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Submitted by NatureOfLogic 775d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One is future proof, is the PS4?

PR writes, "If you didn’t know that the Xbox One had been built with the future of gaming in mind, Microsoft has released a new video this week which really attempts to hit home. We’ve heard a lot about the cloud lately this past week, but now we have an intimate video from Microsoft to show you, which gives examples why the Xbox One in Microsoft’s opinion – is future proof." (PS4, Xbox One)

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yellowgerbil  +   775d ago | Well said
1 x1 isn't even now proof, let alone future proof. They still got a few execs to get rid of that will fumble the ball at every turn (looking at you Major Nelson)
snipab8t  +   775d ago | Well said
To be honest, both platforms will have almost the same lifespan like this generation.
NewMonday  +   775d ago | Well said
maybe gamers will consider getting the XB1 in the future, because right now its not worth it.
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zeal0us  +   775d ago
They will have the same lifespan the up coming generation as well. This is nothing more than clickbait to get fanboys fighting each other.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   775d ago
@Monday How do you figure that?
thrust  +   775d ago
Newmonday i know loads of gamers that are getting the xbox one on release day, your comment makes no sense!
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theBAWSE  +   775d ago | Well said
key words in this piece 'IN MICROSOFTS OPINION'

can't wait till specs are officially inspected.. if you thought the 180s were hilarious wait till Microsoft PR goes into overdrive to explain the inferior hardware
AngelicIceDiamond  +   775d ago
Lol ohh because Your a extremely hateful closed minded Sony fan just like everyone else is around here.

Yep because Sony fans no eeeevverything.


Despite the title trying to draw the usual negative attention to the X1 of course the PS4 is future proof.

Both consoles are suppose to evolve and grow. So yes the PS4 imo is most definitely future proof.
KingPin  +   775d ago
what newmonday means is that there are people like me who will choose the PS4 at launch but later down the line when the XBone price drops, il buy one to play whatever games are exclusive.

not everyone only buys one console an entire generation and then runs their mouth off to justify their purchase over the other.

make sense now?
NewMonday  +   775d ago

you have to admit, most who will buy the XB1 are doing it out of brand loyalty or getting it as the second console alongside the PS4 because they can afford it.

on it's own merit the XB1 is unappealing right now.


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nukeitall  +   775d ago

"you have to admit, most who will buy the XB1 are doing it out of brand loyalty or getting it as the second console alongside the PS4 because they can afford it."

Ok, based on what?

Last I checked, the Xbox One was sold out everywhere, and heralded in Toy's R'us top items this holiday and Popular Mchanics heralded Xbox One the "Breakthrough Award" for innovation.

Xbox One also has more than twice the number of awards for games released on it's platform shown so far.

"on it's own merit the XB1 is unappealing right now."

To you, being a fangirl of course you are unable to see anything appealing about the Xbox One which is ironic, because not much has been shown about the PS4 innards, features or anything. It has been very much empty talk.

Despite the higher price tag, the Xbox One is sold out at most retailers and has been for months now.
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thrust  +   775d ago
Am getting the xbox one first because am online gamer and xbox live with azure:)

i like the features like snap aswell!

and i can afford it :) in fact when it is only £50 difference that nothin now a days in my eyes it a meal out.
NewMonday  +   775d ago

sums up your mentality
Mr_Writer85  +   775d ago
''which is ironic, because not much has been shown about the PS4 innards, features or anything. It has been very much empty talk.''

Wow have you been hiding under a rock?

Remote Play
Being able to play whilst downloading
Streaming you games to friends
The share buttons
The dualshock 4
The Playstation app

Id say that's a list of features. And they have all been shown in some form or another.
vulcanproject  +   775d ago
I actually think these consoles will have a short lifespan. Well, shorter than the 8 years of Xbox 360.

If the world's economy has managed to recover a little bit more in 5 years then I think they will consider refreshing their machines sooner.

I'll also bet when they do whatever they replace PS4 with it'll run PS4's games again in backwards compatibility, because its such a straight forward design.
KYU2130  +   775d ago
@ nukeitall,

both consoles are sold out!!! Now tell me how do you justify handing out awards for games that haven't even been released yet(this goes for both consoles)? you can't justify that can you? outside of devs and reviewers nobody has really played the games. So that point in my opinion is rather stupid.

everything else you said holds some water.

