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‘The Last of Us’ developer further comments on PS4 port and additional trophies

Naughty Dog's Eric Monacelli has further commented on several elements regarding the recently-released Playstation 3 exclusive video game, “The Last of Us.” (PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us)

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abzdine  +   651d ago | Well said
if it happens i'd buy it without a doubt.
this game is just so sick
memots  +   651d ago
This would be one of the few time i am glad i bought digital.

Some digital are making the jump to PS4, That would be awesome. And i would pay whatever i need to get the "ps4" version if needed.
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j-blaze   651d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(12)
BallsEye  +   651d ago
Would be great if they port it! The e3 last of us first showing graphically looked much better than released version. With port we'd get that e3 quality in 1080p and 60fps probably.
Ezz2013  +   650d ago
the amount of BS from your comments are off the chart
and what worse you talk like this is a fact or something

E3 demo in 720p
Final game walkthrough in 720p (same part)
pretty much look the same or even better in the final build

plz stop talking
you also said the same thing about KZ2
and i proved you wrong ....Badly
why you keep doing this to yourself ?!
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BallsEye  +   650d ago

What? you never proved me wrong. I do not manipulate any screenshots, they are straight from the game. I do not edit models or textures and I do not add jaggies and remove shadows. How delusional are you?

Posting 4k and 8k res wallpapers and claiming them as in game doesn't prove anyhing except your stupidity to believe console can run such thing in 8k res. Last of us did get a downgrade on release I did play it. You can google last of us graphic downgrade in google, plenty of threads with screenshots even on official forums. How blind can you be?
Ezz2013  +   650d ago
how blind can you get ?!
there is nothing but irony with your user name
i put two videos from E3 demo and final Build walkthrough that clearly show there was no downgrade what so ever and you still trying to spin it
why don't you tell me in full detail and facts what is diffrent between the two videos
and if what you are saying is true
why DF among every other site is saying TLOU is the best looking game on consoles and almost feel like next gen game ?!
all of them must be blind too right?!
the whole world is blind and you are the only one who can see
that what delusional blind fanboy would think

no wonder why no one take you srsly

your opinion on KZSF is only your delusional opinion ...which not a single person on earth agree with it
and the pics you post do not help your case at all ...in fact they make people laugh at you even more

as it seems also you also can't read:
""you also said the same thing about KZ2 """

i'm talking about your Killzone 2 E3 comment in Deep Down article
"""E3 build (left) vs final build (right)
http://s2d1.turboimagehost.... """

which you didn't admit you were wrong

the only one delusional here...is you, kid
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princejb134  +   650d ago
i would definitely buy this again
i beat the last of us 5 times trying to unlock all the trophies

i have to say i sold but i would beat it again if i still had it
Syntax-Error  +   650d ago
You're ALL morons! Buying a game again just because it's on another system? How retarded is that. Not an enhanced copy of the game, but a goddamn PORT? And you wonder why people call you fanboys. The idiot above me beat it 5 times and then sold it then says he would play it again if he still had it. THEN WHY DID YOU SELL IT YOU IDIOT? See how dumb this all sounds
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LordDhampire  +   650d ago
It was a really good game bro, the more you support a game...bigger the chances of getting a sequel....I guess you xbox fans don't really need to worry about that since microsoft only makes the same 4 games over and over...
Army_of_Darkness  +   650d ago
Syntax has a valid point.
Why sell it if you supposedly liked it so much to the point of beating it 5x?? I beat most of my games only once, like ni no kuni but would never sell it because i luv that game.

And for the last of us, i would only get it for the ps4 if it was an enhanced version. Otherwise I'm just gonna get the ps3 version for cheaper.
kparks  +   650d ago
@ lord exactly every exclusive game they get tanks other than the halo fanboys and that game is garbage now... Look at alen wake no1 bought that till months after it was released and thats the only exclusive game on xbox worth playing!
LordDhampire  +   650d ago
Same, my ps3 broke real far into it
lsujester  +   650d ago
Mine broke halfway through GTAV. And all of my money is saved up for PS4, so I can't afford a new one. :(
ssj27  +   651d ago
I haven't buy the game and I will play it , waiting for a PS4 port 1080p 60fps

Same for beyond I hope to see a 1080p 60fps port for next year.
I will get them on my PS4 and finally play them.\

I want to play those two games but at 1080p 60fps, bored of my PS3 is only good for PES14 and netflix.
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DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   651d ago
This game is fine right where it is... naughty dog should just concentrate on a sequel for tlou or a new ip for ps4. If you haven't bought it yet,shame on you.
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camel_toad  +   651d ago
Ah they could just put their interns on the port =) 1080p and 60fps is all I'm asking for from 'em.
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ssj27  +   651d ago
agree with camel.
I'm tired of this gen, it lasted way too long...

but if they don't port it i will eventually play them .. maybe through gaika
sprinterboy  +   651d ago
May still be lots of potential sales though with some 360 owners buying ps4
PS3n360  +   650d ago
my old fat ps3 died just before the game launched. I would rather wait and get a ps4. if the game launched on ps4 I would get it right away.
Bathyj  +   651d ago
1080p would be nice, but 60fps would make no difference to these games. They're not twitch shooters. The frame rate is not an issue. if your not playing it because of that you're missing out on great games for no reason.
BlackTar187  +   651d ago
yea Bath pretty bad reason to not play a great game tbh.

