Halo Wars BETA on its way ?

Some guys have found a pair of lucky gamers that are currently enjoying the rewards of the Halo Wars Alpha version. For those that don't know Alpha comes before BETA and BETA is usually the version that is released to the public in some form or another...

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chaosatom3333861d ago

is bungie making this?

If not, then why is there a halo in the name?

toughNAME3861d ago

Bungie and Ensemble are making this. Those 2 studios working on the same game is enough to realize this could be an AMAZING game

Mr PS33861d ago

Yeah and whats your point ?

You see that announcment doesn't get you all exited

Not like when we all heard Metal gear online beta was on its way

GiantEnemyCrab3861d ago

Yes, let's listen to someone called Mr.PS3 to judge the reaction of 360 owners to the possibility of getting to play yet ANOTHER beta before this game get's released. I've got the chance to play so many beta's online with my 360 that I've lost track of how many there are now. Enjoy MGO because that looks like all your getting.

Ensemble + Bungie could equal one hell of a game.

I am excited and you are a fishhead.

Fishy Fingers3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Which ones where free?? Or didn't require purchase in some way or another?

ravinshield3860d ago

wow first beta u girls ever get and u feel like ur the sh!t..

Fishy Fingers3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Hope it runs smoother than the MGO beta.

Admittedly though, the demand will not be as high with Halo wars.

green3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Sweet.never really played a RTS ,so what better game to introduce me into this genre than Halo Wars

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