Games Radar: Silent Hill: Homecoming Impressions

It's been a long time since anyone set foot in the relentlessly punishing town of Silent Hill. Games Radar's most recent preview dates back several months, nearly back into 2007, and no other outlet has seen or heard much since. What horrible shapes have been lurking in the darkness since the last time Konami offered a peek? Games Radar have got the answer, spread across three days of exclusive Silent Hill: Homecoming coverage.

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TheExecutive3890d ago

one of the main reasons silent hill was so scary is because of your inability to kill all of the monsters in sight. The game harnessed a level of helplessness that couldnt be found in other games. This game seems to have done away with that and that, to me, is very disappointing.

I am still staying optimistic about this game but it better not turn into a RE game with a different setting.

JsonHenry3889d ago

While I certainly enjoy Resident Evil games (RE3 FTW!!) I agree with you. There was something about the first 3 Silent Hill games that REALLY creeps you the hell out and makes you feel completely hopeless all the way up to the very end. I just beat Silent Hill 4, and while it was good, it certainly lost some of the creepy/horror gameplay that I missed.

The damn siren never even went off and changed the world around you!!

Saupau3890d ago

If this game does not go back to the gameplay it had on first and second time, I think I'll go back to RE again, yes, RE, the one I left when I saw Silent Hill.

Skerj3890d ago

ATITD just got dethroned in September for me to make way for the king of survival horror games. My only hope is that they didn't try to ape RE4 too much, because I want the fear that prevents me from completing a Silent Hill game to remain.

-EvoAnubis-3890d ago

This sounds awesome! I really can't wait. I like the early story elements as well.

Rusted3890d ago

MGS, GTAIV, Silent Hill and Siren! damnit im soooooo broke this year!!!! and im planning go to Lollapalooza this sucks!!

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