps4 exclusive that would take a lot of grunt to run these exclusives other than normal third party games . Though I think it will be addressed but only a month left it needs to now .
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kewlkat007  +   845d ago
I usually give Sony the benefit of the doubt because they are good at condensing hardware into a nice powerful package but I don't see you can make the PS4 smaller then it already is.

I still wonder if that might play a factor with heat dissipation. a couple of weeks we will see.
WadeMace1  +   845d ago
already have their own version of rrod its called yellow light of death and they both happened to me.
RickHiggity  +   845d ago
The console also isn't out yet. so there's that too.
DonFreezer  +   845d ago
What the fuck is this nonsense?All consoles that go to stores for the preview area are inside a box.If the "super" station 4 can't stay at it's feet in a box there's something completely wrong about it. We have used computers for ages to know that when you make things smaller you're going to have overheating problems and noise. Anyone who denies that is blind ps fantroll. If this was an Xbox One article you would storm the for sure and hopefully buttons and you would cry about an 53 mhz upclock giving the system overheating when most of your graphics cards have twice that in overclock and never overheat.
GT67  +   845d ago
Gee, first article to make ps4 look bad must be slow day for editor...........ok, we all know every electronic will have problems

cant wait for next article xbone is DOOM!!!

Shake my head
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Stsonic  +   845d ago
Sony know how to make hardware that does not have a 100% failure rating ;)

Just to be clear I am referring to the original xbox 360...
#2 (Edited 845d ago ) | Agree(33) | Disagree(41) | Report | Reply
B1663r  +   845d ago
Every Sony CD player and dvd player that burnt out in a years time that I ever owned over the last 20 years says hi!
WeAreLegion  +   845d ago
If all Sony CD players and DVD players died on you...why would you keep buying Sony products?

I have a feeling you're not being 100% truthful.
punisher99  +   845d ago

My 13 year old Playstation 2, that still works perfectly this day, says HI. :)
#2.1.2 (Edited 845d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(3) | Report
Thehyph  +   845d ago
Yeah that doesn't seem very truthful.

Also, Sony are coming around in most fields of consumer electronics in terms of quality.

Good for them, South Korea has been handing it to Japanese electronics companies.

While I can't speak for LG, has anyone else noticed the amount of crap that Samsung is putting out now that they've instilled some brand recognition and loyalty? They could start going the way Sony did.
Death  +   845d ago
I've persoanlly gone through multiple Playstations and PS2's. The original Playstation used plastic laser tracks that would wear out with use. You could flip the console to extend it's life, but that didn't last more than a year. On one of my PS2's the DVD tray stopped working and the other quit displaying video if memory serves me right. The slim I bought seems bulletproof, but I didn't really use it much since my 60gig played my PS2 games and has worked flawlessly since I bought it shortly after launch. One of my Sony Blu-ray players locks up when exiting Netflix which is getting annoying. I'm hoping a firmware update will fix it, I just haven't had much time to check it out.
JsonHenry  +   845d ago
That is so funny man. I've owned a few Sony CD/DVD drives over the years and they all die much quicker than the competition. So much so that I stopped buying them.

I went through 3 PS2s back in the day because of the DVD drives going out in them.

Never had a problem with any other Sony product though. I've had Sony mixers, Televisions, the PS1/PS3, speakers, amps, car disc changers, PCs, and media hubs and never had a problem. But those damn CD/DVD drives.... I will never buy one again.
#2.1.5 (Edited 845d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report
RevXM  +   845d ago
What. My ps2 Ive had since 2004, Ps3 since 2009.
And my Discman D-173 from god knows when they all still work like ever.

