Videogaming's Fruitiest Double Entendres

When you go looking for innuendo, it comes at you from all angles. See? In the case of videogames, though, the velvet-gloved hand of double entendre is often glaringly blatant - whether that be intentional or purely accidental.

Some games whack out the odd actual mirthsome euphemistic moment, but there's just as many that thrust unwelcome and ridiculously lame double-take gags into gamers faces. Like, for instance, many of the following examples.

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Harry1903888d ago

this one was really cool.Made me laugh all the way.Nice.

BIoodmask3887d ago

I thought the article was pretty funny. I just didn't like the title they used.

Harry1903887d ago

kind of not catchy,hah,you got it first,i think it is one of their best lists ever.Could get more hits if the title was different,but....