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Agent: What Could Rockstar Bring To The PS4

The highly anticipated release of Rockstar's Agent has still yet to see the light of day. With the upcoming release of the PlayStation 4, could we finally see a release for the gem Rockstar has been guarding for so long? Rumors of a release coming soon have resurfaced with the trademark logo of Agent being re-registered by Rockstar on July 18th of this year, and slightly modified and renewed. Amid the flurry of a GTA V release, Rockstar was quietly updating something behind the scenes. (Agent, Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, PS4)

GalacticEmpire  +   626d ago
E3 2014 or I give up on this game. maybe.
XisThatKid  +   626d ago
With all the Psudo-PR this game is getting I have faith its coming like Last Guardian. PS4 exclusives gotta come through.
loulou  +   626d ago
what could they bring...?? a multiplatform agent me thinks
123pol  +   626d ago
im to naive im waiting to E3 2015..
MWong  +   626d ago
AGENT has turned into Last Gaurdian game. We all know it's out there and would love it to finally come out.
Mystogan  +   626d ago
I'm wondering whether its still PS exclusive or not.
123pol  +   625d ago
Yes. Sony and rockstar have an exclusive deal where rockstar were to make an exclusive game just for playstation.
Mystogan  +   625d ago

Do you have a source?
Blaze929  +   626d ago
i really doubt its an exclusive anymore. Doesn't make financially for Take-Two Interactive, especially following Red Dead and GTA V.

The rumor is that Sony paid for LA Noire's development but it went multiplatform and replaced that exclusive game with Agent.

But it's silly to think Sony can outpay the potential income of a multiplatform game to Take-Two. I'm sure that deal has long since been desolved and Take-Two paid Sony back.

Besides "good faith", it wouldn't make sense for anyone involved besides Sony to continue with the game as a Sony exclusive. Unless timed...
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GalacticEmpire  +   626d ago
Wow, the Xbox guys desperately want this on their system of choice. We haven't even seen any gameplay yet :-/
thebudgetgamer  +   626d ago
Like E.A. and Crytek?
_QQ_  +   626d ago
It would definitely be multipat now if it was still in the works.
josephayal  +   626d ago
Exclusive games are far from extinct, I can't wait to play it PS4 and XBOX ONE
IHassounah  +   626d ago
Sorry but after all the sales they had in GTAV , I don't think Rockstar will continue the project "Agent" as an exclusive game
CGI-Quality  +   626d ago
Errr...if it is Sony funded, it will most definitely remain exclusive. Should anyway, everything doesn't NEED to be multi-platform.
IHassounah  +   626d ago
L.A.Noire was funded by Sony yet Rockstar didn't really care , they paid Sony there behalf on this and later on they just released it as a multiplatform also can you please give me a statement confirming that Sony funded the game .
CGI-Quality  +   626d ago
@ IHassounah: Um, LA Noire didn't remain Sony funded (in fact, AGENT is the game they went with instead). Sony hadn't financially backed LA Noire since 2008 (a Google search would aid you).
ABeastNamedTariq  +   626d ago
Sony and R* still have that deal going on to develop an exclusive game. So I'm doubting it's going anywhere.
IHassounah  +   626d ago
Actually the deal was ended when Sony got all the exclusive content , you know L.A.Noire having two exclusive missions for the PS3 , RDR having exclusive extras for the PS3 and the GTAV PS3 bundle , all these 3 are gonna end a game deal , the only chance the game being exclusive is another deal that is over 80 million dollars or Sony funding it
KonsoruMasuta  +   626d ago
GTA is a whole different series. Just the name bring sales.

If Rockstar expects to get GTA V sales by making Agent multiplat, they officially have their heads too far up their asses.
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porkChop  +   626d ago
Sony was the original publisher of LA Noire. They poured well over $20m into LA Noire before Rockstar came in and took over the publishing rights. Instead of paying the $20m back, Rockstar promised Sony an untitled exclusive which they announced years ago. That was apparently a zombie game but it was cancelled.

Then they gave Sony a portfolio of potential games apparently and Sony chose Agent to be the new exclusive. I'm pretty sure that part of the exclusive deal includes Sony partially funding the game.
Saviour  +   625d ago
I don't think rockstar spending their time on exclusive, GTA V has raise the bar, even if it get releases it will be multiplatform.
Nothing because it's a PS3 exclusive.
hankmoody  +   626d ago
It's still up on Social Club as being a Social Club enabled title. Would love to see something, anything on this game already.
MasterCornholio  +   626d ago
This agent has been undercover for a while now.

All we have is a logo......

Nexus 7 2013
scott182  +   626d ago
From seeing the Logo so many times, this looks like a great game with a compelling story. So excited to hear more.
Saviour  +   625d ago
just from logo, wow u must be patcher?
ABeastNamedTariq  +   626d ago
VGAs or E3 2014, or even I will give up hope. Anything after that...game over man!
Rask  +   626d ago
Hum, i seriously doubt if this game is still exclusive. I'm pretty sure it will be on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
CGI-Quality  +   626d ago
Again, it is Sony FUNDED. It will only be on a PlayStation.
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Rask  +   626d ago
And FF Versus XIII remained 6 years as PS3 exclusive, and we both know how it ended.
Saviour  +   625d ago
Where did u read sony funded agent???
porkChop  +   626d ago
FF Versus XIII wasn't funded by Sony so it's completely irrelevant.
CGI-Quality  +   626d ago
Yeah, we do, it wasn't funded by Sony and went multi-platform, as a new game, in a new gen. Thanks for the help.
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