Do you put your sony products in a greenhouse?
1OddWorld  +   845d ago
My Day 1 60gig PS3 Phat says hi as well.
TRD4L1fe  +   845d ago
you math is a little bit off. I've own the original 360 and never had to replace it or have it fixed, although now it just collects dust because i have the upgraded version of the 360
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   845d ago
Mine collected dust until I gave it away because of years of no exclusives.
Death  +   845d ago
You mean years of no exclusives that you liked. Without a doubt the PS3 had many more exclusives, but they didn't appeal to everyone. I probably picked up the same amount for each system. Not a slam against Sony, just my personal preference.
Deadpoolio  +   845d ago
That doesn't change the FACT that the 360 had a 55% failure rate for the first 4 years of it's life....And that should be stunningly embarrassing to MicroSoft...Anything in the under 10% usually around 2-4% is considered normal 55% is just embarrassing...
Hicken  +   845d ago
C'mon, Death. You know the point.

There's a difference between having two or three exclusives in a year and not liking any of them, and having a dozen or so exclusives and not liking any of them.

If you look at a library of three games and can't find anything, that's kinda because there's not a lot to choose from. If you look at 15 games and don't find anything, it's more likely you're being picky.
ebreda  +   845d ago
Really? How about the fat PS3s que yloded pretty much at a 100% rate?


I'm sorry, I don't know ONE fat PS3 still running today. I had 2 yloded on me. All of my other friends lost their fat PS3, just as they lost the launch 360.
#2.3 (Edited 845d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
Stsonic  +   845d ago
Pretty much all electronics have a 100% failure rating I was talking in terms of 1, 2 or 3 years.

Phat ps3's had problems but no where near the scale as the red rings. I work in computer repair, the amount of problems I had to deal with Xbox red rings was ridiculous I ended up refusing them.

The stupid thing is all Microsoft had to do was put a cheap fan just like the one they have over the cpu heat sink on the slims and they would have never had a problem. A company like Microsoft can manufacture a fan for less than $1 probably so ask yourself why was this never done?
#2.3.1 (Edited 845d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report
black0o  +   845d ago
spinning facts here r we?
.. my fat @$$ ps3 still running fine but with sounds like a jet lol all i did was buy a new 500GB HD .. and x360 is the only console in history that had 54% failure rate

-x360 sold like 40+ millions at US where the ps3 doing around 23+ million
but when u look at software sells u say no big difference at all which means 50% of the x360 sells are thx to the RROD
#2.3.2 (Edited 845d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report
Death  +   845d ago
My 60 gig is still going strong. I haven't paid to replace any of my 360's, but my launch unit was replaced multiple times under the three year warranty. Oddly my original Elite has never had an issue.
AceofStaves  +   845d ago
My launch PS3 still works perfectly. My launch PS2 also works, as does the PS1 I bought in 1997.

That's why I'm getting a PS4 at launch. I've never had an issue with a Sony games console.
Spenok  +   845d ago
I still have a working LAUNCH 60GB. So sorry, not a 100% failure rate.
oONinjavitiSOo  +   845d ago
Umm are you serious? My original fat ps3 still works perfectly and I've used it almost every day since launch. Keep reaching people. I guess some people are just hoping for shit to go wrong..... pathetic people pretending to be gamers. In almost 30 years I have never seen so many morons playing games. There was a time when people thought gamers were smart but a lot of you are definitely shattering that sterotype. Clearly the demo had issues and the ps4 most certainly did not freeze otherwise he wouldn't have been able to get to the home screen. Apparently some "gamers" eyes and brains have quit working.
Imalwaysright  +   845d ago
When my second Phat PS3 YLod on me I decided to let everyone that is going to buy next gen consoles at launch beta test them for me.
rainslacker  +   845d ago
I must be damn lucky then, because my phat PS3 still runs like a champ. Only game it's ever frozen on was ME3, and others had the same problem so likely a software issue.

Only repair I've ever done was cleaning the laser...but I'm a smoker so that's not uncommon.

Also, I'm pretty sure if the fail rate was anywhere close to 100%...hell even 20%, Sony would have had a class action lawsuit against them.
Sayai jin  +   845d ago
Stsonic, true Sony makes reliable products, but look at the PS2's wide spread disk scratch issues. Hardware issues can happen to any console.

