Konami Reveals Expected Beta Relaunch Date

Kombo Reports- "Late last night we delivered the disappointing news that the Metal Gear Online Beta had been delayed due to server constraints. When the delay initially occurred it appeared that Konami wasn't sure when they would be opening to the beta to gamers outside of Japan, but now we have an answer. Konami released an official response stating that the Metal Gear Online beta will relaunch on April 25.

Now before you get too excited, due note that Konami may delay the beta again if any unforeseen circumstances should arise, so let's hope that everything moves smoothly the second time around.

Start date: Planned for 04/25/2008 24:00(PDT). While the start is planned for the weekend, it may change due to unforeseen circumstances."

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TheHater3861d ago

wow, in four days? I hope the extend the expire date to at least the 15th of next month or something

sonarus3861d ago

i'm not holding my breath on this

pharmd3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

shouldnt the tite be "Konami reveals next expected beta failure date"?

ok so i am still a little mad, but im allowed to be

edit: yeah the end time is supposed to be the 11th of may now

ForTheFallen3860d ago

It's gay because I got up at 11:55 and stayed up till 1:30 trying to get in...

pharmd3860d ago

oh sonarus, you know as well as i do that we'll both be up holdin our breath, regardless of what we say.........

its like a drug

Lifendz3860d ago

did they underestimate the amount of people that would be in this beta? This is THE game people have been waiting for. This game is even bringing staunch 360 owners over to the PS3. I'm a little worried about this now. I'm sure the beta will be filled with crashes, mishaps, and various other bugs. Yes it's a beta but if they're underestimating the amount of people interested than just think of what else will go wrong.

This should have been a Sony sponsored Beta. Rather than Konami doing this they should have let Sony handle it. At least then I wouldn't have had to make two new usernames and two new passwords. Not being able to use my PSN id within the beta is lame. I wanted to be able to add you guys that were in the beta so when the game comes out we could get some games going.

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niall773861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

But F ups like last night is why its a beta and not a demo. mess ups where bound to happen... just alot happened at once

but who ever had the idea to use "konami ID" and not PSN should be shot in the foot.

Most Japan dev's just dont get online.

ktr3861d ago

The Konami ID is a pos. And the sad thing is that the Konami ID is useless, it't the Game ID which is used to login. So I had to make a Konami ID just to make a Game ID. sad...

Yea, the beta has been extended from the 6th to the 11th of May.

juuken3861d ago

I hope you guys get to play it soon though.
That was just a horrible fiasco to begin with.

jackdoe3861d ago

I agree. Konami IDs are BS. And now with the beta extension, I can actually try it out! I can't get to my PS3 until May 7, so that means I'll get four days worth of beta test now.

Vertius3861d ago

Ah, blast. I'm off school this week, and I had planned to play this, and only this, all week. That, and I have a friend coming up on Friday morning, hoping to play this. To wrap it up, I'll be away all weekend practising for a concert.

What a disaster...

Tempist3861d ago

Even more disasterous if no beta was released to test server load capacities and have it go down on launch. This is why things get a Beta usually.

Then again, the MGO devs should have been doing research and speculation on how popular it would be.

perils3861d ago

oh well at least this time itll be on a friday. i was cacking my pants at the prospect of getting no sleep then going to work. so this way ill get to play a whole weekend straight away....that is unless theres more problems!

predator3861d ago

well they lost loads of people now as they have 4 days when the beta goes live in till GTA4 comes out and then the beta will be practically empty, way to go Konami

jackdoe3861d ago

I don't think so. I can juggle two games at once, especially if one is online only.

Daver3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

I will be playing it... I personally dont care about GTA4 and i'm sure i'm not the only one and thats cool the server will work better without too many people...
btw its not the same kind of game...

NegativeCreepWA3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

I was hoping to get a week in, before GTA cut into my beta time

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