As for TrU, you see how well showing support for one console worked out for a retailer. From a retail perspective you never side with any one vendor especially in electronics.
sonarus  +   775d ago
How can it be future proof when its struggling in the present. Its not like the ESram is the cell that developers don't know how to utilize it was already present in Xb360. Sure it might be future proof for entertainment purposes and hell maybe even the cloud will help push it over the edge in the future but i am still very skeptical of this and will have to wait and see. Regardless i will still get an Xb1 simply because I can afford it but i will wait to see if i can get one without kinnect
danswayuk  +   775d ago
Couldn't agree more, although the reviews after both machines launch will be interesting.
MysticStrummer  +   775d ago
"i know loads of gamers that are getting the xbox one on release day"

That's cool. I know no one in real life who wants an XB1, and only one person on my friend list. We'll see whose anecdotal evidence turns out to be more accurate.

I'd say my "One person will buy XB1" results will be inaccurate, and I guess your vague "loads of people will buy XB1" results could go either way depending on how you define "loads", but I have a feeling PS4 will have a sizable lead in worldwide sales, and might even lead in the US.

I didn't watch the video, but if they're talking about the cloud, then XB1 isn't future proof any more than PS4 is. The world's internet connection isn't fast enough to make a difference yet. When consoles go completely cloud based, or close to it, then they will be more truly future proof.

Both consoles will have about the same lifespan again. That will be more for business reasons than tech reasons, and both lifespans will most likely be shorter than the PS3/360 generation.
fullymoated  +   775d ago
LOL @ Sony fanboys saying there is no appeal to an X1. Anyone who likes online shooters and does not care for single-player is all over the X1. Best place to play online, it has early content for a lot of the major shooters, it has a more powerful online service with more bells and whistles, and it has a little game called TITANFALL. LMAO at people saying it has NO appeal. I feel bad for mature Sony fans out there that follow this site. The fanboys on this site make Sony fans look EXTREMELY immature. Worse than the "COD Kiddies"

Titanfall + Gears + Halo + early content + free dedicated servers for all devs. Versus Killzone. I'm sorry, but where is the draw for PS4 online shooters? I will await any response listing why a shooter fan would buy a PS4... ... ...
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fullymoated  +   775d ago
Hundreds of PS fanboys on this site at all times, shooting down everything X1 related.. you ask a simple question about why PS4 is the preferred console for the online shooter space, and they have nothing to say.
scott182  +   775d ago
Future proof, are they talking about the magical cloud compute that can do simple CPU (not GPU) calculations for online play? Pretty sure any worldwide cloud structure could do that anyways...That's great that it's free to use but how does that make it future proof in any way?

It goes both ways, xbox fanboys used to troll by the thousands now there just aren't so many, they are going the way of the buffalo. I have been using this site for years. P.S. It is called an opinion to think of a platform as a preferred space for any game. Sony had fantastic online shooters last gen, and they will continue to have great shooters. Kinda sounds like a troll comment anyways.
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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   775d ago
Lol at the Sony faithful comments. The X1 has the better overall launch line up.. How can it not have something interesting at launch? PS4 has KZ and a bunch of iPad games.

So interesting to see all the Pro Sony people on here have so many bubbles and the pro X1 people like me with way less bubbles.

it's very telling. I have no idea how Jokes on You keeps his bubbles so high.. He must have an inside friend on here! I want him as a friend to Jokes on You!
PiperMCFierceson   775d ago | Spam
Sono421  +   775d ago
The only people getting the Xbox One are idiotic Bandwagoning American's (I myself am American to be clear)

They are also getting it because that's all they know (they previously owned 360's because the 360 dominated here in america).. if they actually educated themselves and looked into the pros and cons of each console they could save themselves $100 and get a better console.. but sadly.. they're just too ignorant.. literally.

All the other countries are smart enough to get a PS4.. and the fact that in the UK the Xbox comes with fifa and they are STILL choosing the PS4... that says alot :o
fullymoated  +   775d ago
@scott182 – Thank you for the response. But between you and the 5 disagrees you haven’t listed reasons for a shooter fan to get a PS4. Maybe Sono421 and newmonday could fill in some PS4 reasons below? Although I highly doubt they are up to the challenge.

-Early content
-Free dedicated servers for all devs

scott182  +   775d ago
Well seeing as how Sony has a first party shooter being released at launch and X1 doesn't that is a great reason, with many more down the road. Gears of war is not a first person shooter, it is in the category of third person, and Uncharted absolutely destroys it with online, so does the Last of us. Plus Titanfall could very well be multiplat down the line, that is something to consider. Also Sony has Planetside 2 (which is an awesome online shooter) and warframe coming to the ps4. Also the Order looks amazing, just amazing and it could very well have multiplayer.

Killzone SF (coming out at launch) and many people like it more than Halo.
Uncharted/TLoU > Gears of war
Planetside 2/Warframe massive online shooters coming to ps4.
and we all know Titanfall is on multiple consoles and very likely could come to the ps4.
Not saying I even really care... Sony will have all the needed dedicated server power plus the best games, that's why it's the best for online shooters. That's my opinion to answer your question.

