PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Gets New Screenshot and Information About Player Housing, Trailer Next Week

As part of the Tokyo Game Show Trailer Capcom shown a modern apartment without explaining its purpose and features.

Today they finally gave a glimpse on what it is for, including a new screenshot, promising a new trailer for next week.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1493d ago

Wow the game sounds more awesome everyday! It's sweet how you have your own futuristic home to go back to after fighting in the dungeon to heal. It's also cool you can decorate it and such.

Abriael1493d ago

Yep. of course it's also a way to drive microtransactions. But they need to make a buck somehow :D

Ghost_of_Tsushima1493d ago

Hey we get free wallpapers for the home though! Haha

Abriael1493d ago

I'm quite sure there'll be several free options. It's how it works. Give some for free, to get people addicted to the collecting and customizing, then charge for the rest :D

XtraTrstrL1493d ago

Yeah, but this is Crapcom we're talking about. So, I can easily see them getting carried away with the $$$ DLC for this game, so I'm gonna tread lightly with this title, and try not to get too hooked too early, cuz I don't wanna get ripped off by them anymore.

abzdine1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

i wouldn't have thought just 6 months ago that i will one day be excited for a Capcom game again.
Thank you Ono for keeping shit real... and FREE!!

Xsilver1493d ago

CapCom VS EA when it comes to microtransaction, i would rather go with capcom because Capcom isn't no where as bad as EA, Capcom may of messed in the recent years with their massive Dlc problems i remember asura's wrath and tekkenxstreetfighter but in the end it was all optional i never bought any of those Dlc's because i still enjoyed the game without it.
But with BF3 i bought those DLc's realizing i was paying for stuff that should've been in the full game then it hit me EA kept all the good things that they knew you would want and put them in DLC, I'm not worried about Deep Down it will be in beta first so i will know if its good but i will only spend $60 on content for that game if its really good.

FamilyGuy1493d ago

Can't wait to try this game out, all these recent details make it feel like it's coming closer to the first half of 2014 rather than the second.

Woot, new trailer
If Home wa coming to PS4 I'd want mine to look something like this one.

Campy da Camper1493d ago

I'm OK with ftp and micros. I mean, I would normally pay 60 bucks for a game, anyway. If I get home and it sucks I'm out the money. With ftp I can play it at no cost and factor in a 60 dollar budget for the micros. If the game sucks I just stop playing. If I like it the 60 dollar budget will buy me a heck of a lot of stuff in game.

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Lalanana1493d ago

Lol this game will be filled with microtransactions..
get ready folks.. mark my words.

DigitalRaptor1493d ago

It's a free-to-play game. Surprised?

Xsilver1493d ago

with thinking like that no wonder he has one bubble

Dreamer13021493d ago

I've said before, this totally reminds me of .hack.

I love it!

webeblazing1493d ago

LMAO everything about this game screams me 2.
Dark souls and demon souls is popular let's do that.. People are loving the apartments in GTA let's do that 2. How does futuristic apartment get in a this type of setting at have a castle they seem 2 half ass everything. I see a lot of misdirection going on here

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j-blaze1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

this and Lily Bergamo are the only PS4 exclusives i'm really looking forward to, the game looks stunning!

dcj05241493d ago

I already see it. Super street fighter 2 arcade machine for deep down home. $6.99

tarbis1493d ago

Well, damn. That home looks really amazing. I wonder how much would all that cost?

Abriael1493d ago

The home itself seems to be free.

Rhaigun1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

To me, this seems like it will be similar to PS Home for the social aspect of the game. Not a bad idea for chilling out after intense dungeon runs.

EXVirtual1493d ago

The apartment looks... wow.
I cannot wait to dive into this gen.

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