Yoshida on PS4: Bluetooth Headsets Support, PS Move Support For Camera And PS4 Digital Games Policy

Shuhei Yoshida President of Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed some intersting details related to their upcoming next-gen console, Playstation 4.

Yoshida first issued a clarification on whether or not Playstation 4 will support Bluetooth Headsets ever, as some sites are claiming that it won't and many are stating that Bluetooth Headsets support will arrive via patch after PS4 launch

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Muerte24941520d ago

that ps3 headsets are compatible with ps4.


Since they use bluetooth I don't see how it won't support it by launch.

showtimefolks1520d ago

Yeh even if Its not available at launch I am glad at least it's gonna be supported soon

Idba1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Yea, and every ds4 has got a standard 3.5mm jack so every headset/headphone is compatible

xHeavYx1519d ago

I believe the chat through the mic is not supported until a patch

vigilante_man1519d ago

It should be available at launch, though. I cannot see a reason why PS3 headsets via bluetooth or USB (especially Sony Pulse) are not working from day one.

Both PS3 & PS4 have bluetooth and USB. Headsets are crucial for many people and with the included cross-game chat for the first time it should of been sorted by now. As it is most headsets will not work with the mic and not even with sound.

Sony have been pretty amazing since Feb. but this is one area they seem to have over looked. If sorted out within first few months then all is fine, but any longer...

darthv721520d ago

how about the flip side to the move situation....will the PS3 camera work with the PS4 and DS4 controller lightbar?

sigfredod1520d ago

No it will not, Yoshida already confirm it

darthv721519d ago

thanks sig...kind of sux but i get that the idea is to sell the ps4 camera.

now what would be interesting is if someone tries using the ds4 with a ps3 and pseye.

the controllers are bluetooth so it should work as any other controller (minus the touchpad).

KwietStorm1519d ago

So why didn't Yoshida say yes, instead of info coming soon?

Grimhammer001519d ago

I've also read the Bluetooth in ps4 is latest standards. Not compatible with earlier Bluetooth types....but this is apparently patchable.

evilhasitsway1519d ago

no the sony ps3 headsets are compatible some like the turtle beaches aren't and some of them are. not all ps3 headsets will work with ps4 and the sony headsets are like $100 and the other is $150 my opion too much for a mic to talk to your friends any were from 50-80 is a ok price maybe 100 but a 150 you can now get a ps3 used for 150 so yeah 150 for that headset because it has vibration is way too over priced.

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Goro1520d ago

Sony need to stop contradicting themselves with the headset situation

speed3891520d ago

wow... thats pretty awesome you can be signed in on two consoles at the same time :)

Goro1519d ago

Going to make it much easier for people to boost up their trophy count by having 2 or 3 people playing different games at the same time.

speed3891519d ago

hmmm never thought about that. that would kind of suck if people decide to do that. i just think its awsome i could be at a buddys place on my account and my wife could still play on the account at home if she decides to or anyone else that might be over.

Salooh1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Trophies are not as important as sharing :) . So the more ps4's on one account the better for us.

Just like what i said. The DRM articles are actually a good thing not a bad thing. You still can play on 2 ps4's per account. But you have a new feature that let you play on any ps4 as long you sign in to your account.

GiantEnemyCrab1519d ago

Good news that all my Move controllers will work on the PS4.

darthv721519d ago

good yes.... Even better would be that if you have move you obviously would have the ps3 camera and having that work on the ps4.

but then again, the idea is to sell the ps4 camera though so it is what it is. at least the move controllers work.

BitbyDeath1519d ago

PS4 camera has a lot of new functionality the PS3 camera does not, such as a much clearer picture, 3d and two cameras. PS4 games will make use of this and is therefore a requirement to have the new camera. Same reason why the PS3 controllers have not been made compatible.

Codey471519d ago

I have an insatiable urge to attack your weak points!

speed3891519d ago

waiting for a patch to use a bt headset isnt that big of a deal. i dont understand why people are so worked up about it. it will work just be patient, better than never working at all... i have a bt headset and its not that big of a deal.

dethpuck1519d ago

It is a big deal if you play online shooters. Surround sound is a big help.

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