X1 has free dedicated servers, Sony will have worldwide Dediated servers as well to match with Openstack and we have no idea on pricing policies, all we have to go by is how well Sony already has worked with devs and how much they love them, i'm sure Sony will be good about dedicated server pricing.
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fullymoated  +   775d ago
@Scott182 - THANK YOU! Wow, a mature PS fan, i never thought i'd see the day on N4G. We have different preferences on what you listed and that's all good. Have a good day sir, have fun with the PS4!
scott182  +   775d ago
You too good sir!
Kleptic  +   775d ago
^could anyone please show me were this 'free dedicated servers' stuff is coming from??? serious request...

We're all fully aware that its not free for us...its not free for the people that play the have to have a gold subscription to use these 'free servers'...and luckily Sony followed the same 'pay for the internet twice' path that MS paved almost 10 years the only free place left to get dedicated equipment to play multiplayer games on is, once again, PC...

so its free for developers? I highly doubt that...its wrapped up in a license developers have to purchase to even have content available on xbl to begin with...

i think the only significance i'm seeing is that xbox cloud thing now has a unified bank of dedicated servers that any willing publisher can rent...and will be used on 1st party content as well...having dedicated servers on any multiplayer game is awesome, and glad they did that...

but none of this is 'free' from what i'm seeing...and if it is free, it sure as hell isn't free to the users of this why would this in any way be a benefit? I mean, yeah, i guess we're all helplessly wishing for Activision and EA to save some money because times are so tough, right?
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Boody-Bandit  +   775d ago
I feel like every day on N4G is groundhog day. I can't wait until both of these systems are a year in and the dust settles. Kind of tired of the PR spin over drive machine. I just want to see what these consoles are truly capable of and what the games will look and play like.
Kingthrash360  +   775d ago
its gettin sadder and sadder.
x1 was rushed and for them to say.....y'know what... never mind. im not gunna comment on such bs. 28 days for my ps4, im tired of this pr sh!t...they think gamers are idiots. yes we are loyal...some too loyal. but im out.
boneso82  +   775d ago
Haha nice! Look at fullymoated comments above. He says that the X1 is just for online shooters, of the 3 he listed as exclusives:

Titanfall, no release date
Halo, no release date
Gears of war, no game announced

He also made the comment of all 3 vs killzone, killzone is a launch title for PS4, what launch shooters are available for X1? Oh that's right the multiplat ones. If your buying a $500 console just to play online shooters then I feel sorry for you for missing out on some amazing games just because they involve a bit more than point and shoot.

And then you donfreezer below, completely disagree with his xbot comments by saying X1 is all about variety. Crazy world we live in...
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DonFreezer  +   775d ago
Totally agree. I like variety in my games and I will take Killzone over Killer Instinct , Ryse , Dead Rising 3 and Project Sparks. Shut your mouth ps fantrolls. At least Major Nelson has a life and does not spend half of his day trolling a piece of electronics that he's not going to get anyway.
awesomeperson  +   775d ago
Oh the irony in that comment.
DevilishSix  +   775d ago
I must be in the no Freeze zone.
Magicite  +   775d ago
Nelson is a clown.
n4rc  +   775d ago
I can't tell if your being sarcastic...

You like variety in your games so killzone is what your picking over a game like project spark?

MysticStrummer  +   775d ago
@n4rc - Yeah that's sarcasm, but he's ignoring the history of these two companies, which says that Sony's console will be the place for variety throughout the generation, while MS's console will start strong and then fade.
n4rc  +   775d ago
Dunno how i missed that... Lol.. Pretty obvious now that i reread it..But cmon.. If history is to repeat itself, Sony isn't in for an easy ride either.. Things changes, companies learn from mistakes.

Besides.. People put too much weight into exclusives... If Microsoft hasn't supported 360 in years, what the hell have I been playing all this time? Other then the most popular games released in that time lol
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scott182  +   775d ago
I don't know what point you're trying to make but Killzone is one game, great looking game at that. But there is a ton of variety coming to the PS4. Drive club, knack, massive online shooters, creative indies. Plus by the time Project sparks comes out we will probably know what Media Molecule is up to.... The original "play, create, share"
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Blackdeath_663  +   775d ago
HOLY SHIT "x1 isn't even now proof, let alone future proof." when i read the title that is exactly what i said to my self
soljah  +   775d ago
microsoft and the power of ddr3. yep future proof
FrigidDARKNESS  +   775d ago
The ddr3 ism't your normal DDR3. It's design by a company named Micron Technology that is responsible for the Hybrid Memory Cube.
Microsoft is a silent partner and investor to the company.
BlackTar187  +   775d ago
Frigids main information comes from MisterX blog that has a success rate of around 3.2%
DoesUs  +   775d ago
They are not the quickest of modules either.
Magicite  +   775d ago
I heard X1 is also bulletproof.
KYU2130  +   775d ago
As thick as it is, thats probably true!!!!
BallsEye  +   775d ago
I enjoyed that interview and they showed off some awesome features. Can't we have one damn article without you retards spreading hate? You don't like the XBOX ONE? You don't plan to buy it ? then GET THE F OUT OF HERE! Most of your comments don't even make any sense...You are such sad little creatures rubbing each others butts to feel better about your nothing better to do in your life?

