VideoGamer: This is Vegas Hands-On

It was telling that publisher Midway left This Is Vegas till the end of its big annual Gamers' Day presentation, following Wheelman, TNA Impact! and even Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. It granted it the most on-screen time too - a short walk through the demo level that press were soon to be allowed hands on time with. This Is Vegas is Midway's big hope for 2008. And now, finally, VideoGamer find out if the ample development spend is going to good use.

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kingme713860d ago

From the looks of this game it looks like just a bunch of mini-games glued together. Granted, every game can be deduced into whatever repetitive element its gameplay consists of, but it should be the object of the developer to not make it stand out so much (unless their aim is for minigames and they are on the Wii).