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Submitted by cyguration 772d ago | video

60fps vs 30fps vs 20fps Comparison Using F1 2013

PC Games Hardware "From how many frames per second, smooth game starts? To this question are the ghosts - and has been without the current discussion about faster lap times with higher fps in F1 2013. We compare the smoothness of the basis of this game at 60, 30 and even 20 fps in split-screen video. How do you see the differences in the video?" (F1 2013, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Lalanana  +   772d ago
60fps looks much clearer for sure.
pedrof93  +   772d ago
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GameNameFame  +   772d ago
This is why spec is important.
With weaker spec, you are likely to hit lower rez and lower frame rate.

Also, you could have lower graphics in general due to lower spec.
mattdillahunty  +   771d ago
the 60fps clip is so far beyond the 30 and 20fps ones. i've never understood why people say 60fps isn't a big deal, or that you shouldn't hold it against devs if they can't achieve it in every game next gen. like hell you shouldn't. not only does it make the game that much better, but it directly affects gameplay (which is what really matters).

i'm fine with not all games being 1080p out of the game, the hardware isn't that powerful compared to high end tech, but i'm not ok with games not being 60fps right out the gate on PS4 and XBox One. go 60 or go home.
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sinjonezp  +   771d ago
What gamers must realize is that, when you play a game on 60fps, and then play a game on 30fps, its almost like going back from HD TVs to standard def. It almost hurt your eyes. If you do not believe me, play ac3 on PC with everything turned on at 60fps and then go play the xbox360 version. You will never want to play at anything but 60fps ever again in life. I think 60fps is that modern threshold. You have to have it; similar to 1080p. Now anything beyond 60fps is irrelevant. I have run benchmarks on games at 120fps-240fps and it just makes the game run really fast as apposed to smooth. 60fps is the sweet spot and I think all publishers should achieve that with future releases. Granted not everyone plays games on 60inch TVs where 1080p is very noticeable so 720p, 900p, etc is fine but having that 60fps is the most important to have a smooth experience.
P0werVR  +   772d ago
This is the ONLY reason most PC enthusiast build PC for. High frame rates, simply because this is what defines how powerful your PC is.
kB0  +   772d ago
yes but it's also because of the eye candy and the advantages of being able to run the game the way the dev intended.
Tundra  +   772d ago
A higher frame rate also can contribute to a lower input latency from your keyboard/mouse or controller.
Irishguy95  +   772d ago
Its not really, achieving the /best graphics while not sacrificing the FPS/ is the reason. As you can see, almost every Ps4 and X1 game cannot achieve their graphics without sacrificing the framerate.

Also PC's have MANY more uses than gaming. PC GAMING enthusiasts would be the one you're looking for, where they build a powerful PC only for gaming. Powerful PC's can do so much more than gaming alone.
Gamer1982  +   771d ago
I agree somewhat even with that video I cannot tell the difference between 60fps and 30fps. The thing about staying well above 30fps is I know it's not gonna drop below 30fps though. Soon as you drop below it that's when slow down begins. That's what you want to avoid.

BTW I'm a PC gamer and have a nex gen beating PC.
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Haules  +   772d ago
60fps is smoother!

Its great to see PS4 exclusives at 1080p 60fps.
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Irishguy95  +   772d ago
Remind me which exclusives again?

edit- Not really kBO seeing as there is only one AAA game there that is actually pushing graphics along with being the full 1080p and 60fps. And even then it's only Multi(however the multi looks amazing anyway so it oounts). Driveclub isn't. Warframe is a small indie game.

The list is basically

Killzone MP
Small indie games that would be disgraceful not to achieve those settings and FPS(may as well praise the Ps4 because it can run cod 4 at 1080p and 60FPS)
And Old PC/Ps3 games

Hey don't fret, the X1 only has Forza doing it too
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   772d ago

Off the top of my head:

Killzone's MP
Deep Down (I think)
DCUO (I think)
Warframe (I think)
All smaller indie games at launch
(Potentially) DriveClub


Oh, and I'm pretty sure Injustice will be. Since you asked.
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kB0  +   772d ago

Sucks to ask a sarcastic rhetorical question and get an answer eh?