There should be a gamertag check on this site before you post so retards saying " I own all but this console sucks bla bla" wouldn't be able to post in section they don't belong to.
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Angeljuice  +   775d ago
The title says the XB1 is future proof and questions whether the PS4 is. Bringing PS4 into the conversation legitimises any Sony fans comments and makes yours sound stupid/ill placed.
#1.7.1 (Edited 775d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(5) | Report
MysticStrummer  +   775d ago
Calm down. PS4 is in the title. It's not like people are bringing up PS4 out of nowhere. There are articles for both consoles where your complaint is valid, but this isn't one of them.
BallsEye  +   775d ago
Yea you're right, ps4 is in the title and I agree that I kind of overdid it there but it's a known fact that situation would be just the same no matter if there is ps4 in the title or not and that's probably why I automatically reacted that way :P.
Gozer  +   775d ago
The X1 offers more than the ps4 its that simple. Voice control, voice recognition, motion control, Smartmatch, a revamped online reputation system, "Snap" mode, the cloud which includes dedicated servers for all X1 games, and game improvements via the cloud, and IR blaster to control your whole home theatre system through the X1, rumble triggers in the controller, better exclusives like Ryse,Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5, Forza 5, and the award winning Titanfall.

The cloud will prove to be a huge advantage for the X1. Dedicated servers for all games is a big deal that some try to play "me too" or downplay all together. Anyone that enjoys online gaming should be considering the X1.As Live will continue to be the best online gaming service for the 3rd gen in a row.

With the PS4, you are essentially getting the PS3.5.
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yellowgerbil  +   775d ago
with a PS4 you are simply getting an xbox2 as opposed to the X1 which can only do your "better" exclusives at 720-900p.
you speak of features
touch pad
built in battery
6asis and motion controls
share button
... that is all just in the controller, don't even get me started on the system itself
MysticStrummer  +   775d ago
Are you aware that you listed things PS4 does too?

You also listed opinions, PR BS, and blatant misinformation as facts.

You mixed in a little truth though, so bravo for that. That's textbook manipulation technique.
Pekka  +   775d ago
A lot of those can be done with PS4 too (some even with PS3). Voice control, voice recognition, motion control etc are also on PS4. And cloud gaming isn't that hard to add on PS4 too. Why would it be when it has been on PC many years? Ok, servers cost a lot but that is the only limit.

MS doesn't own cloud gaming, anyone can create cloud for gaming. MS didn't create cloud gaming, it has been around for years on PC. Sure, gaming on cloud hasn't been mostly that popular but it has still existed long before MS announced X1.

And you can't say X1-exclusive are better than PS4-games when nobody has even played any of them (even Titanfall awards were only based on demos, no reviewer has played complete Titanfall). All you have seen are trailers and even trailers are not shown on X1, they are shown on PC. But this applies to both PS4 and X1 games, practically all games on both consoles are not shown on consoles so far. So I don't trust any trailers, you can never tell good game from bad game with just a trailer. Good game can have bad trailer while bad game can have good trailer. There are a lot of examples from both.
WarThunder  +   775d ago
"The X1 offers more than the ps4 its that simple"

The only difference is that with the X1 you get all features behind a pay wall.

"better exclusives like Ryse,Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5, Forza 5, and the award winning Titanfall. "

Better exclusives? Really? You played all these games?

Hmm lets see what the PS4 has to offer:

- Killzone Shadow fall
- Knack
- The order 1886
- Infamous: Second Son
- DeepDown
- War Thunder
- Yakuza Ishin
- PlanetSide 2
- WarFrame
- The Witness
- Blacklight retribution
- Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
- MLB 14: The Show
- Resogun
- Shadow of the Beast
- DC Universe Online
- DayZ
- Primal Carnage: Genesis

"With the PS4, you are essentially getting the PS3.5."