BTW, this article has nothing to do with the Xbox.
mxrider2199  +   845d ago
just like the 360 except for it scratched your disk and killed itself
Sayai jin  +   845d ago
@mxrider2199- once again, this article, if true...has nothing to do with the 360. Why do you mention it?
Xsilver  +   845d ago
Early build of what the UI looks like

Updated build that they showed at gamescom

From the Video in the article the if you saw the whole vid the console had the early build UI that was leaked so this probably was a demo Unit.
#3 (Edited 845d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
dboyman  +   845d ago
I saw that video but got turned off with the music and no commentary. Does anyone have a video WITHOUT the music and with commentary?
SonyNGP  +   845d ago
moegooner88  +   845d ago | Helpful
For those wondering about what happened.

Related image(s)
Xsilver  +   845d ago
You just saved this saved this comment section from becoming a total bait fest 1+Bubbles for that
Stsonic  +   845d ago
It will still be a fest. People type with with titles I'm afraid.
#5.1.1 (Edited 845d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(1) | Report
PositiveEmotions  +   845d ago
I knew that is was that because if you remember they showed the ps4s in glass closed boxes with the PS4s inside them so thats why the ps4 over heated.
Kayant  +   845d ago
And we are done here. This is the same thing as the red light of warning situation.

Lesson learn is don't put your electronics in a unventilated box.
GarrusVakarian  +   845d ago
"This video and other similar incidents imply system has stability issues, and this is a situation Sony needs to address soon"

So, this video and ONE other instance of a red light being displayed means the system has stability issues? Ha.

Way to jump to mega conclusions.
ballsohard2013  +   845d ago
there we're a few other videos (about 3). This is the 1st time i saw this specific video tho.
hankmoody  +   845d ago
If these overheating PS4s are in display cases with little breathing room, than that's understandable. If it's not however, that won't be good news for them. Hoping that they're not cutting too many corners to meet demand because Sony may very well have a debacle on their hands to rival that of the RRoD.
GarrusVakarian  +   845d ago
"Sony may very well have a debacle on their hands to rival that of the RRoD."

You must be Mr.Psychic-conclusionjumper, pleased to meet you.
#7.1 (Edited 845d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
hankmoody  +   845d ago
I'm not trying to rain on the PS4 parade here. All I'm saying is, if they're cutting any kind of corners to rush and meet customer demand, it's entirely possible that the initial first wave of systems may come out with problems. Same thing with the XB1.
Nocando  +   845d ago
He has his very own "Jump to Conclusions" mat.
rainslacker  +   845d ago
Nothing about the PS4 launch seems rushed. In fact it seems like everything is planned amazingly well. The PS1 lead-up to launch was like this, where Sony hit every note perfectly. Outside a few trade show gafs, they've been doing the same here.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   845d ago
Sounds more like the game was having problems not the console buggy game code is what caused the game to crash more than anything. Who ever titles this is just aiming to get hits, the ps4 doesn't overheat at all the game crashed they quit and then relaunched it ps4 didn't shut off or get turned off
Spenok  +   845d ago
I'm glad SOMEONE else on this board noticed that. It's really not that hard to use your brain to see things like this. Everyone just looks at the title and assumes it is correct.
Relientk77  +   845d ago
I'm good, I am not playing my PS4 while it's in a box or display case
#8 (Edited 845d ago ) | Agree(28) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
famoussasjohn  +   845d ago
Who would have thought that having an enclosure over the console that's generate heat and then dispells the heat and then reuses the heat since there's no where to push the heat anywhere else would cause it to overheat?
EXVirtual  +   845d ago
Every console has some form of over heating at launch. It's not that big of a deal for me, as I'm getting a PS4 next year earliest.
Nocando  +   845d ago
Not saying this is a common occurrence with the PS4, but isn't that where most people place their gaming console?
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   845d ago
In a small, clear, plastic box under the TV?

Nocando  +   845d ago
I have an entertainment center, but I leave the glass door open while playing. You mean they gave the PS4 NO ventilation? Silly people.
Spenok  +   845d ago
When they have models out for display, be it at conventions like this one, or at store, they tend to give them little ventilation.