Resolution doesn't make the game better so im not even sure i expect your reason lol.

That said of course it would be nicer to play with this stuff but that still doesn't validate missing a great game IMO.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   650d ago
brave27heart  +   651d ago
Id rather they spent time making a new game than porting TLOU.
ssj27  +   650d ago
Wow what's the hate! With the disagrees lol

I know the games are comming sooner than later to the ps4 and I don't mind waiting for a updated version.. nothing wrong with that!

I love heavy rain and Fahrenheit and I bet I will love beyond .. I don't mind waiting for a better version and is not like a small team can't port it in a short time.. the ps4 is magical in those terms.
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G20WLY  +   650d ago
Don't fret, I think it's because you said, "PS3 is only good for PES14 and netflix".

I'd have disagree with that part too! There's life in the old girl yet! ;)
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BuLLDoG909  +   650d ago
Coming up to the holidays, theres no way theyd even hint at a ps4 version, if they were planing anything, which they probably arent.... maybe after all the dlc is out and a complete edition arrives would be the best possible chance for it to make its way to the ps4... and maybe then only through gaikia - ps3 streaming.
Stringerbell  +   650d ago
PES rocks lol
quinten488  +   651d ago
I really hope they port it, i love the multiplayer.
showtimefolks  +   651d ago
RS do GTA 5
Sony do Last of us

I will buy both

This will never happen but I hope one day we get all yakuza games in one collection for ps4, sega you are killing your fanbase. Tell us a straight yes or no

We are also waiting on shenmue HD collection.
Nodoze  +   651d ago
I am holding off buying gta V for this very reason. I have a feeling we will see an 'ultra hd' release on next gen consoles.

The wait is killing me though....I SO want to play V.
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Soc5  +   651d ago
I tried waiting. Didn't work lol
Ur missing out :)
ssj27  +   650d ago
Same here I'm waiting gor beyond, lou and gtav!
If they don't come out I will eventually buy them for my ps3 or gaika.
I'm keeping my ps3 for a whole extra year to play PES14.
Syntax-Error  +   650d ago
They already said that GTA V WILL NOT be on next gen, so keep waiting. Try reading more too. It's pointless to release it on a console that hasn't been sold yet. It takes millions to port and enhance a game and the profits wouldn't be there. Anyone with a PS4 or XBO will have already bought the game(unlike your sorry ass) and have no desire to replay it just because it's on another console. They have tried that with several games and they have failed. Why dont you see how bad MGS, ICO, and RE collections have done
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kparks  +   650d ago
If u want gta v i wouldn't wait might as well get it now its already pretty polished and plays really good then u can focus on other games.. If they are planning a port it will be months after launch.
insomnium2  +   651d ago
Also an Onimusha collection would be nice.
Fishermenofwar  +   651d ago

Loved those games...
BABY-JEDI  +   650d ago
Updated more open Onimusha would be brilliant
showtimefolks  +   650d ago
yes sir
Syntax-Error  +   650d ago
An updated more open Onimusha would be a BRAND NEW GAME not an update. The game is designed to be linear and on rails to tell a story(DMC), so how would being open be an update? It would have to built from the ground up making it an entirely new game. How old are you people? Feel like I'm in a thread with 12 year olds that know nothing about nothing
insomnium2  +   650d ago

Well the guy's name is BABY-JEDI so.... LOL!
kparks  +   650d ago
Dude onimusha was dope they need to remake hd or even continue that game and a new tenchu game for ps would be welcome also
RedSoakedSponge  +   651d ago
Hey Naughty Dog. How about you fix the glitched trophies in the game before adding in new ones for DLC huh?
RDF  +   650d ago
Im not sure if that was joke or not but it failed all the same. If you dont like the Last of Us,then why are you in this thread to begin with?
RedSoakedSponge  +   650d ago
wtf?! how does that sound like i hate the last of us?! i LOVE the last of us. its just there are glitched trophies that dont unlock and there is one in particular which is preventing me from getting platinum (the collect all comics one).

i really dont understand the amount of disagrees i got over me wanting to have the game fixed before adding new content....
Legion21  +   650d ago
There's now way The Last of Us can be glitched it's too perfect/s
People need to understand no game is perfect.
Ezz2013  +   650d ago
yeah, i also had a trophy glitch
when i finished the game on hard
i didn't get the trophy for it
but i don't care about trophy in first place
so it's no problem for me

my brother is a trophy hunter as well
i will never got the love for those things
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RedSoakedSponge  +   650d ago
ah well im a trophy/achievement whore sooooo hahaha :P
RedSoakedSponge  +   650d ago
i suppose you have to have an addictive personality to be a trophy/achievement whore like me haha.
Tripe_Down  +   651d ago
lol Nowgamer News with no infos ...
Bolts  +   651d ago
Not interested in a PS4 port. Not even a little a bit. What I want is an entirely new experience tailored for the PS4. After 7 loooong years of this tired generation there's no way I'm looking back.