Really? Thats why All PS4 exclusives are 1080p. While Most X1 exclusives are 720p and 900p

I think with the X1 your getting a Xbox 180.
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dethpuck  +   775d ago
That is exactly why I'm more hyped for Xbox . That and my friends form live will carryover. We are all getting battlefield. Ps4 is just more of the same. I'll get it in a few months when second son comes out.
kparks  +   775d ago
Its future proof so this is the last system Microsoft is gonna make then? Does anyone actually believe there PR BS at this point?
mrpsychoticstalker  +   775d ago
its sad to know Sony annoying fan boys took over N4G, years ago all articles were much more interesting. I believe MS has the advantage in the future, their plans are always on the long term. Sony's ps4 is a great machine with great capabilities but it just doesn't have the power and reliability the Network of MS has and will continue to have with the Cloud.
GigaHard   775d ago | Spam
PoSTedUP  +   775d ago
theyre asking if the ps4 is future proof. LOL!

h-hey, haha, hey Sony! is the ps- bahaha, is the ps4 f-future proof!? XD

#2 (Edited 775d ago ) | Agree(50) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Narutone66  +   775d ago
XB1 is "Beta-tested in the Future" as the slogan goes. That means when it is released in the near future, gamers will be beta testing it. That must have been what CBoat's message was in NeoGaf that XB1 is not ready for 2013 release.
Kryptix  +   774d ago
lol That slogan rings true because of a reported problem with the Xbox One drivers.

It's crazy how everything pieces together across time and Xbox fanboys still deny it.
Volkama  +   775d ago
I know right? Hilarious question, of course it is not future proof! Nobody knows what the future will bring!

That's what you're getting at right?
Majin-vegeta  +   775d ago
This guy for real??
InMyOpinion  +   775d ago
He doesn't know what to say anymore. Trying to find escape plans lol.
shivvy24  +   775d ago
Escape Plan - I see what u did there
BrianG  +   775d ago
Nothing is future proof when it comes to technology.

There will always be something better, more powerful, or more efficient.

This will be proven when the Xbox Two (for lack of better name) comes out in however many years.

*By the way, in the interview no one said the Xbox One was "Future Proof"*
#4 (Edited 775d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   775d ago
900p games but they keep talking shit. SMH!
GigaHard   775d ago | Spam
AceBlazer13  +   775d ago
We don't even know if the Xbox one is gonna last a day of constant gaming.The company that had such a high failure rate on their second console is definitely who I would bet on for future proofing.

Lol,that had to he one of the most hilarious titles I ever read.
PopRocks359  +   775d ago
Future proof? When a console is released the hardware never changes for that particular model. Unless both consoles can be upgraded, I don't see how either can be considered future proof.
Thehyph  +   775d ago
Also, cloud services available at launch are not the ones we're stuck with for the duration.
Goro  +   775d ago
Well he's obviously going to say something like this when he's a high up Xbox employee
GTgamer  +   775d ago
Lmao Well this is enough articles for Tonight Good night folks /\(O.O)/\ >(-_-)> \/(-)_(-)\/
Shuyin  +   775d ago
MultiConsoleGamer  +   775d ago
You can't really say that any console is "future proof" because it's fixed hardware from day one. Anyone who says otherwise is just blowing smoke up your ass.
TrevorPhillips  +   775d ago
moving along...
danswayuk  +   775d ago
The only way the Xbox One would be future proof would be with upgradable hardware, like adding in a graphics card etc.
EXVirtual  +   775d ago
Nothing is future proof when it comes to tech. Especially consoles that are static after they come out.
JamieL  +   775d ago
I know right? "Future proof", doesn't mean a thing... unless Sony says it.
EXVirtual  +   775d ago
How did you get the idea that I think the PS4 is future proof. I didn't even mention Sony. But the PS4 isn't future proof anyway. Nothing is.
JamieL  +   775d ago
I know I could have been a little clearer with that comment. I didn't mean it against you particularly, just the general attitude of this site. This wasn't meant to be an attack on you, or even what you posted. I guess I could have put more thought into it before I posted, or posted it on a more “radical” comment. Sorry for coming off aggressive towards you, my only point was when the PS3 was “future proof” it was accepted and screamed from the rooftops by the Sony conglomeration, but now that’s not even possible to do. I agree with you 100%, but I just hate the double standard from a certain group’s on this site. (I’m not saying you’re in that group)
insomnium2  +   775d ago

How in the hell can a GROUP of people have double standards? Have you tried asking an individual person for his/her opinion or are you just generalizing so you are able to say bad things about Sony fans? You wouldn't do that now would you?

I challenge you to find a double standard from my comment history for example.
JamieL  +   775d ago
@ insom
Ok, just act like you have no clue what I'm talking about. I know generalizations like that couldn’t possibly be made on N4G right? If we just pretend it doesn't exist, it doesn't right? Yea, that tactic works so well for the US government why not you too?