Maybe you should have researched first and typed second:)
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Haules  +   771d ago

KZ SF ---1080p 60fps (MP)
Knack ---1080p 60fps
Infamous ---1080p 60fps
WarFrame ---1080p 60fps
WarThunder ---1080p 60fps
Planetside 2 --- 1080p 60fps
Resogun ----1080p 60fps
Deep Down ---- 1080p 60fps
Blacklight retribution --- 1080p 60fps
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Kleptic  +   771d ago
do you have a link for Planetside 2?...seriously asking, not disagreeing...

reason being...that game is an absolute nightmare on PC for a stable framerate...its unanimously described as the current world champion for absolutely trashing nearly any cpu (nothing to do with gpu)...

the cpu bottlenecking that happens on the PC version is insane...very often even powerful rigs will drop below 25fps in any from of big battle the game is known for...

currently its threaded for only dual cores at most iirc...even on the lowest possible settings i'd be averaging around 10 fps ( it looks literally worse than a playstation 2 game at that point) in bigger battles...and would log my cpu usage to see 1 core at 100%, 1 at 99%, the other two just hovering around i uninstalled it...

if they can get that game to run even 30fps on the new consoles, considering their cpu power...i'll be very impressed, and hopefully some of that parallel processing code will filter back to the pc version...
Saviour  +   771d ago
killzone mp is not locked 60fps means it can dip down os its not true 60fps, knack,driver crlub are 30fps and those u think doesnt matter since u are not developer will know when devs confirm. there's only one true 1080p/60 fps atleast at launch on both console thats forza.
shadow2797  +   771d ago
Could you name a next-gen console game that is locked at 60fps? And please don't say Forza, because then you'd look silly.

Your ideal "true 60fps" is going to disappoint you tremendously.
dontbhatin  +   771d ago

Yeah if you really think locked at 60 fps is "true 60 fps" then you are out of your mind. Even Cod on 360 and ps3 werent locked at 60 fps. So that muct mean its not true 60 fps.

And are you really gonna brag about the fps on a game that hasnt even been released or analyzed yet?? Get over yourself man. LOL kids these days...
webeblazing  +   772d ago
what 60fps don't matter unless sony do it. Next don't wanna hear it talk to the hand
kB0  +   771d ago
Neonridr  +   772d ago
No doubt in game like this 60fps is paramount.

Some games can get away with 30fps and still be playable. However I would rather have a slightly lower resolution and 60FPS.
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cyguration  +   772d ago
I think Uncharted and Last of Us can get away with 30fps because it's close to the 24fps that movies use, and in those particular cases they feel a little like movies.

I think for everything that isn't trying to emulate the look or feel of a movie, 60fps is a must.
deadfrag  +   772d ago
Framerate in games has nothing to do with framerate in movies its a completly diferent scenario!Get the 24fps smooth movie play out of your mind when talking about games because one thing has nothing to do with the other!Games are made of writing code and writing files to has nothing to do with how movies shot frames!
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ABizzel1  +   772d ago
Fighting & Racing games are 60fps must IMO (some shooters as well).

Everything else is fine at 30 - 45fps.
kB0  +   772d ago
RTS games, and RPG games (tactical) can usually get away with 30 fps, so can games like Walking dead but even then I prefer all in 60 fps with min of 40 fps (40 is when it starts getting very fluid)
STK026  +   772d ago

I agree for RPGs, but RTS must be at 60 fps. Try playing either League of Legends, DOTA2 or StarCraft 2 at 30 fps, then play it again at 60 fps, and, to me at least, it makes a really big difference. I don't mind playing the campaign modes in most RTS games at 30 fps, but competitive multiplayer at anything lower than 60 fps is a disadvantage.
MidnytRain  +   772d ago

I get where you're coming from, but the truth is that ND aims for that film feel, which you don't get with crazy high frame rates, least not in the cutscenes...
dontbhatin  +   772d ago
And people say you cant notice 60fps with your eyes. LOL
deadfrag  +   772d ago
Its obvious they can,but there are ways of making a 30fps game seem like its running at higher framerates using blur technics......
dontbhatin  +   772d ago
Agreed. but i just cant stand it when motion blur gets overused. makes the game look like crap with everything smearing across the screen.
FlyingFoxy  +   772d ago
Sonic Adventure on DC is like one of the only games i'm surprised that runs at 30fps, i can usually spot the difference straight away because 60fps is really fluid.
Volkama  +   771d ago
Never been a fan of motion blur. If something is moving fast then my eyes can take care of the blur thank you very much.
NaAsAr  +   772d ago
the video says it all. frame rate is king!!!!
2pacalypsenow  +   772d ago
I don't care as long as im entertained
duplissi  +   772d ago
Higher fps usually will do just that. Smoother gameplay, and reduced input lag do wonders for your enjoyment of games.
2pacalypsenow  +   771d ago
have many version of games on PC /ps3 and xbox 360 enjoy them all equally
FlyingFoxy  +   772d ago
Frame rate is always best at least 60fps, and for those with 120hz monitors like myself.. it's also nice to hit 120fps, though the difference isn't as big as from 30 to 60.