This remind me of all those people clamoring for a God of War 2 port to the PS3 a few years back. After God of War 3 came out, nobody gave a damn about the God of War 2 port anymore.
pedrof93  +   651d ago
Lol What about the HD collection of GoW 1 and 2 that came before GoW 3?

That's a port see.
Nabbic  +   651d ago
How about an Uncharted collection?
1-3 remastered for the PS4, and sold in a bundle pack for £40.
Nodoze  +   651d ago
I would buy it!! Also people need to consider that a lot of the PS4 players will be former 360 players. As 360 gamers they did not have the chance to play some of the stellar exclusives.

Having HD remakes/ports would allow them to play these classics!
Syntax-Error  +   650d ago
How much do you think that would cost to gamble that those people will actually buy it? The risk does not reap the rewards. NO PROFIT THERE! It costs millions to do something like that and after the failed sales of other collections, it wont happen. It wont even sell a million copies

AJAX-Another developer CANT do it for Sony because NAUGHTY DOG owns the IP you moron. Do you know what an Intellectual Property is? Sony owns ND, but ND owns the IP...GET IT? Damn you people are stupid
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Dark_king  +   650d ago
@Syntax-Error um Sony owns the IP because they own ND.Your bubbles are not gong to last long insulting people in every comment.
Vanfernal  +   651d ago
Well I totally read this in Junpei's voice. Thanks Yuka-tan!
RDF  +   650d ago
Well said! I would pay 40 to 50 USD for that as well.
Nerdmaster  +   651d ago
Title: The Last of Us developer further comments on PS4 port

What he said: We have no plans to do that.
serratos27  +   651d ago
Haha yet people are talking about purchasing it for the PS4. As great of a game this is I don't think they should let this game be too much of their focus. We all know ND are capable of making great games. Lets keep it that way, dont want to see them start making HD remakes of Uncharted. Lets move on please.
Thats not to say the games weren't amazing I just want to see a new IP, Uncharted 4, or a sequel to TLoU. That's really what we all want.
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ajax17  +   651d ago
They have no plans
That doesn't mean some other game developer won't do it for Sony.
KontryBoy706  +   651d ago
We would probably have to wait for Gaikai. That game was made specifically for Cell architecture. It may be too difficult and take too much time to rework it for the PS4. I mean hey, if they did do it... I'd buy it day one.
Audiggity  +   650d ago
I'm a PC gamer with a 360 (only for GTA V at the moment)... not many Sony exclusives have made me question my decision aside from Uncharted and The Last of Us...

If they port it to the PS4 and upgrade the game in anyway to take advantage of the new hardware, that could be a HUGE factor in winning over Xbox owners. I'd probably switch platforms just for this.
fhizikz  +   650d ago
Now 60 fps and 1080p don't make games better? This n4g is a funny place Edit tlou was the best game I ever played btw. So good mp is not bad either lots of fun and teamwork
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corvusmd  +   650d ago
Come on guys, this game was really good....but not THAT great, can we please stop beating this dead horse.
MysticStrummer  +   650d ago
I'm playing it for the first time now, and it is that great. I love GTA5, but TLoU is my Game of the Year.
TechMech2  +   650d ago
A port of a game from a seventh gen system to eighth gen seems pointless. The graphics look slightly better! Let's pay $60!!!!
BABY-JEDI  +   650d ago
This game is ART. Most movie like & gaming experience to date. This is a must have for all gamers. Including under 18s but not 14 yr olds because that would be too intense.
Rodent85  +   650d ago
Hakoom  +   650d ago
i wish they would make TLOU2 on ps4.. that would be a killer
LEOPARD1030  +   650d ago
Amazing game, I want a sequel.
hazardman  +   650d ago
Gaikai cant come soon enough!!
IIZANGETSUII  +   650d ago
Reading the comments this just porves AGAIN that most of the poeple dont even read the articles, people talking about how they will buy a PS4 version when they clearly said "We have no plans to do that"
ZILLA  +   650d ago
its ONLINE MADNESS!!!the multiplayer is siiiiiiiick!!
DoggyBiscuit  +   650d ago
They should make a ps4 version since the sequel is not coming any time soon
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