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Submitted by Nyxus 845d ago | news

Kojima updates: Business dinner, and game checking shows MGSV pause screen and checkpoint system

Kojima has retuned from his business trip to Los Angeles. Here are some small updates. (Dev, Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Nyxus  +   845d ago
Now that I think about it, since it's open world a checkpoint system does make sense. Previous MGS games had checkpoints based on the small areas of which the world consisted, but those are gone now.
NatureOfLogic  +   845d ago
I have zero hype for MGSV atm.
Nyxus  +   845d ago
How come?
j-blaze  +   845d ago
it's because of the voice actor, shows how pathetic some have become this gen.. just ignore him
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HumanNervous  +   845d ago
I hope don't die the "old school" taste of good classic MGS series!We confront to many changes that we don't have seen so far in the title.I am optimistic that we will not see something similar like GOG:ascension,ie.low level title!
Rodent85  +   845d ago
dont care about everything in MGS except story
this the reason i become MGSfanboy from the first place
fsfsxii  +   845d ago
You don't care about Meryl's ass?? Damn.
evilhasitsway  +   845d ago
im not hyped about it just because its really far from release but hey when it gets close I will be all over that but what im really wanting to get my hands on is the division that game is what sold me for next gen even though it is a yr from release that game just looked amazing.

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