I wish some people would stop saying 30fps is fine though just because some videos run at that frame rate, video is pre-rendered and playing a game is being computated in real time. Huge difference, plus with camera's and video the frame rate works differently than games, if you go so fast with video capture stuff actually slows down, this is why they use 1000fps camera's to capture stuff in slow motion. And also works the same way in the real world, if we could travel like 90% the speed of light we would be time travelling into the future.
Kleptic  +   771d ago
'if we could travel like 90% the speed of light we would be time traveling into the future'...

theoretically, sort the person traveling at that speed, nothing would seem any different...

when you stop traveling at that speed...your relevant lapsed time would be many times less than everyone not traveling at that would not have 'aged' at the same rate as everyone for you, you went into the future...for everyone were simply not around for a VERY long time...

bigger problem, though...if you could travel that'd also become 90% of infinite mass...think about that...
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ATi_Elite  +   772d ago
30 fps SUCKS!!! 30fps is OMG I can barely run this game.

I hate people with their "30fps is good enough for me" CRAP TALK.

if 30fps is good enough for you then I guess eating half cooked food is good enough for you too.

60fps is High detail and fluid motion and a MUST for any game dealing with speed like Racers, FPS, sports, MP modes.

I built my PC's for 60fps even on Ultra because once you experience it then you realize just how much detail, fidelity, smoothness, and clarity you were missing at lower settings and at lower fps.

Sure people are on a budget so I would stress Medium/high settings at 50fps to those who I build PC's for because this gives you high detail and smooth gameplay on a budget.

60fps is the way to go!

in a year Devs will figure out how to achieve 1080p/60fps on all Ps4/XB1 games with the tools given to them. They just need time to make game engines that cater to the XB1/PS4 specs.
SirDjss  +   772d ago
You are building pcs u say ? Then you chould know that the stuff inside thouse consoles will never acheve 1080p at 60 fps in games with the detail and size of bf4 as an example.
Kleptic  +   771d ago
yep...bf4 isn't the right type of game to hope for 1080 at 60 least in multiplayer...

the cpu usage is just two extreme for the new consoles...on PC, a 7870 or 7950 gpu (basically the xbox one and PS4 gpus, respectively) can easily run BF4, even in beta form, at 60 fps with nearly all of Ultra's settings enabled, save 4x MSAA (you'd need to run the 'fake' one to maintain 60 average)...

but...they'll only do that with a powerful cpu...cpu bottlenecking in a game like bf4, because of how many different things are being sync'd between 64 clients, is a reality...

and this goes hand and hand with the rumored bf4 specs for consoles...lowered settings at a lowered resolution, despite having gpu's capable of full hd at 60fps with the right cpu...

we all know the spec's of the new console cpu's...and they are by no means powerful...even an AMD 8 piledriver core'd FX 8350, with twice the clock speed of the new consoles (better per core performance than the jaguar series, at double the speed)...was getting usage spikes enough to be troubling...

however...more 'normal' multiplayer games, and lots of single player games...will safely hit 1080 at 60fps by this time next year, i'd imagine...i just don't think a game with the scope of BF4 will be in that list...probably ever next gen...
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ATi_Elite  +   770d ago
When did "Chould" become a word?

Learn to use Spell Check before hassling me about PC specs and hardware OK.
SirDjss  +   769d ago
If you would alow for us to reply on your comment i would answer your comment aboute my spelling. I am not living in a english speaking country so o feel i kan spell just fine. In fakt i even spell better then some of you guys living in english counties. So if you are to dumb to understand what it is i am trying to type, thats your problem right !?
SirDjss  +   772d ago
Finally somewone made a video showing the huge difference between 30 and 60 fps, i mean for thouse saying that the human eye cant see the difference ;) it is a huge difference, i cant play a game running on my pc at 30 fps because it hurts my eyes
bromtown  +   771d ago
I never realised it was that obvious, I don't have a gaming PC so the only 60FPS games I've played were the rare 60FPS PS3 games played on a 50Hz tv, so I've never seen it that clear.

Hope 1080p/60FPS becomes standard on the next gen consoles.
Eiffel  +   771d ago
It won't, 900p/1080p/30FPS will most likely be the standard. You can only do so much with static hardware without drastically compensating as games improve over the years. To achieve that as a standard something will have to go, be it resolution or assets.
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