Ubisoft’s shares fall 22 percent following the delay of Watch_Dogs

Ubisoft’s shares have taken a significant plunge following the delay of its eagerly anticipated title Watch_Dogs, with the company’s stock trading down 22 percent to $2.27 as of today.

Watch Dogs was expected to be a huge hit with the masses, particularly in relation to the next-generation consoles. Fans of open-world games were sure to pick it up next month along with the brand new hardware. That was until yesterday, when Ubisoft made the announcement to push it back to Spring of 2014 due to the game’s unfinished state.

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Neonridr1653d ago

Wow, I guess a lot of people were banking on Ubisoft selling a lot of games this holiday season.

DeadManIV1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

there must have been something really wrong for them to delay it this much

MWong1653d ago

I agree, I doubt we will ever find out what the real reason behind the delay was.

darthv721653d ago

didnt their shares fall right around the announcement they were delaying rayman legends?

cyclindk1653d ago

As much as they SAY it wasn't due to GTAV, I get the feeling they were taken aback by just how much stuff you can do in the game and the success of the online portion now that it is up and running when compared with what they are offering.

I mean next gen or not, its would be difficult for anyone to compete with a 140-270 million dollar budget game (development and advertising) even IF Watch Dogs has been in development for five years.

But who know, maybe it really did have nothing to do with GTA.

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KonsoruMasuta1653d ago

Don't know why you got disagrees. Now is the time to buy.

This obviously won't be permanent and they will rise again.

darthv721653d ago

they will ryse like the son of rome.

okay that was a bad pun.

RobAlmighty1653d ago

Come Q2 next year they will be right back up again. It's just a matter of time.

Computersaysno1653d ago

I bet you bought LifeInvader and said the same thing didn't you?

Look how that worked out

specialguest1653d ago

Lets make some money! We all know that they will bounce back up in time

HyperBear1653d ago

Ouch. Went from $2.91 a share yesterday down to $2.27 today. I know its the right thing to do to make the game as excellent as can be and, out of respect for Ubisoft, I kept my Watch_Dogs PS4 preorder because I'm still going to want to play it. It's just now it'll be fighting with inFamous Second Son and Destiny as to which of these 3 games will get most of my playing time now.

And also my wallet will be hurting again in the Spring :(

Irishguy951653d ago

FFS I thought Infamous was a launch game.


ZoyosJD1653d ago

Last I heard it launches in Feb.

At least we know it won't be rushed.