‘Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix’ and other 2013 PS3 JRPGs discounted

Amazon has discounted several Japanese role-playing games for the Playstation 3 that were released earlier this year.

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FamilyGuy1858d ago

That was fast, Kindom Hearts hasn't even been out all that long.

Ni no kuni has been $20 for a few months now, even at walmart and on the PS Store.

InTheZoneAC1858d ago

does kingdom hearts now come with a standard case? I can't stand the limited edition case that's about 40% bigger than every other bluray case.

RTheRebel1858d ago

Limited Edition is a terribad case.

rainslacker1858d ago

Amazon has the limited edition and standard edition seperated on their product page. Right now the LE is only through private sellers. If you get the LE case though, amazon is pretty good about returns...or you could sell it on ebay for twice the price you pay for it.