Why Watch_Dogs Delay has Nothing to do with Quality Control

Gareth from Laserlemming Writes

"I honestly think that the quality of Watch_Dogs isn't the reason that it has now been moved to spring, which is, by the way, already looking pretty packed with the releases such as Wolfenstein, The Evil Within and iNfamous: Second Son, and that's just off the top of my head. Ubisoft wouldn't have moved Watch_Dogs from a guaranteed smash hit at Christmas to the busiest spring gaming has ever seen if they didn't think it could handle it. Which in my mind says they either know it would sell regardless of quality, in which case why delay it?"

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-Foxtrot1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

So true. I don't get people trying to defend the decision to move it, saying how such a good idea it was when really it wasn't.

I mean especially when Amazon and other game retailers doing Watchdog PS4 bundles are having to scramble around to find a way around this.

If Ubisoft really knew it wasn't going to be polished in time then they should of said something a while ago, the fact they've hyped this game up at every gaming event and even were confident to show this off before next gen was even announced (5 years in the making apparently) then you should be able to work out this isn't because of quality control.

I expect to see new features, more missions and at least an expanded map if they are getting until Spring, 5-6 months from now. Maybe some air vehicles ?

malokevi1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

I'd like to see PVP or Coop.

Air vehicles... doubtful. I think that's a design choice. Seems like the city is a close-to-the-ground experience. Part of me doubts that those skyscrapers even have roofs.

I think it's refreshing. It's a sandbox, but with limitations that will improve the fidelity of the core experience. More detail on the ground sounds good to me.

-Foxtrot1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

To be honest limiting you on a sandbox type game is always a bad choice in my opinion. Rockstar tried to do this with L.A Noire and it fell flat in my experience. It had a massive map but because you had limitations you felt like most of the map was wasted, plus with a big map like Ubisoft said Watchdogs does, it could take you ages to get to one side to the other so offering more ways to reach your target would be fun.

"Part of me doubts that those skyscrapers even have roofs"

If that is the case then they have 6 months to work on it.

As for your co-op/PVP idea...I'd rather they focus on single player and what they have. It didn't do Mass Effect 3 any good when they delayed the game and instead of working on polishing and making a better ending they decided to waste resources on multiplayer.

Mastadope421680d ago

Article - GTA V just came out, Ubisoft felt threatened and felt it can have more sales at a later time frame after GTA V has cooled down on everyone....This is a double edged sword, being that now that Ubi has done articles stating that this was for Quality Control at first and may have set expectations even higher now seeing as how their message to the public was "to make the game better". Now this game and it's next gen counter parts better visually and mechanically deliver more then on what was previously shown IMO...

ape0071680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

they want to avoid open world gamer fatigue after the massive GTA V, it's like having having 2 big meals back to back, the 2nd one will always be ignored

or if anyone here watch wrestling, releasing watchdogs at launch 2 months after GTA V is exactly like what happened at Wrestlemania 29 with the Triple H vs brock Lesnar match, the match was good but the crowd was completely dead and the reason is because it came right after the epic undertaker vs cm punk match

i say Watch Dogs was delayed because of that, a good gap between GTA V and watchdogs will give watch dogs its deserved attention

wheresmymonkey1680d ago

so whats assassins creed IV then, isn't that a huge open world game.

ape0071680d ago

good point but i think that Assassins creed IV has a different vibe/feel than gta/watch dogs

or maybe my assumption is wrong

Neonridr1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Assassin's Creed is an established franchise, so it already has a dedicated following. Fans of the series will buy the next installment, regardless of being released close to other games.

Watch Dogs is a new IP, so it doesn't have its reputation to "ride on" like AC does. I think that adds extra pressure to Watch Dogs to perform well.

yellowgerbil1680d ago

the reason isn't AC4. It is GTA5, they don't want their next gen game to be inferior to a current gen game. Hell even Kojima said he didn't think he could make a game better than gta and seeing how gta like MGS is shaping up to be makes me think he is also trying to improve things before its release

wheresmymonkey1680d ago

ape007 no i'd say your assumption is as good as anyone's its just a theory, its not like ubi will ever give a definitive answer.

But the lines at eurogamer were far bigger for watch dogs than anything else. including cod and battlefield.

isntchrisl1680d ago

It was an odd decision to release two somewhat similar heavy hitters so close to each other in the first place. I'm not surprised this happened.

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