Check Out Two PS4 (and Driveclub) Demo Setups That Have Very Little Blue in Them

Starting today demo stations for the PS4 are appearing at select retailers beginning with Sony Stores, but the first few pictures that are surfacing are quite different from the blue/grey color scheme showcased on the official PlayStation blog. The recurring color, at least at the locations pictured, seem to be red.

They do look quite sleek though.

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malokevi932d ago

a little green wouldn't hurt.



Majin-vegeta932d ago

Why would I wanna look at throw up when i'm playing the PS4??

malokevi932d ago

Because that egg-salad sandwich isn't sitting quite right?

Xsilver932d ago

what it really needs is less trolling :)

_QQ_932d ago

@majin vegeta, so no Uncharted 4 for you then?

PoSTedUP932d ago

its blue, if it was green it would die.

evilhasitsway932d ago

would have been funny if sony did put some green lights in instead of blue just to piss ms off even more. ant like they got copy rights on the color green.

DigitalRaptor932d ago

How about a shade of green that looks nice? I'd be down for that.

Anything but slime green.

malokevi932d ago

If there was an award show for disagreed, I'd be the top nomination in every category.

Sweet, sweet serenity.

tuglu_pati931d ago

Very nice! i really like the clean look with the white background.

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Abriael932d ago

IMHO, it looks sexier than the demo stations on the official PS Blog. I like that color scheme.

black0o932d ago

i think with different retailers we may see a lot different color schemes

Abriael932d ago

blac0o: that's probable, but those are official Sony stores.

s8anicslayer932d ago

Sony used that color to go for the real look and feel of a living room.

BoriboyShoGUN932d ago

At Sony stores?? I am on my way!!!!!!!!!

lilbrat23932d ago

Blue my fav color and it's better then Green :-)

BallsEye931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

How is it working? Consoles are not on , no blue light on them...

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joeyisback932d ago

Cant wait to try out the demo's :-D

cellfluid932d ago

As that time approaches the temptations increase substantially.. Greatness is nigh!!

thomas_n932d ago

Anyone knows the model of this tv???

fOrlOnhOpe57932d ago

Sony Bravia W905 most likely with Sonys Triluminos Colour system.

WeAreLegion932d ago

It says my local Best Buy has a demo unit, but I'm skeptical. Going there after work.

WeAreLegion932d ago

I did. They said they had it. I went in there. They didn't have it. -_-

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