GTA 5 sales soar past 3 million in the UK

Sales of Grand Theft Auto 5 have soared past the 3 million milestone in the UK faster than any other title, MCV reports.

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vulcanproject1017d ago

3 million in the UK alone? Erk. Thats more than 99 percent of titles sell worldwide

AntoineDcoolette1017d ago

Roughly 1 out of every 20 UK citizens have GTAV; an amazing attach rate!

colt-of-tipton1017d ago

To be fair it deserves it , brilliant game.

cactusjack1017d ago (Edited 1017d ago )

thats over 180 million dollars in just 1 country.

naBs1017d ago

And yet they still introduced Micro Transactions

Magnus1017d ago (Edited 1017d ago )

A great game for 2013 it is still. I like Trevor the best out of all the characters in the game.

StephenDacky1017d ago

Rockstar deserves this.They worked so much hard on this money.Rockstar deserves money,they don't rush games.They are the best Gaming Company Ever,GTA5 is a great great game.I am glad that I am a GTA Fan.