Look I’m not going to get into a debate with someone who’s mind is already clearly made up, there’s no point, but don’t act like what I’m saying is just inconceivable, and completely unreal/untrue.
insomnium2  +   774d ago

Show me the double standards then. Who has them. I need an individual person.

Hell give me even an example of what you mean in more detail.

The only thing from these comments is that future proof thing and that is by all accounts true. PS3 had HDMI,replaceable standard HDD,3D gaming and a BD drive all built in from day one. The hw is capable of all those things no matter when you bought it afaik.

As comparison X360 didn't have HDMI or BD drive or even standard HDD. Even 3D is not the same iirc and the HDD's are proprietary and not all that big. Many games came on how many DVD's?

Yeah it's quite safe to say that PS3 was future proof and that x360 as sure as hell wasn't. These are all just facts so there's absolutely nothing to argue about here.
JamieL  +   774d ago
Show them to you? Nope sorry don't have time to look all that up, but a quick example, which I'm sure you were part of is how the PS3 crew was screaming "future proof" to the world, now those very same folks are here saying "that's impossible", that my friend is a double standard. You can go back to your fantasy world now, I have no desire to debate you any further, like I said before your minds made up, and I would get through to a brick wall before you would ever see reason, or reality for that matter.
insomnium2  +   774d ago
"a quick example, which I'm sure you were part of is how the PS3 crew was screaming "future proof" to the world, now those very same folks are here saying "that's impossible"

If only you would provide some kind of actual proof and not just hide behind "I'm sure you were". For example I have said that PS3 was future proof and I have NOT said "that's impossible". Your claim is therefore debunked on my part. No hypocrisy here but hey since I've all made up my mind you can categorize me into "fanboys" and with that you get a good night sleep.

You are such a CLOWN. Keep running your mouth with no substance though. It's good entertainment.

P.S. I just reread the first convo we had by PM's and it truly is amazing how quickly you changed from a level headed person who was recovering from a motorcycle accident into your current form. Truly a sad story. smh.
#12.1.7 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
PS4isKing_82  +   775d ago
Xbox one is future proof? Still uses batteries for the controller, looks like a 1980's VCR, ya sure it's future proof all right............... If this were still 1980.
Hanso  +   775d ago
yep lol
n4rc  +   775d ago
Ya.. The Italic VCR is so much more forwarding thinking ;)

And its funny how my $600 cell phone uses a removable battery.. So does my keyboard, mouse, every remote etc.. Pretty much every battery powered device i own.. Except my old iphone with the *gasp* dead battery..
Kryptix  +   774d ago
You must own a Walkman then since you're still living in that old tech era. lol

Funny how I own an expensive phone with a removable battery, too and it's been 1 year of recharging but still works like new.

Would of been nice to have a similar removable slim battery for the Xbox One controller but nope, still with tech from the 90s.
corvusmd  +   775d ago
Getting juiced!!! Almost just a month away...I've never been this excited for a console release ever...I didn't even get either my XB360 or PS3 on day one last time....
Bolts  +   775d ago
So according to this video Xbox One is future proof because of Kinect and Smart Glass. Can't do 1080p, but future proof because of Kinect can tell who is holding the controller...
cunnilumpkin  +   775d ago
if you consider sub-1080p and jaggies next gen, then ok, yeah....

if you want 1080p, 1200p, 1440p, 1600p, 4k, eyefinity

4x, 8x, 12x, 16x anti aliasing

60-120 frames

3d for nearly every game

multiple input options

free mods to last a lifetime

that's only on pc, where its always next gen

ps4/xbox1 are last gen by pc standards, already, very, very outdated
Bolts  +   775d ago
Console is when last gen becomes nextgen because tech from 3 years ago are hitting the street today.
EXVirtual  +   775d ago
C'mon man. Do you really hate consoles that much? And to be honest, 4K is almost a waste of money, at the moment. When gaming takes a full transition into 4K, then it'll be a more feasible investment. The point is the XBO is not future proof. It is a next-gen console though.
cunnilumpkin  +   775d ago
you said that about 1080p/60frames last gen