Though sometimes they are smart with their demo displays and cut small holes into them so the systems can breath.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   845d ago
Sounds more like the game was having problems not the console buggy game code is what caused the game to crash more than anything. Who ever titles this is just aiming to get hits, the ps4 doesn't overheat at all the game crashed they quit and then relaunched it ps4 didn't shut off or get turned off
#11 (Edited 845d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
evilhasitsway  +   845d ago
yeah if you watch the video the system doesn't freeze that is the game just got bugs cause they do back out and go back in then quit and relaunch not system just the game its self. man was this a bs article.
GTgamer  +   845d ago
Your rite i just watched the Vid again i guess people trying to get hits expect a bunch more of these articles to surface.
memots  +   845d ago
*you're , *right
GTgamer  +   845d ago
Thank you grammar police but when i use N4g on my phone i don't feel like being punctual on everything.
Hicken  +   845d ago
Punctual refers to being on time...
d3nworth1  +   845d ago
Every console, handheld, PC, tablet, cellphone cable, etc freezes once in a while. Just restart it an move on.
GTgamer  +   845d ago
Why do they keep putting it in Cases with no ventilation what do they think will happen. Anyway I'm PS4 will work fine because it wont be in a Case.
CC-Tron  +   845d ago
Ship the Ps4 with a fire extinguisher and the problem is solved.
isarai  +   845d ago
Not really freezing at all, the PS4 itself seems completely unaffected as the UI still runs fast and smooth, looks more like a bug with KNACK which is to be expected as it's not finished and the build they are playing is more than likely the same vertical slice they've been presenting since their meeting back in feb
truechainz  +   845d ago
Okay let's let the console come out now shall we? There will be bugs to fix as with any launch, but we don't need to sit through another month of these articles that only try to kill excitement.
DanielGearSolid  +   845d ago
Is there any real reason to put these consoles in display boxes anymore... All other consumer electronics are in the open with some sort of mechnaism to prevent theft... Its common sense
Mohlest   845d ago | Spam
Haules  +   845d ago
The game was freezing not the console.

Man some "gaming" websites try so hard to make the PS4 look bad...
0pie  +   845d ago
can it be just the game that has issue?

Anyway, gameranx should not be seen as a reliable source of information.
Ced214  +   845d ago
All right everyone,

Related image(s)
ZHZ90  +   845d ago
People spreading false rumor.
JackVagina  +   845d ago
Looked more like an issue with Knack, since the UI worked just fine
meatysausage  +   845d ago
When are people going to learn, dont put electronics in closed spaces with no air. Its so logical. That being said, these things are on for days on end for these shows so its no surprise
arl99b  +   845d ago
closed box?

meatysausage  +   845d ago
Go and read their tweets that they made
Then you can stop
Funantic1   845d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(7)
Ethereal  +   845d ago
Here we go again....
MajorAly  +   845d ago
I think Microsoft got their PS4 pre-orders early and started stress testing it by putting it through rigorous and ridiculous tests.

Putting it in an oven for example.
pyramidshead  +   845d ago
Until I see a real report on a PS4 overheating like a volcano, I'll call BS. Sony, a hardware company overlooking a tremendous issue in regards to cooling in a tiny case, I don't buy it. If they prove me wrong, of course, I'll gladly agree with the rest that this is worrying. Until then, reach higher, internet!
#29 (Edited 845d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
polow got sol  +   845d ago
There aren't enough good games at launch for the ps4 for people to be playing to notice any overheating issues. We wont really know if the console truly overheats until about 2 years in when there's enough good games for people to be playing for more than half an hour
#30 (Edited 845d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
WeAreLegion  +   845d ago
I'll be playing 21 games at launch. What the frick are you talking about?
GigaHard   845d ago | Spam
shysun  +   845d ago
Kz:sf, bf4, ac4, Dc, Cod:Ghost and knack for the kids!
WeAreLegion  +   845d ago
Good stuff, shysun! I'm getting:

LEGO Marvel Superheroes
PlanetSide 2
War Thunder
Blacklight: Retribution
The Playroom, obviously. Lol. I'm actually pretty excited about that one.

The rest are either indie or smaller titles from Sony. Can't wait to play everything on my Vita, too! :D
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