Bungie's Dave Dunn Talks Destiny Development: Art, Space, Design vs Gameplay and More - AusGamers

AusGamers had a chance to have a very, very long chat with Bungie's Dave Dunn who serves as head of art for Bungie, about their forthcoming and hotly anticipated space shooter, Destiny.

In the interview, they talk about everything from who sets the design and art parameters within the team, what they're all playing, designing gameplay for the Moon and Mars, interiors and exteriors, dealing with hardcore Bungie fans and functionality versus out-of-this-world fiction to the inclusion of a much-needed "Undo" button on their world builder.

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LEOPARD10301679d ago

Thanks Bungie to bring Halo's magic to PS systems :)

voodoogts1679d ago

I'm glad Bungie and Metal Gear are now multi plat :)