its just that console is always a gen behind

I want the best now, that's why I game on pc #1 and consoles next

sure, i'll grab a ps4/xbox1 eventually

certainly not at launch, no games, over priced, weak, unrealiable hardware etc.
JackISbacK  +   775d ago
you are having a good point .
Insomnia_84  +   775d ago
This piece wouldn't have been complete without one of you PC elitist.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   775d ago
ohh don't be jealous mrFanboy
johndoe11211  +   775d ago
All those high resolutions and frame rates and yet most of your pc exclusives are forgetable.
tr00p3r  +   775d ago
"Hey everyone... the console is future proof, but just give us a little while longer on Ryse guys!.."
Goku781  +   775d ago
Do not be afraid my children, the Xbox One will still be allowed to exist in the shadow of the PS4. But future belongs to PS4. Do not resist, embrace the future that is PS4.
JackISbacK  +   775d ago
hey just tell tell me what magic sony has done on you.does graphics realy that much metter i think you use to only look graphics rather then playing games ,bot will consoles will have good graphics but its true ps4 ca show sittle better graphics but still games will look god on both ,so your day will not ruin and with xbox they are providing you every thing as binus with games and their focus is still to make a good gaming console .
WeAreLegion  +   775d ago
When Shadow of the Colossus came out and the graphics weren't as good as Halo 2, do you really think any of us gave a crap? No. The best games speak for themselves. And Sony games sure do love talking.
#18.1.1 (Edited 775d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report
Kryptix  +   774d ago
Even if all of us accepted the fact that graphics don't matter in making a great exclusive, thing is...Playstation exclusives not only outnumber Xbox exclusives but also outshine them in quality.

I'm not just talking about Uncharted or God of War. It's those lesser known/played games still nevertheless great like Heavy Rain or Tales of Xillia. Playstation has the advantage of more variety.

Sony not only has more exclusives but better hardware. About entertainment or apps? I really don't care since I'm a gamer first but anything that enhances my gaming experience that isn't a gimmick is well accepted though.

Microsoft better step up with more exclusive IPs than just 4 or 5 for 7-8 years because they don't have a one year head start anymore.
matrixman92  +   775d ago
ps4 isnt future proof, neither is xbone...or wii u...or PC. Everything will need to be upgraded at some point in the future
Inception  +   775d ago
Xbox one is future proof? How's that possible? Xbox one already discontinued by microsoft in 2007/08 :P
tr00p3r  +   775d ago
There's always one...
Inception  +   774d ago
The one and only...neo :P
Shinox  +   775d ago
What are you guys expecting , he is marketing this crap i mean look at his face , isn't that "future proof" $$$$ !?
joel_c17  +   775d ago
MS are really stepping up the sony bashing - getting pretty desperate now
Godmars290  +   775d ago
How are they bashing Sony?

Trying or actively ignoring that Vita remote play is a better option than smartglass, but that's it.
robotgargoyle  +   775d ago
It's true that the Vita's functionality with PS4 integration is better, but everybody owns smartphones. Not everybody has vitas. I downloaded Smartglass app the other night, all I can say, "well, it works". Have to see more game integration with it's 2nd screen capabilities.

Not to mention extras you need to get the "full" ps4 experience- pseye $60.00, psvita-$250, psvitatvdevice-???. "They're optional", which fanboys will trumpet, but to ME- the extra $100 for the xb1's "full" package is a better deal.
Godmars290  +   775d ago
No. Everyone doesn't own a smartphone or tablet. Everyone doesn't own a compatible smartphone or tablet. Especially not everyone who plans on getting an XB1. It would be foolish to assume that just like it was for MS to assume that everyone interested in their product expected to use them under their strict terms. That assumption is still backfiring on them.

With the Vita at the very least in addition to it playing its own games, you'll know as a fact that you'll be able to smartglass feature as well as remote play PS4 titles.
kornbeaner  +   775d ago
Future proof for a console means something different opposed to other tech. For a console it basically means will it have support, consumers and additions for at least 10 years. To my knowledge only two consoles had active life-spans longer than 10 years. The NES and the PS2, both consoles had games support and newer edition release for 10 years. The 360 is close, but I don't know if it will get many more games than ports after the XBone releases.

Just looking at the consoles the PS4 will always be ahead. At launch price will be lower for the PS4, if the XBone gets a lower price point I see it easy for Sony to match or beat it with a lower price of its own. If Sony can always be lower on price it will sell more, therefore get more support and last longer. I can see the PS4 lasting with excellent support for 10 years. Not sure the same can be said for the XBone.

In 5-6 years the next console will be announced but for Sony it most likely will be an addition to the current line, while for MS the next Xbox will be a replacement, therefore killing the one in the process.

Tech wise both consoles will be obsolete in about a year and a half, but the support they can gather will make them future-proof for the consumer for years to come. If they can gather the support.
#23 (Edited 775d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Stoppokingme  +   775d ago
My mind is still boggling at the term 'future proof'.

M$ is just as guilty of planned obsolescence as most other companies, The Xbone might last for a decade, but you can be sure that M$ don't want you to buy just the one Xbone, just like apple don't want you using the same Iphone for a decade.
Godmars290  +   775d ago
Given how future proofed the Xbox 360 was, what with the launch consoles not even having HDMI let alone failing to go with HD-DVD, MS is going to need six months to prove that they've prepared anything for the XB1.

