Who needs triple-A? These 10 next-gen indie games look amazing

With the next generation of consoles almost upon us, GamesBeat lists 10 independent games coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worth keeping an eye on.

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kenthegreat11285d ago

Cosmic Star Heroine is gonna be so good.

triforce791284d ago

There are wiiu indie titles way better what a fanboy article ????? these games were shite..

kalkano1285d ago

Interested in none of those. Of course, the AAA side isn't exactly wowing me, either.

barefootgamer1285d ago

Really? None of them? I can't wait to play Contrast.

Sadie21001285d ago

Contrast is the one I keep hearing about as well. Excited for that one.

PoSTedUP1285d ago

i need tripleA as well as octodad, oddworld, the wittness, transistor, contrast and dont forget outlast! i cant have exremely high standards for games, i would be playing only the must have spectacular ones and that would be very few imo. sorry No Can Do.

FamilyGuy1285d ago

Wow, of these 10 only 1 (Below) is not scheduled for release on the PS4 an I really want that one lol. It looks cool and I really like the concept.

UnHoly_One1285d ago

Yeah I couldn't possibly care about any of those games.

Octodad looks like it could rival some Wii shovelware for the crown of "worst game ever".

DigitalRaptor1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I wonder why the Xbox fantroll who's console of choice isn't getting any indie games until some time in 2014 is hating on a lineup of games, most of which are on PS4, but not Xbox... I mean seriously, you're more excited for the rinse repeat action games of XB1 than any of these original, creative and fun-looking games?

The original freeware version of Octodad was well received because luckily there are actually open-minded people in this world: http://octodad-game.en.soft...

UnHoly_One1284d ago

I'm very sorry you can't just acknowledge that my opinion is different than yours, instead of assuming it is because I'm an Xbot.

I just quite honestly DO NOT LIKE indie games most of the time.

Some of them are fun for like 20 minutes then I never care to play them again.

I prefer AAA games, call me what you will, I just do.

barefootgamer1285d ago

Familyguy, Below is supposedly a timed exclusive, so you still have a shot of seeing it on the PS4. :)

RobbyGrob1285d ago

Then what the hell are you doing here anyway?

kalkano1284d ago

Seeing if anything looks good...nothing does.

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jounceman1285d ago

Some solid ones and not so solid ones in there. The retro esque titles don't pique my interest. Oddworld, Transistor, Ray's the Dead and The Witness get my vote.

PoSTedUP1285d ago

yeah very few retro style indie games get my vote, but there are few. lone survivor, dragon fantasy bookII, man if they remade toejamnearl funkotron game that would be the dopest imo

barefootgamer1285d ago

I'm currently replaying Lone Survivor on Vita. It's a great little game.

Raistlinhawke1285d ago

Always been a big fan of Octodad, can't wait for Dadliest Catch!

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The story is too old to be commented.