Call of Duty: Ghosts Gift Pack revealed as Christmas stocking filler

Activision has revealed the Call of Duty: Gift Pack, a Tesco-exclusive set due to go on sale at the retailer later this year.

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LackTrue4K1677d ago

a glove?!?!
dose this come with lotion?!?

typical CallOfDuty players....

Vip3r1677d ago

Tat like this better not count to the whole Guiness world record beef they have with Rockstar.

This is getting beyond pathetic.

imXify1677d ago

I'll get them so I can become the coolest kid in my school yaaay ! :D

Rob Hornecker1677d ago

Or in my case the coolest teacher in school! LOL!!!

djplonker1677d ago

why gloves?

Thats like giving a blindman a book or burn victim a makeover...

do they not know 70%+ of cod players dont leave the house >. <