Frankly I expect their overestimation of software and underestimation of hardware to show itself again. If it hasn't already by reports.

Also outright hate that to get basic performance for the damn thing, be it SP or MP or using media features, you have to pay more. How MS literally has mentally glossed over and have no comprehension of that shortcoming.

And F**k: not having to use Kinect, being able to unplug it, was something which outright pissed off gamers. Was something MS was forced to do. Now they're acting like it was their idea.

Also: people actually want their games calling them up when they can't play them? Review stats and set up friend's play sessions on smartglass? The PS4 doesn't outright does that sort of thing better with Vita remote play?
#25 (Edited 775d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
SaulGoodman  +   775d ago
Who can disagree with this....who would want an all digital gaming frontier when you can't resell the games. I know for a fact having physical copies of games is a greater value then buying digital because of resale value. Therefore physical copies of media will never ever go away. Period, end of story right?
kornbeaner  +   775d ago
I will disagree because there are variables to what you are stating. At $60, yes I want my games on a disc that I can either share, sell or keep if so inclined to do so. But I am a very big fan of Steam and their crazy Summer and Winter sales. I picked up Dishonored for $10, fallout: new vegas for $5, bought Hitman: Absolution for a friend for $7 (special edition), Sleeping dogs with some DLC for $8, a complete version of Deux Ex: Human revolution for $8.

Right there I spent around $40 after. Taxes. Where would I find a great deal like that anywhere. To get the games I got for $40 even if the only thing I can do is keep them, is far cheaper than renting them or buying them then selling them later. At current prices I estimate my savings at around $130. Which is why I don't mind a digital gaming world, as long as I see a benefit to it, such as Steam.

There is always a certain amount of prospective one must use when making a blanket statement. Similar to the free games on PS+ are you going to turn them down just because it's digital only? I didn't and now I have about 20 games just sitting there because I don't have time to play them all. But if that is the only problem I have, I say that's the best problem to have.
LoveOfTheGame  +   775d ago
You know what would be really good? Having a physical copy that could somehow be turned into a digital copy allowing us to have all our games stored on the HDD itself but still allowing us to sell it when we are done with the physical copy.

Oh wait, we could of had that if anyone actually took the time to learn what Xbox One was providing and not believing a bunch of BS rumors.
snake_eater  +   775d ago
I cant believe people already forgot what microshaft tried to do back in May... online requirements, blocking used games, etc

This is pr bull and I will never support this company.
Aceman18  +   775d ago
only here in America does that happen, but i know i will never forget what they tried to pull on us.

only way i would have own an X1 is for someone were to gift it to me. i treat them like i do Apple i will not spend my hard earned money on either of them.

OT both consoles look to last a minimum of 7 yrs to at least 10 it seems.
WitWolfy  +   775d ago
Thats why I'm not ashamed to say I own a JTAG :D
Tooly  +   775d ago
lol i own a dex ps3
coopman300  +   774d ago
Omg why do people act like ms is satan incarnate because of the no used games thing? If it's so bad why is steam so successful? It's because when you take the used game market out of the equation, games get a lot cheaper. I would much rather be able to ditch physical copies altogether if it meant i could get the same deals i get on steam on console. People talk about consumer rights but what about the rights of the developer to make money on their product. Policies like these are a win-win, developers make more profit, we get cheaper and better games.
hiptanaka  +   775d ago
Xbox One future proof? As in chunks of your games will be "offloaded" to the "cloud" and will thus no longer be playable in a few years?

That kind of future proof?
Shake_Zula  +   774d ago
Well, let's be fair here.

MS's future-proof strategy hinged on their initial DRM plans, so that offloading would be a relatively simple process. I'd imagine they will eventually come out with a diskless X1 version at some point to resume that ideal. Problem is that their execs were idiots in marketing that out. In contrast, think about how often you see people actually buy physical PC games.

All in all, MS's network infrastructure is REALLY powerful; way more powerful than what Sony has, but with a weaker client system. Chances are that the X1 "outlives" the PS4, but the PS4 is obviously the smart buy for the next year, maybe two especially when you consider that processor offload to cloud computing is generally still a huge work in progress which in most cases requires at least a 100 Mb pipe.
ANIALATOR136  +   775d ago
aye reet...
manic_maniac  +   775d ago
Cant wait till these two machines come out so they can duke it out for real instead of all this w w e pre match pantomime bs. Both consoles are future proof, "near future" proof. And as for any of the ms policies, kinect and drm seemed to generate most hate, i personally didn't even blink.
Just gimme the games. Lol.
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