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Sony increases PS3 price by $25-30 USD in Asia

When other consoles are going down in price by as much as $100 in some regions, Sony has increased the price of the Playstation 3 in Hong Kong by over $25 USD, with absolutely no explanation. In Singapore, the price went up by $30 USD. Other Asian Playstation sites do not list their MSRPs.

There are no bundles to speak of, no new SKUs, or anything like that. Just a blatant price increase. (PS3)

PS360WII  +   2353d ago
huh how do you like that. Must be selling well for a price increase
Drekken  +   2353d ago
It isnt selling as good as they would want it to. Japan sales have been down last couple months. Maybe someone did a typo, lol!
sonarus  +   2353d ago
yea sales in JP have been pretty weak and i am not sure hong kong would be any better
Surfman  +   2353d ago
the PS3 needs more RPGs to sell more in japan
Wildarmsjecht  +   2353d ago
Might be to help combat piracy that hong kong is known for. Higher price points leads to deterrant from would be modders/pirates who wouldnt wanna risk losing all that money they spent just for internet fame and the POSSIBILITY to play unbought games.
lowlight  +   2353d ago
There is no piracy on the PS3 (yet, anyway)
theKiller  +   2353d ago
its simple
the Dollar is is decreasing everyday thats why they increase ps3 price!
Wildarmsjecht  +   2353d ago
I know the ps3 hasnt been hacked yet, but why wait till it is to do something about it? We already know people are starting to access and do things to the ps3 that might in the future lead to it being modded.
Bladestar  +   2353d ago
If you are getting a PS3 better get it now... this may be due to blu-ray winning the format war.. there are reports of blu-ray players becoming more expensive since there are is competition... And the PS3 is also a blu-ray player..
hokis4ever  +   2353d ago
cmrbe  +   2353d ago
Actually that might actually be the reason. I can't think of any other reason why there would be a price increase unless this false info. To those that disagreed. The PS3 is ALSO a blu-player.
heyheyhey  +   2353d ago
more expensive? because of MORE competition?

ok then

anyway the PS3 is not in direct competition with those players, its treated as a games console (which it should be)

most people who buy it are gamers anyway, despite what some people might say
Frnicatr  +   2353d ago
Who cares? The PS3 launched as $659.99 in Canada, but 3 months later it was up to $699.99.
Ali_The_Brit  +   2353d ago
and now we sit and wait for stupid fanboys to make there stupid comments..
heyheyhey  +   2353d ago
Sir Ken Kutaragi 1  +   2353d ago
It's BURNING SOO BRIGHT...No not the Sun, my xBox 360 is on FIRE!!! ;-D
I told everyone it was to Cheap!!! ;-D
I'd rather spend more, than buy a piece of cr*p that don't last more than 5 minutes(Wonder what Console i'm talking about!!!)
Google - RRoD+FIRE!!! ;-D
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TheEndzor  +   2353d ago
Even if they raised it by a $100USD

people will still buy the ps3
RealTimeWeaponChange  +   2353d ago
yes. ppl are dumb. i agree.
polow got sol  +   2353d ago
I thought it was supposed to be "play beyond" not pay beyond".
heyheyhey  +   2353d ago
these spins on Sony's PR catchphrase are getting less funnier by the minute
heyheyhey  +   2353d ago

it was too cheap in Hong Kong anyway, made us Europeans feel jealous

seriously it was £125 cheaper in Hong Kong than in the UK at launch and then the sneaky b@astards had the nerve to put them up on eBay for £2000 or some BS like that

now they its their turn to suck it and pay more

anyway this is nothing major
Mr Marbles  +   2353d ago
has got to be the only company that actually increases the price of its electronic products, instead of decreasing them, first bluray now the PS3!!!

How can a company get away with being so anti-consumer?
MURKERR  +   2353d ago
you getaway with being so anti-intelligent

and bladestar i actually agree with you if it aint a typo it must be because blu-ray won,sony are idiots if they are doing this
heyheyhey  +   2353d ago
the only company eh?

this is a local thing to correct regional financial problems

if Sony increased the price significantly on a global scale it would a whole different story
Mr Marbles  +   2353d ago
are in the wrong zone troll, reported. That insult was off topic and uncalled for, no one insulted you, this is about Sony and the consumers, why would you get so emotional towards me?
MURKERR  +   2353d ago
worst troll,i see you so many times trolling,especially when there wasnt a open zone,2007 was you at your most worst,and frankly im sick of it,you have been worst than zhuck,the mart the lot of them
Avto  +   2353d ago
hell if I care
Ri0tSquad  +   2353d ago
what the hell?
SMH. Why?
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RealTimeWeaponChange  +   2353d ago
power of Green  +   2353d ago
They have to get the money some how, poor Asains being took advantage of so Sony can earn back some of their free offerings costs and low costs for the console in markets Sony thinks are more important.
TheTerminator  +   2353d ago
ironic moron

americans take advantage of asians every day bye having them make all their crap
Raptors  +   2353d ago
Never really heard of a price increase for consoles before...
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2353d ago
I think Kaz is getting the Krazy Ken virus XD.
sabbath420  +   2353d ago
Thats all I have to say on the subject... HA!
Lumbo  +   2353d ago
prolly a compensation for the horrible dollar value atm.

PS: if you are selling above your sales target in a certain area you can rise the price. Thats the whole point of competition, you set a price you think is competitive and if you see that your price has some reserve to the competitive level you rise it to maximize profits.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2353d ago
No big deal. You will work a second job to buy a POS3 and you will like it.

Obama  +   2353d ago
I can assure you that people in asia don't want the 360.
RealTimeWeaponChange  +   2353d ago
and ppl in amerika don't want a PoS3. we win,
NDN_Shadow  +   2353d ago
Wait, Hong Kong?
You mean a place full of piracy and illegal goods? Wouldn't it be wiser to lower the price there? I can get a pretty high quality "illegal" laptop there for $20.
juuken  +   2353d ago
There must be a reason why they're doing this. Sony wouldn't just increase a price in one reason for no reason at all.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   2353d ago
Wow a price hike? Thats really unexpected.
karlostomy  +   2353d ago
Perhaps It has to do with profit margins?
IS Sony REALLY making profits on its hardware, as reported months ago?

Before you troll me on this legitimate query, consider this article:

Doesn't that prove that SONY is still losing money on its hardware?

If that's the case, then Maybe sony HAD TO increase the price just to cover costs?

Deary me....
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SL1M DADDY  +   2352d ago
It's to compensate for change in currency value.
It's just that simple.

Move along folks, nothing to see here...

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