Watch Dogs delay will 'probably push back initial next-gen hardware sales', claims analyst

The decision to delay Watch Dogs may have an impact on initial next-gen hardware sales, an analyst has claimed, as consumers reconsider whether to purchase an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 next month.

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jhoward5851681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I highly doubt that the crew/WD was delayed to fix bugs.

I think it was delayed b/c UBI wanted to fine tune both games before releasing it.

Though Maybe if its was one of the two games that needed bug fixing than I would believe it.

Its highly likely that both games would need bug fixing at the same time.

think about it!!

Lalanana1681d ago

I think they delayed them for sales. Yes, they extra development time will be nice but sales is my opinion

jhoward5851681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Sales is definitely one of the reason for the delay.

But by the time UBI release WD/CREW in spring of next year there are going to be other open world game to compete with.

So it'd be smart to add more features in WD/CREW.

tigertom531681d ago

I don't think it going to hurt console buyers who already pre-order to get this game and plenty of titles that they can still play during the early release...