Ubisoft Wants Watch Dogs to Sell 6.2 Million Units

Ubisoft has revealed how many copies it wants to sell of both Watch Dogs and The Crew.

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Dark_Overlord1286d ago

Well how about releasing it first :P

pedrof931286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

This why Cerny says that Indies are the future.

Games are getting to expensive to be made.
Better graphics = More Money.

Back at the Ps1 days a AAA only costed around 5 millions. Today ? Pfffft...

admiralvic1286d ago

"Back at the Ps1 days a AAA only costed around 5 millions. Today ? Pfffft..."

Yes, but that is hardly a fair comparison. Like a lot of PS1 games were pretty short (like Parappa only had 6 stages. One of which was a bonus...) and a number of other elements have changed.

Online multiplayer.
More advanced gameplay = more R&D required to make the game perfect.
Marketing. Remember, gaming use to be a fairly niche thing that didn't have a lot of need many TV commercials.

In any case, this isn't a bad thing, you just got to market your games properly and give the people what they want. GTA V is proof of that, since that had an absurdly large budget, but turned a profit without breaking a sweat.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1286d ago

@Pedro: Final Fantasy VII cost $45 million to make which is equivalent to 64 million as of last year. I would say that is a significant amount of money to spend on a game.

Beastforlifenoob1286d ago


Indie developers are amazing, some indie games are easily comparable to AAA games and indie developers usually dont have too much DLC and their policies are wayyy better (they dont ripp of customers)

GT671286d ago

UBISOFT wanting watch dog to sell 6.2 million

:wanting and reality sales sometimes dont match.
ask Nintendo wii-U

zeal0us1286d ago

Something telling me when the sells don't reach 6.2million Ubisoft will pull a SE and deem the game a failure.

Beastforlifenoob1286d ago

exactly 6.2? lol where did they come up with that number haha

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EXVirtual1286d ago

6.2 million units? For a new IP? Not gonna happen Ubi. Especially after the delay. There are so many games in 2014 from the PS3 that I'm going to get, that I might even skip this game on the PS4 and just get an extra PS4 title when I get one in summer. I don't think I'll be missing out, seeing as you're trying to make this a series.

Neonridr1286d ago

well, It is releasing on 6 different platforms. So it could be possible to do 6 million across the board.

CocoWolfie1286d ago

exactly what i wrote! ^-^ *didnt see this :p*

CocoWolfie1286d ago

its on a lot of platforms with a lot of hype, its possible :) they just need to not screw it up in anyway, plus its around the time the second wave of next gen games come in like infamous :p

GmIsOnPt3601286d ago

The problem is that they will be releasing in spring along side titanfall and destiny, so out of the 3 the least popular. AND i was super hyped for the game..

rdgneoz31286d ago

And don't forget it'll be out around the time of another 3rd person open world game, inFamous. Though that only affects PS fans.

CrossingEden1286d ago

That's an oddly specific number. :/

Pandamobile1286d ago

That's probably what they need to cover development and marketing costs with an expected profit margin.

guitarded771286d ago

Even with the competition at next-gen launch, I really think it would sell more if it launched with PS4 and XBOX One. Early adopters tend to be more open to new titles, and buy more games at console launch. The delay may end up biting them in the ass.

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